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04.06.2013 11:11
the understanding of Chen Lin's antworten

> 298th chapter leaf maple leaf maple hill doubts are care Chen Lin and Lu,Nike Air Jordan 9 UK, someone calling outside heard suddenly. WWW. QuANBen. After the coM general God sweep leaf maple leave immediately, where Chen Lin, came to the hill outside. On the same day to escape Shu appeared in the air, the two young people from the inside out, seven Xian door and nine family monk, although do not know the two young people, but nobody calls them. Because of their use of two days to escape Shu,Nike Jordan 2 Shoes, has been recognized. This day to escape Shu, but Ye Feng signs. Can use. There must be a relationship with leaf maple. Hill, pale and ancient Lin is waiting for leaf maple. Ye Feng came out, quickly came to the two of them before the body. When they were the only two time,jordan online sale, leaf maple face immediately sank. The ancient Lin collar catch, leaf maple be caught before the body, wrinkly the eyebrows ask your wife? This is not to give away?" Gu Lin didn't, just nod. Ye Feng saw the ancient Lin like that, a push, will push the ancient Lin. The fairy door and nine family monk, not near here. Now only Ye Feng, Gu Lin and pale cloud three people stand together. After being captured in Ouyang Jing, Ye Feng suddenly feel very angry. See the leaf maple angry, Gu Lin began to dare not. After a while, the ancient Lincai carefully say master, took the wife say......" Not so ancient Lin said, Ye Feng is put in for me to look at Sendai to find people is it right??" Gu Lin didn't think Ye Feng actually, first one Leng, then nodded. Ye Feng also asked Fifi at this time? Also were taken together?" Gu Lin nodded again. Ye Feng, this is a little rest assured. The panda and Ouyang Jing together, they also have a companion. It took Ouyang Jing, Ye Feng is who. In the view of Ye Feng, Ouyang Jing and the panda is in no danger of. He was angry, because Ouyang Jing is arrested people too mean. "You are two to find a place to rest. Wait until after things here, come with me to the earth at Sendai. Chen Lin and Lu is detoxification, will not take long should be okay. Dark clouds do not worry." Ye Feng said. Hear Ye Feng say so, pale cloud of course happy. Gu Lin felt somewhat strange. He could not help but say master, don't immediately to save the wife? The wife will not be dangerous." Ye Feng waved his hand, said one thirty will be okay. Here after, we. You go to rest." Wait until pale and ancient Lin left, Ye Feng a person walking around the hill in front. He was wondering what is the place, look at Sendai. Is must let him go. Also caught Ouyang Jing as a threat. If he doesn't go away, Ouyang still would not hurt Ouyang Jing? When leaf maple thinking, Swire family clansman, began to retreat. These Swire family, after left here, went straight to the middle. Their goal, just look at Sendai. And after these Swire family leave, seven Xian door and nine family monk, in the understanding of Chen Lin's situation, also have and Ye Feng leave. On the left, the

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