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04.06.2013 11:23
did not to this mythical realm antworten

> Amy quickly removed, had been at the sandy edge sonic shot, do not know how deep into the ground, one simply can not see in the end, while the sand is quickly inflow edge marks, still could not fill the blade marks full. wwW. qUanbEN. cOm Chen only running a few steps, I realized too late to continue to escape. He is also not sure whether the murder TECOO front edge with endless sonic punch hard, but the fact is that he was forced to nowhere. He can only do jianjue gun, align the red, fully pushed energy emitted conical, red murder TECOO! Conical red light from Chen Taiji killings fingers jet out, and immediately hit the endless sonic flying over the edge. So in front of the collision, killing TECOO delays forward out, while the red sonic blade, it has failed to crush the energy of homicide TECOO hurt Amy! Have crashed killing TECOO sonic blade blink fade away, but disappear when the red light appears inevitably incomplete bowel, but red always hasten to add, but immediately fly to the sonic blade hit! This turned into a positive energy competition recklessly, so red and Chen Li can only go all out to maintain the offensive. But Red grasp the initiative, give up her room, and Amy did not, he just relax,nike jordan outlet, it has not evaded the time will be sonic blade cut into numerous small pieces! This situation lasted approximately recklessly one minute. Chen found that this trend continues, he and Red whoever burned out it is very difficult to predict. He is not sure, but more than he did not grasp the red. Because the red heart, is to murder TECOO Chen Jian Qi as a. So Chen feigned disapproval smile. "Beautiful evildoer, do you intend to use energy challenges throughout my God repair the internal forces? If you really want to do this, you'd better leave some energy to save your life, I really do not have the heart to make you so charming woman being engulfed Jian Qi, Even kill you, I think you should be tasted before godsend bewitching willing hands. "Red is not read minds, she did not know Amy did not actually like her grasp able to hang on until the end. Challenge with energy force, it is impossible to fight. Protoss born with extraordinary power, and those who need to repair weapons long hard training plus talent, and only reached middle ground habitat only after a battle with protoss. If you can break through to the environment of God, has only Jian Qi, then, the power of God, truly environmental experts over protoss. One on one, most protoss is no hope of overcoming it. Because internal forces, some more durable than the effort. The master of God throughout human bodily functions has exceeded the limit, the result will be able to close a trick protoss, Jian Qi distances faster than protoss release, sustained also stronger. Red suddenly stopped the catalytic ability,Jordan After Game Shoes, stature flash, the opening to every now and then, easily evaded murder TECOO range. Every now and then with her all the way back, stop at the beach, laughing, looking back at Amy. "You'll regret it today ruin my good! 'She said, flying leap into the sea. Amy catch sea, found in the water swimming speed red surprisingly fast, so one will work even swim out a few hundred meters away! 'Rely on, how not to swim ah ......' Amy marvel, but did not give chase. He said to the sea, the direction of the red, continuous injection of murder TECOO! However, he found that sad, murder TECOO into the water, it actually will be refracted by the sea, had not much distance associate head, being refracted, simply several hundreds of meters away from the red. Red retreat. But Chen did not point the joy of victory. Offend such a terrible vicious woman, and not any to kill her, which makes him happy where up! 'Don Don boss boss ah, you are kindly let me talk to god Pan Gone friendship, my back, but Daoda Mei, offend such a evildoer ...... God If you could give me a choice, I definitely stay out,Oakley Squared Sale, I definitely stay out -! 'But God did not give Amy that opportunity. So he was very worried. That woman will be how vicious revenge? Will not hurt his family? Chen Li Li Fei dial phone, telling her all right. Xuanyou to Big Bear to the phone and said roughly through, so Bear sent a car to pick. Gone are the Lord this time with Li Fei back. Li Fei holding Amy's face, staring at looked a long while, but the force of hold him for a while, the original nervousness before gradually calm down. "Little brother, you have that?" Gone with the Wind God's tone is very uncertain, and he can not believe that a man so young, martial arts skills to reach the kind he knows, God only in rumor territory. "Jian Qi." Amy replied very simply. Gone are the Lord's eyes are amazing state of the examined carefully Chen lot. Still can not believe that someone so young, yet there are so incredible martial arts cultivation. Xu heart talent is amazing, Wang would not be fancy, but it did not to this mythical realm. "No wonder the rapid development of society, there are people like that Don boss gained, plus you such a master, promising, promising ah!" Gone with the Wind God finished, glances Benz car filled with bags of money. Then lightly say, "Although there is no ransom was paid but this ransom, I float someone as you have been out of society! Certainly also on the favor back!" This is what a forthright, straightforward, heavy brotherhood of a Pathwalker Gone ...... unfortunately ...... Amy knew God was loaded! Yes, the equipment - "Don boss so let you come, presumably also hope that I can order someone floating a community feeling and if I send fifty million floating someone as a thank you, as it is to you Societies pass the beggar This insult benefactor thing, I can not make someone come floating. societies all have the ability of young people, handout will never accept the little brother, as such, I float some suitable person you to do trading, your help, we shared equally. "Gone Yeshui of fuss, to be more true how true, in fact, these words are put people blocked. Amy did not shout loudly 'I want fifty million! 'I am saying. If you say so, it means recognition of associations is a beggar, a rarity handout of spineless societies. Gone with the Wind God is a role so can be installed. Obviously he took a fancy to Amy's skill, but yielded to say what help does not say what the white people give money humiliated. In fact, the use of associations to help him do things, that's pretty 50-50. Originally Gone God wants them to do business, trail rule is 50-50! In other words, the nice ah Gone Yeshui that he is willing to pay fifty million brotherhood. But fifty million to community work to get. And do those things, exactly as the trail into the rules, did not give the community a little cheaper. He did not even really take a dime. Amy is speechless. He did not think God is a floating so powerful old fox. Said the old fox is inappropriate, because God does not float old. C <

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