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> In the crowd worries, she raised machete, do not hesitate, cut down! Everyone is relieved. wWW! Quanben! CoM (w / w / w.quanben.c / o / m update ultrafast) if she have the courage to get rid of, it is less easy to handle. She does not get involved in, how dare let her go then? Everyone just relax, and immediately tense up. Because that girl did not stop, she held up the knife, Kanxiang next! Still not over, she continued to stretch it, continue to cut! One, two, three, four, five, six -! Yes, six black police have all been the pioneer in her hand knifed dead. She successive hacked to death six people, even if these six individuals as it certainly she should hate the desire his death, but she even killed six people, even the calm face has not changed, or let someone feel on occasion shall be construed , can not believe it. However, she did not throw in the towel! If this is just the beginning. Her Faster lift up sword, brandished a knife and a knife, brandished a knife! Constantly moving in six people who had died insane cut! "Beast, beast -! Know the moment you meet me vices cause any kind of damage you! Know,Oakley Holbrook clearance, you know these beasts! ......" She's crazy hysterical screaming, slashing the . Pomp bloody and violent, let the alarm involuntarily looked away, could not bear to look. Such as alarm clock, there are several. Amy felt she needed to calm them, he said. "Wood Sand, find a brother to her home, let the brothers stay in Jiangxi withdrawal." Musa should forward, pick up the phone. This sentence, let the girl return to calm,air jordan store, she also really tired, so heavy large mountains, in her hands waving thirty consecutive repeatedly will certainly be tired. Sand wood wind GOULD kick, retrieve the girl are holding machetes, indifference say "good co-operation, just to find a room to rest one night, tomorrow you can go back and continue to live a quiet life." Quiet girl the Council, and some do not believe in looking at Amy. Obviously, she felt, Chen Li was capable of doing the Lord's people. "You really incensed me go?" Yes, originally she thought, not make it back alive. If she says go out today to see the things that everyone in the room, the city had trouble. "Of course, we both comply with the agreed." The sound of the girl murmured, "Thank you, thank you ......" others did not know she was to be able to leave alive and Kouxie, or to be able to let her hand blade enemies while Kouxie. Others do not know, Amy knew. "What is your name?" The girl stopped, looking back at Amy, slowly replied "Autumn Seto." Amy smoked cigarette and asked her, "How much they gave you hush money?" "Five thousands. give brother bought a truck, the family built a new house, left tens of thousands. truck ran a big brother, but business can earn several million units per month, no worries about the day at home. "she replied Amy asked than many, the answer is Amy wanted to ask. She is very clever, because they have guessed the intention Amy asked. So Amy does not continue long-winded, Yiyupode said, "If you have been unable to find a peaceful mind, as do things with us." "Well." Autumn Seto no hesitation, very happy very simply promise. She has had tests and examinations return to calm, but more than three months, she did not calm. She had no alternative but to accept that only hush money, to return home. Now her wish Shouren enemies, but she suddenly felt that she had a bright future childish fantasy completely destroyed. She did not want to when an ordinary person, who do not want another kind of fantasy, calm better life. She did not want one day longer because of weakness, once again tragically unfortunate! This is a law of the jungle in the world, today she discovered that she seems to have the potential to become strong, and in front, but also let her become strong opportunities. Bear sighed and left the room. "Hey,Air Jordan UK, sixty thousand was not any!" Amy knew what he meant, and this time, it still needs 'cleaners' to the aftermath, a garbage ten thousand, six is ​​sixty thousand. Bear While sighing, but actually very happy. Human arena, unless desperate, or generally do not move the police. Because moving the police, will be Kill stare. Moving police behavior, was tantamount to provocation ruling class majesty. So, even if costly, to move it several black police, was expelled from the police to let them membership. Yin Chen swing ordered, please come back, not only just to watch the fate of these bastards. But also because of the BAUER action soon commence. Chen Li rechargeable power on the phone, placed the bag of money and gold and silver jewelry thrown on stage. "Sun Yi was given one million, and I picked up in the Nanshan village over two million in cash, as well as the bag of jewelry and this month the accounts of the society will not be a deficit, right?" Everyone was happy for a some money. Bear caught the gold jewelry, casual playing. Says with a laugh, "Columbia Road Niubi ah, a human community income-generating so much this fall is good, the renovation of several black police overhead 1,800,000 fill, do not say, there are many!" "183 Wan? "Amy is very frightened, I did not expect not much to pack so few rank would spend such a huge asshole. "The cost of care relationship is one million head, but then, our brother too Niubi fine, ten days time, please spend a few bastard eat, drink more than seven hundred thousand ah!" If looks could kill, This will hold meetings together, everyone's attention has been killed n times the alarm clock! Alarm guilty Hey smile, dare to do meaningless futile arguments. Amy knew his virtues and the king said he did not bother to Chengdu, I feel is a waste of the tongue. While others, in addition to Bear outside are small, simply can not blame the alarm. "Now we are officially members of the community men and women who count with five hundred sixty-one The basic salary expenditures 1,683,000. Huanggang Village this month's care fees collected a total of seven hundred and ninety thousand, King Village care costs are also collected, the net number of three hundred thousand police aspect, the pocket are 1,410,000. cooking several black police spending 1.88 million this month, spending three hundred fifty sixty-three thousand, income 2,300,000 care costs, fortunately Columbia Road allowance of 3.2 million in cash, profit 1.94 million, the value of these jewels do not know how many, Columbia Road contribution this month I think we should all go to Columbia Road. 1,940,000 funding is not included in society, we all need some money in hand, funds from the community pulls out 1,560,000 out that I, Columbia Road , fine brother a hand holding one million people, a brother to take five hundred thousand. beneath small, the reward, and see the land to work, bonuses, both from inside spending money. "people have no opinion. For those few black police costly. However, from now on, the king handed the village police station money every month to reduce the two hundred thousand, long term, interest is also worthwhile. Moreover, there are societies brothers encouraging morale boost for this purpose. The last time distributions have not spent one hundred thousand Chen Li, Nanshan Village harvest, there are tens of thousands fraction Bear does mean that Chen received by it. Amy watching others make jewelry to take over, he said, "Brothers like a person because of who you used to pick a few pieces take it." Big guys are also welcome, a man picked some hides his pocket, Chen left, inverted nor how many. After talking about the problem of accounts. Went to a crucial theme. Bear smoking a cigarillo, smiled and said, "time is determined, the evening began on August 8, Xu mind Kings BAUER joint invasion of the land. Contain our account, happiness, Romania, as well as land BAUER fellow on the rivers and lakes, spanning three thousand troops assisted this time - maybe BAUER companies delisting quack! "------ phone book club reading, please log m starting point of this network is the common currency with the main battle , and more timely updates. starting point for the beginning of the network map Hang with less money, and a month is not updated. - Strong push book next week, in addition, please book faithful left the June monthly pass book. Book shelves on June 1. - Responsible for recruiting two vice moderator ...... interested directly in the book review area applications. c <

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