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Fei intimate contact would antworten

> "Nothing exaggerated, you said I believed. WwW, QUanbEN, coM" Amy feel particularly boring, Li Fei not only do not feel surprised, but on his income did not care now. This happiness can not be partner to share the feeling is hard not too happy. Chen forbearance forbearance, or could not help, he felt that two people together should not conceal the heart of the emotions, it would only make the mood of depressed longer exists. So he said, "My dear, in the end how much to make you moved? Can surprise you?" Li Fei watching him, very calm, said "BAUER foundation so thick that fell on the back of you company There BAUER thick foundation do? yes,Cheap Oakley Holbrook, mixed with rivers and lakes, a good mix, courageous and prudent background has a relationship to the money that fast, but they also fall quickly, pour it into the ride is not the life squatting life in prison . "Li Fei sigh of relief, see Chen face does not look good, but also guessed his mood. "I know you listened to definitely say upset, but felt that I simply can not share your joy of success, but I do not like camouflage, do not like to lie on the love you said I believe earn more, because I know that mixed lakes to the money fast, doorways and more. arms smuggling drugs even one day earn ten million Do you believe it? "Amy speechless. "These two trading we will not do. Was taboo." "Amy, is the ability to make money, but if you spend money recklessly, no way to spend money, not spend money. Wealthy but also the people around her every day nervous live, that kind of money, you can be successful? do you dare to tell your family how much you are now? do you dare to let the family freely spend your money? you dare put the money bank? do you dare to put money in their own name Next? said bluntly, if you out of trouble, your brother about brotherhood on points your money to your family, do not speak brotherhood, your family do not even know the money, knew not dare cross, did take less. part of your money hidden in the dark, most of them built in the company, in order to avoid detection by countless names of the accounts of the mess inside you alive These are your money, you are out of these is not your thing money. "Amy listen very depressed, but they can not say anything to argue. This is the truth. Li Fei, deputy changed tone, hand holding Amy's face, and said softly, "I do not despise you earn. Really think that the money is not fly, did not make much sense, I know you're upset hearing these words, But I said, I like people, do not like do not like to lie disguised my older than you, but also some fairly insight, you want me to be able to share your joy of success, but this success I really can not joy together in the near future there will be a lot of things, you have a sense of accomplishment, you're happy, but I would have not because we age there are gaps, think differently if one day you feel like I'm older than you, so a woman with boring, I do not blame you, but if you do not regret it, I can accept that, and I also really like you, willing to work with you together. "Li Fei see Amy look very helpless, very depressed, help expand smile. "Everybody says that like to hear the truth, says love like frank and honest, you see, I'm telling the truth you are still unhappy, it is difficult to accept." Li Fei finished, Coushang gentle kiss on the lips Chen . Two people across the small table, kissing, gradually stand up, hold up Li Fei Chen, lifted her over the table, holding her down on the bed. Gradually, more and more emotional, more unscrupulous kissing, stroking. A moment in front of involuntary depressed mood dissipated. He grabbed Li Fei shirt, touching, kissing Li Fei upper body taboo areas, increasingly strong desires, Lee Fei suddenly slaps against his. "Enough is enough!" "This is a comfort, or is it torture? Or torture it?" Amy stand up, lie down on the bed, his throat dry and hot, with waves of unstoppable urge to make him want to tear Li Fei clothes ... the hair ... the whole Li Fei giggle laugh. "Do not pretend melancholy, I'm not sentimental little girl would, afraid I will be minced, want a warm shame it has been torture you? But now is the time to eat, you can not just want to do Lengtou Qing do those things that way? enough to eat, see a movie with me into it? '"wish for! you should not even think I want to do like to see your face again I am very happy, but, not for a Experience old virgin who, it is natural exuberant ** You do not think about it, there are eleven-year-old **, and simmer for so many years, no metamorphosis pretty good. "Amy exaggerated description, let Li Fei did not Good gas white at him. "Which so easily perverted, exaggerated off the mark." Li Fei smiled and went to cook vegetables. Chen Li self-care in bed, thinking about Li Fei just words. He realized that in the past he told Li Fei for love, along with many of the fantasy, indeed naive and unrealistic. Such as Li Fei said, her views on life and understanding, with him, in fact, the community does not understand the big boys are not the same. This difference is like, Amy fantasy more than once,Nike Air Jordan 2, he and Li Fei intimate contact would be like. But it is thought is just like that. Li Fei is not a small girl would, for modern love those things, not shy, two people like each other together, those things are very natural. So she can be very calm, very calm acceptance and face. As impossible as Amy fantasy, such as Sentimental girl-like, shy, grinding mill Jiji, want to accept the taboos and fear to touch, want to deny and unable to control the heart's desire, contradictory tangle. This situation does not exist. Amy felt that he really needs to seriously thinking with Li Fei love, coexistence mode. Otherwise, the future will again and again to feel depressed, I feel disappointed, find it difficult to accept her candid. Li Fei busy for a long while, brought out meals, Amy back at the table waiting for, try a few bites, more than nod. "I did not see it." "There are so exaggerated people do?" Li Fei Wang smiled at him, tucked dish bowl sent to Amy. "Re-try the steamed fish, which I proud of good stunt. Dare not good to beat you!" "There are so forcing others to praise craft do?" Amy smiled and ate, I feel like the hotel eat steamed perch almost taste, but added a few sincere praise. He ate, and soon realized that Li Fei that Dayton was it really is specifically prepared for him. Perch, nine shrimp, scallops, braised eggplant. All he likes to eat. "How much blood you put groceries?" "More than one hundred pieces do." Li Fei and feeling very happy, rare Amy careful also took into account her intentions. Li Fei washing dishes, see Amy down on the bed to sleep, snappily said, "eat,Nike Jordan Take Flight Sale, sleep, sooner or later become a pig." "Eat too much, too lazy to move." Li Fei with his arms chest, standing by the bed Amy stared readers will suddenly say "up, brush your teeth bathe." "too lazy to move, this time what brush teeth, wash what bath ah?" "brushing bathing surprise!" Li Fei said smiling, Chen Li suddenly wake up, jumped out of bed, ran to the narrow little washroom, while self releasing underwear, telling them shouted, "Come, do not turn to wash, that was worried to death!" <

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