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04.06.2013 11:06
to escape Shu also quickly dissipated antworten

> 282nd chapter panda leaf maple and the figure of Ouyang Jing, disappeared from the array of them. Www, quanBEn, cOM days to escape Shu also quickly dissipated. Has been destroyed Taipingshan nearby, still echoed the leaf maple leave the final words,Oakley Polarized Sale, a long time not dispersed. A moment later, Victoria peak around to watch the monk, like frying pan as talk together. This time the six forces, it is disgrace the face. "Six forces, sent monks have * * 100? It was a spirit realm of monks, get into this. Old friends, you say, is it right? It's shameful?" The sky, the Heavenly Sword Pope Xu monk irony. He said the mouth of the road, it is on the ground, the old man use Cepheus hallows. The ancient name of monk and didn't say. Faced with such a situation, he didn't say. Those monks other, nature also won't say. These can action monk, all to save alive with the. And want to leave here as soon as possible. When the people on the ground gradually reduced, the ancient name. Before leaving, to two people are still in the sky on two bits,Air Jordan Store, this R ì ancient a planted. This did not face to say more, but before, want to ask two, just the leaf maple the Hallows, you can recognize who is the emperor of the Hallows? If recognized, please inform the ancient door a clear a sound." Then, the ancient name of the monks left. Leaving only the two monks in the sky. Just for the ancient name of monks, the two stop in the sky of the monks, is naturally understand the meaning of. The ancient name of master is to remind them, too soon to have things happened. Cepheus, stands in the fix fairyland peak character. Since ancient times, the Immortal Emperor is a vertex, no one can transcend the vertex. If a martial art, or even a family can be an emperor, so the school later, will be tens of thousands of years of worry-free. Even the emperor missing, with its left Cepheus Hallows, is enough to deter other fairy door. In the eastern region Taixu, so-called seven fairy door and nine family, these forces, each have sage-king level figures. But the emperor, in a long history, the eastern region, only three fairy door appeared cepheus. The three fairy door, it is life, a door cleaning, and Xuantian sword pope. The history of every emperor, the final outcome, be rather baffling all missing. No one can find these fairy, where. They left behind, only a legend, and the stunning world of Cepheus. Can say so on every piece of Cepheus Hallows, is named. Once a sacristy, must be a recognized. But this R ì vivtoria monk, but no one can recognize Ye Feng used the Hallows, from which fairy emperor. It is likely that other thing,Air Jordan 7 UK Sale, that is Ye Feng Hallows, not too the emperor all. While Ye Feng, is also likely to come from outside the universe. In the universe's history, had the outsiders. Every time when outsiders come too, too will experience a storm. There are even two times, too close to be destroyed. In this two big events

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