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04.06.2013 11:12
He was shot in the forehead antworten

> A chime full unwilling whispered Nuchi, "You think I would care about the money? Money will not you a little hair! But now must find her! Otherwise, my dad's a bad plan you understand me?" Closet The Chen Li, has long been shocked ...... so one will work, he has the heart by reading through A chime anxious to read under many hearts want to know a lot of things. wWw, qUAnBEn, CoM heart he knew that Xu's parents died the day before at sea, both by Shen dead sea. Ah Qing's father did. Her father betrayed taking righteous brother,Nike Jordan Flight The Power UK Sale, which is the heart Xu father's trust. This is A chime father until finally the chance. This is naked betrayal. A chime for his father to do, is in this godsend in the YY also killed. YY parents around people, only A chime father knew of her existence, to know everything about her. While others simply do not know the heart of Xu's parents had a daughter. All past inadvertently know there crooked people are dead. Such concealment and caution for her protection. A chime true colors simply can not imagine beforehand so that Chen Li, Chen Li past knowledge and contacts in the people, never like this. But she still has a little bit less conscience. She crooked still some feelings, so today, she would be merciful, hoping to enjoy a crooked before the end of life is not nasty, heterosexual hug. This is her positive reason. But behind such a point of conscience, is like a vicious viper. She wanted the rape and murder of Amy Askew when a drunk, and then committed suicide a scapegoat. Her alarm clock is not entirely sudden change, although some emotional factors, but mainly to increase the use of alarm for her own benefit 'evidence'. What kind of snake-hearted! What kind of Ayutthaya effort! Amy could not believe that a sixteen-year-old girl, female students could have been so vicious, so calculating! "Yes Amy, it must be Amy!" Angered the A chime suddenly cried. By the door behind her thugs looked at her blankly annoyed look. He just money work, now impatient. "I do not care what your father's plan, I told your father just business relationship on neither interested to know too much, are not interested in wasting time here. No other room password, I left." "Gray bar! You dare talk to me? - today does not put her out you will not be permitted to go! "A chime rage against those who nicknamed gray bar has no effect. He is still an indifferent tone slowly said, "Miss Zhao, I'm not your father's hands and I just play by the rules." He said, and glanced lift wrist watches. "I wait five minutes, no password, see people, and left." Night, this is called the gray bar who was also wearing sunglasses. A chime crossed this moment really want to grab his sunglasses fell to the ground mercilessly crush. She does not understand how his father would ask such a hateful guy things. Did not master-slave consciousness. But now she can not continue to roll your eyes, nothing is more important than finding YY. Other rooms passwords she did not, does not require a password to those places, this is called gray bars people have looked. Five minutes, five minutes can you do? But do not do no matter what the time is passing. Zhao Qing do anything, she really went to open the closet door, even though she did not think crooked hidden inside the closet. A door is opened, which is filled, covered with clothing, not to mention the Tibetans, and even into a quilt spaces are not. Gray rod standing near the door and then the sun could not help laughing. Zhao Qing cynics do futile exercise in futility. The second door is opened. Likewise clothing stuffed inside. The third fan closet door is opened, there is also a lot of space, but one can see, there is no hidden people. Hiding in the fifth frame of Chen wardrobe white with the role of vision, across the closet door targeting criminals gray rod standing by the door. Chen Li controls breathing. But his mood is still difficult to control more and more nervous. The fourth fan closet door is opened, the gray bars to an impatient tone exclaimed, "Miss Zhao! I have enough trouble with you!" A chime will attack back when stunned to see gray rod pulled out guns, and gesturing to her, pointed to the direction of the Fifth fan wardrobe. 'Do YY are closet! 'A chime incredible, but very smart with a pretend angry growled "Today you're not allowed to go find her!" It's time, had raised his gun ...... ash gray rod rods hearing is very good, A chime with the also very good. However, Chen's read minds at this crucial moment is not stuck. So, when the gray bar raised his gun, when Chen hiding in the closet, decisive shot! 'Laugh! 'Muffler role, so gunfire sounds very short, deep. Amy no choice pulled the board. M36 is not a gun, nor is it **. Shooting gallery shooting experience total recoil in the shoulder, the pistol he had not been used. Recoil shock,Air Jordan Spizike UK Sale, he leans against a wooden board inside the closet. Chen Li an open door, holding the gun rushed out. Gray rods lying on his back on the ground, fly sunglasses thrown to the side, staring eyeball round, has not given up the ghost. He was shot in the forehead location. 'Why ...... "Chen Li read his full unwilling to read like. A chime in rushed out from the closet to see the person, stunned for a moment, and then the reaction quickly turned gray rods fell swoop toward the past, the elongation hand, just want to grab that put a black handgun. But her fingers have not encountered when Amy had to catch up with her left hand as snake-like pop, one pointing in her Fengchi! A chime shall mean coma, threw himself on the ground, unconscious. Chen Li double hand gun,UK Nike Air Jordan, pointing gray rods. This saw his face, looks ordinary, the only special is the right eye that road scars. No blood from the wound, the location of the gun, with one bright red. But his head was also shot through the skull, spread the floor more and more out of the blood and brains ...... his eyes did not look good, Amy feel like chopping board salted eyeball almost ...... even if the gun is not open the. Chen Li inhaling big mouth, trying to calm down the physical and mental tension. In his closet to consider how to do good, but at the moment, he needs time to let yourself calm. YY is he from the closet to bed when Amy was found, YY's underwear have been his sweat soaked. He will be removed from the closet clothes YY, lost at the bedside. Again just hiding in the wardrobe of clothes soiled with sweat all taken out, including stacked into a ball. A chime and then thrown into the closet. It was carefully wipe the M36, including the inside of the bullets. Amy's hand holding A chime, so every moment bullets are printed on the number of more or less her fingerprints, and then put a pistol. 'Let your heart, such as snakes and scorpions of the girl's fingerprints into a stamp printed over it ...... this gun muzzle to be more touch, gun is ...... Oh, you are so insidious this girl, you should also licked his muzzle , moistened with saliva Well ...... '____ A signed today ...... thank you enthusiasm a reward. I hope greedy lyrics continue to grow ...... <

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