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04.06.2013 11:16
as well as Zhao Qing antworten

> "Dad! Alarm clock too far, he did not say cheating, and I dare say openly clamoring that bitch he should, he said that when you face attitude!" Alarm almost fit of trembling, almost afraid knelt admit, almost scared to immediately declare with Xiaomei broke. wWw, quanbeN, cOM but he refrained! He thought of his phony Zhao Qing, think Xiaomei good, think on Chen's confidence. He overcame the fear! Zhao Qing mobile to her alarm clock. "You're really kind of it, personally told my father say it again." Clock slowly took the phone, and slowly put ear, Zhao Qing suddenly took the silver compact pistol muzzle against his forehead. "You say, I'll kill you!" Zhao chime tone was cold, look very scary. Alarm clock behind Xiaomei this time, could not speak. "You quickly admit! I go, you are willing for me so that I have met, I do not blame blame a father when the boss is not you I do not have feelings!" At this moment, had hidden in the pots after Wang could not help but shift step out, watching distant alarm. Originally he Xiaomei shift doubts. But at this moment, he heard the hoarse Xiaomei discourage initiative to withdraw from the case and, after he was Xiaomei moved. He watched the clock far,Coach Online Outlet, do not want the alarm to shame, hope alarm clock like a ringleader, want the alarm to believe Amy! Alarm eyes slightly flushed. When Zhao Qing muzzle pointing to his forehead, he was really, really scared. When Xiaomei say remark when he really, really touched. 'Amy, if you believe you are wrong, I do not blame you die here. My alarm clock no other skill, at least not afraid of death, at least a sense of obligation, at least not hanging qe community ringleader of the name, but let the brothers make people ashamed to look up and see something! 'Clock watching Zhao Qing,Nike Air Jordan, he actually felt dead. So, he gave up pleasing Zhao Zhengming tone. Every word, all with the tone of most men on the phone to say. "Zhao my alarm clock to chime, Xiaomei also my alarm clock! Two are my alarm clock woman Fockers can kill me, but there is no way to make me change my mind! I am not afraid of death clock, alarm clock I can die - but will never bow! "silence ...... how fast hardware, how brave and fearless manifesto! At gunpoint, facing the second in command of dignified Xu Zhao Zhengming remember shouting out loud, man's manifesto! The presence of man, woman froze. Even if it is the last alarm hearts despise those community members, this moment by the alarm domineering man's manifesto shocked! This is the man! This is the boss! He say countless men true inner desire. He dared to speak at gunpoint court death sentence is equivalent to the words! He dared to record second in command against Xu, rivers and lakes Weiminghehe brother say such a thing! At this moment, the blood of the community members are wondering if Zhao Qing shot, even fight with Xu in mind, but also for the fine brother revenge! Wang involuntary hold your breath, stared at Zhao Qing holding pistol! Alarm clock finished, the phone did not hear a voice. Did not hear gunshots. Zhao Qing originally Lengchen's face into a tired, angry eyes had turned into sadness. She put down the gun. "Of course I did not really give my dad a call, I just want to know ...... how your firm attitude in the end and now I know, know that you take her to see me as important, is not willing to release a death. Who I am dead set love How about you? I just have to accept the ...... "If the alarm on the phone moments before the despot Declaration watching people make blood, excitement, admiration words. Zhao Qing put down the gun, full of grievances, desperate sincere words. It can not be true for all stunned accept ...... put ear phone alarm clock, a cold sweat. He felt that this life is not so handsome too, in this life are not so cool too, in this life are not so kind too, domineering over! 'Grass, Amy I really he do serve you, so all right ......' alarm clock still pretending always calm smoked cigarette, turned to the side, Leng Leng looked at his Xiaomei said, "I hope you are willing to Jiaozhao chime sister. "Xiaomei never thought the situation would be so changed, she thought to win, also thought to lose, even thought Zhao will be shot and killed chime clock. But it is thought the immediate situation. If in the past the feelings of her alarm clock mainly comes from the hope of the future, then this moment on, she felt completely fell in love with an alarm clock. She never felt a man can have an alarm clock so domineering, so courageous, so dare to play! She realized TV movie inside a woman not afraid of death for those men, those women's mood. Xiaomei felt his heart already flew into the alarm clock's body, never come back. At this moment, let her die for alarm, she willingly! "Sister." Yes, let Xiaomei now she is willing to die for alarm, let alone endured wronged Jiaozhao chime sister. In fact, at this moment,Nike Air Jordan 6, with the same vibration Xiaomei, as well as Zhao Qing. Anyway not think she would be so kind of alarm, however can not believe and accept. But she must accept. Even if she is now very much want to alarm and then shot and killed her clothes stripped Xiaomei lost on the street! But she must accept. "Do not blame my sister just heavy-handed, I am also one o'clock shortness of breath, you are a woman, you should be able to understand my mood today is a good beginning of our sisters, and we are alarm women, only we get along well, alarm clock can be assured of struggles on the outside. "Alarm lost fast smoked cigarettes, to appease Zhao Qing two, so that they understand each other, their orientation toward the bathroom. Wang seeing, chasing go. When Wang went into the toilet when being visible alarm involuntary, knees kneeling on the ground floor. Wang is busy in the past helped him. "Grass, you know you Ah hardcore, see you go down, when your legs are trembling, up to sitting on the toilet, let the community brethren saw not laughable!" Alarm indeed trembling, he has been insisted, insisted, is unwilling disgrace, but unfortunately has not yet entered the toilet compartment can be closed, he can not control his knees! "Grass ...... give, give, give me a cigarette!" Wang Fu trouble holding the alarm clock into the compartment, closed the door, lit a cigarette to feed alarm mouth. "You Niubi enough to see his brother's eyes associations, all of them have been spent shock you! Survived just fine, light-hearted, easy point you left all his right to hold possession, ah, grass, and I he do are the envy of jealous! "Alarm smoked half a cigarette, shaking of the body was finally restored some. Then he looked at Wang, frowning, asked a very confused words. "Why every time I do, to the idea of ​​priests are so perverted? I really that points back? I really that points back? Me how such a point back ......" Wang laugh, long while, according to alarm shoulder, mocking said, "priests say ah, you are a point back the goods!" C <

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