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04.06.2013 11:04
Zhuantouwangxiang Songxiao Ran eyes antworten

> Zhang Jingyi saw is Yexiang, quickly stood up and smiled and said: "The company needs to deal with some things, let me start over, She'll be able to. WWW. QUanbeN. Com" for the Crown to do Yexiang thing she was clear, especially this time broke the ho Skynet leaving her shocked, more and more respect for Yexiang up. Ye Xiang smiled and said: "It seems I have come early!" Zhang Jingyi Xiaohe said: "come too early, just, you are a party of the protagonist, as it should be first." Then do a gesture invited, said: "Ye, please Theravada!" For him Ye Zhang Jingyi, Yexiang not say anything, just go along with her name, heard, said: "This theme is left to Mr. Song, I Sit next to the line. "Then, come sit down next to one location. Ye-Xiang Zhang Jingyi quickly catch up, pulled from side to side, said: "Mr. Song told before, today's theme is yours, you quickly sat go." Jiabu Zhu Zhang Jingyi's even persuade belt pull Yexiang had to sit up Theme on Ye Xiang Zhang Jingyi hastened to pour a cup of tea and said: "Ye, you Koucha rest, I always make a phone call to Song when they come to see." Zhang Jingyi Song Xiao Ran out of cell phone to call, After the call is connected, said: "Mr. Song, I was Zhang Jingyi, when are you going to, total leaf has come." Songxiao Ran smiled and said: "We have been out of the elevator, and there are a few steps to." says with, compartment door opens, Song Xiao Ran holding a phone first came in, followed by a Technical Director Yang chūn Xuan a pedestrian. Zhang Jingyi smiled and said: "Mr. Song, are also connected to the door what you call it? This money to fight a pick more than one phone bills can be gone!" Songxiao Ran Zhang Jingyi is certainly clear and she joked that they who are not that bad piece octagonal phone bill money, smiled and explained: "I did not see the phone number ah,Nike Air Jordan 2, listening to the phone rang easily picked up." Song Xiao Ran Zhang Jingyi laugh and make others look inside, Song Xiao Ran asked: " Jingyi, all set? "Zhang Jingyi, said:" Yes, the food had burned, one to serve you, Mr. Song, what wine we drink today? "Songxiao Ran said:" Just what white, beer , red, wine, came to Han Han wanted wine. "great rooms, which put the two tables to attend this gala dinner is the main director and head of various departments, as well as technical department, technology department in addition to leaving a person on duty , the rest of the people, all come, we have a seat arrangement according to Zhang Jingyi sit, Song Xiao Ran is straightforward sat Yexiang side, two tables sat a total of twenty-five to six. Everyone seated, the waiter began serving, Zhang Jingyi stood up, said: "Today's dinner is to celebrate our company's Yexiang fell swoop break ho specially organized Skynet is our company's a great joy rì son, therefore, I suggest that all the people all drink liquor, even if you do not have to pour a drink, as you turn to drink for you I would not care, but there is one, pour the wine can not be wasted! "Zhang Jingyi's proposal was cheering someone sigh , drink two people are cheering, the sigh of people are not drinking, well then Zhang Jingyi did not force everyone drank, they can find someone to sell it, but do not drink mostly woman, so that they wine sold to a man or a certain advantage. Zhang Jingyi some wine waiter, etc. For a moment, seeing they must attack quickly asked: "Will you come to what wine to one?" "East Sea Sea of ​​course have to drink wine, to the East China Sea puree it!" Then she was the pride of a waving : "Waiter, give us a box to move!" Soon, the wine waiter moved over there, in fact, a case of wine on six bottles, two tables XXIV five people on average, a person also two more than two wine, wine glass is twelve and a half small goblets, the waiter opened the wine to the front of each person's glasses were full. Look almost the same dish, Songxiao Ran Duanbei stood up, looked at us, said: "Today we PBL, is a landmark rì children, because we always leaves broken Haotian one hundred Wan reward myth, Crown win honor for us, stand firm in the industry similar sites first position, is a very memorable rì son, therefore, I propose that we all respect the total leaf cup! "" Well - - "People holding glasses stood up in unison Hanhao, looking Yexiang's eyes filled with exciting light. Yexiang Duanbei with everyone stood up, broke glass to you to indicate a moment, said: "PBL is that we worked so hard to do it step by step, the song always put the credit is due to me, so I am very ashamed, website they are today, are all the result of our joint efforts, we toast to celebrate together this wonderful moment it! "Then, the left and right respectively and Yang chūn Songxiao Ran Xuan touched the cup, then a dry! "Well! Ye Zonghao cool!" Some people see the glass twelve Yexiang a full drink wine, good to immediately cried out, immediately the sound is a clink, 24, five of people,Coach Store, most people have a also followed Yexiang a dry wine, those who do not drink and people are followed sip a small mouth, in order to show Yexiang respect. With this bottom opening wine, wine on the table immediately warm up the atmosphere, PBL network operators more than two years, has been in a state of loss, Yexiang soon changed this writing, a Crown chess launch, immediately turn around, we all got a lot of money, especially in the technical department, who have the most, which under the have the chance, have stepped forward to Yexiang Jing wine drinker also recruit Yexiang again Jiabu Zhu, not a long time to feel some faint head in Songxiao Ran and Yang Xuan block chūn, everyone considered let the Yexiang! Gala Dinner has to drink 8:30, only to end up in a warm atmosphere, Yexiang drink lightheadedness, did not open the car, SONG Xiao Ran also drank a lot, Zhang Jingyi also advised her not to drive again. Finally, invited the hotel's chauffeur drove them to send it back. Back home, SONG Xiao Ran said: "Ye Xiang, you first take a break, I went to take a shower." Yexiang Although some bad hands, but sanity fairly clear, nodded and said: "Well, you go to wash it, I returned to the room to sleep. "Songxiao Ran said:" You first do not return to the room to sleep, lie down on the couch, while there is good news to tell you. "" All right! "Yexiang promised a cry, threw went to the sofa Before directly lay down on the sofa. Woman in a bath is always a lot of trouble, just a shower Songxiao Ran spent almost one hour on time, she dried the hair out from the bathroom, the Yexiang already asleep on the couch. Song Xiao Ran looked at the time, approaching 9:30, first turned on the TV, transferred zhōngyāng a table, then shook Yexiang said: "Ye Xiang, you wake up! Yexiang, you wake up!" While drinking a lot of wine, plus slept for nearly an hour, the reaction is very sensitive to Ye Xiang, SONG Xiao Ran a call he woke up, opened his eyes and asked: "Sister, what time, how long I slept? "Song Xiao Ran said:" will be 9:30, and you sleep can almost an hour now. "Ye Xiang said:" Sister, you do not say there is good news to tell me what, what is the good news? "Songxiao Ran said:" Now time has not arrived yet, so time to I'll tell you this whole body of the alcohol you really bad, and quickly rushed to look at it! "" ah! "Ye Xiang nodded and stood up, put on robe back to the room, into the bathroom shower, Yexiang speeds much faster than Songxiao Ran took only twenty minutes to washing, wearing pajamas to the living room, sitting Songxiao Ran's side, looking at her, said: "Sister, Good News This tells me now? "Songxiao Ran said:" The moment is zhōngyāng television evening news, you see to know. "Yexiang Li that reflect over, looking Songxiao Ran asked:" Sister, do not break Haotian today net thing on zhōngyāng Taiwan news right? "Songxiao Ran proud to say:" how can such a good chance I miss them too! "Yexiang Li that is understood, it must be Songxiao Ran done the work, otherwise, even if the evening news would is also very difficult. See the Evening News has not yet launched, Yexiang back his chair, leaning comfortably back of the sofa. Song Xiao Ran also seeing lean back the by, is very wide large sofa and a single bed almost, she leaned against the sofa spread out, turned around and looked at Ye Xiang, Yexiang just too Zhuantouwangxiang Songxiao Ran eyes flashed sparkling eyes. Song Xiao Ran heart fierce jump, quickly turned away, did not dare to look Yexiang. Ye Xiang is very natural outstretched left arm to embrace Songxiao Ran over, her half-hearted pillow in Yexiang shoulders, his face immediately cast a nice glow. At this time, the evening news began ...... they will immediately gather jīng God's staring at the screen, the evening news a total of 30 minutes, the first 20 minutes is the national news, international news is after 10 minutes, listening to national news news feeds Skynet ho did not break the content. Yexiang think carefully to understand, as this news with people ** color simply can not become national news, which is a few brief news, but do not underestimate this just a few words, this is zhōngyāng TV ,Nike Air Jordan, and the impact has been enormous. Song Xiao Ran has been notified in advance, and my heart bottom, pillow in Yexiang shoulders, feeling the heat of his body came, enjoyed watching the news. Approaching 9:20 when the picture on the screen flash, put on a ho Skynet network standard with the words "Crown a visit" screen, followed by that announcer's voice: this station in Tokai Reporter reported today, 8:08, offering a reward of one million in the ho Skynet last day of term, the domestic well-known websites Crown network technicians successfully cracked ho Skynet system, which marks the continuous development of the Internet today , network technology also will be leaps and bounds! Screen flash, an ad came out, which represents the national news over, after advertising is the international news. Song Xiao Ran excited Woliaoyixia Yexiang hand, tilted his head looking Yexiang said excitedly: "Ho Skynet finished!" PS: This is a more complete chapter on the old song went to the unit to work overtime at ten o'clock to come back , after 0:00 the next chapter estimated to have, and can not stay up late tomorrow friends can look at. Also, a sense of Xieshu "long5588" monthly pass! <

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