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04.06.2013 11:02
has been working on refining antworten

The 270th chapter again meet acquaintances try > norms about book review reward. Www! QUaNBEN! COMWwW.CaiHongWenXue. this chapter has a single paragraph,Oakley Flak Jacket Outlet, that is three numbers. In response to the digital way to grab points. ======================= since leaf maple from the Ouyang Jing meet, have a month. This month, leaf maple stay in a crystal ball within the space. Ouyang Jing took the crystal ball in the East, is slowly walking. Sometimes, in a place to stop, Ouyang Jing will also enter into the crystal ball in space. She is always looking for a beautiful place to sit. This ride, often is the number of hours. Ye Feng this month, has been working on refining the with one-armed puppet. This puppet refining, than Ye Feng imagined difficult. After a month of refining, leaf maple has been completed half. Another number R ì, leaf maple can completely make a puppet to refining. At that time Ye Feng even encounter the mighty one, don't worry. The premise is his fairy stone enough more. This month, leaf Miaohan will have her house built. Remove the building outside the house, leaf Miaohan also love with some at sixes and sevens. For example, the various organs of she set in front of the house,Nike Jordan After Game Shoes, had managed to get Ye Feng a gray. This is certainly not in the leaf maple with fix for the situation. The two was Ye Miaohan refining dummy doll, two puppet is very not simple. When leaf Miaohan met for the first time scales of beast, it is this two dummy doll, to be easily scales to subdue the beast. Although not tried two dummy doll strength how, but leaf maple guess, if such a dummy doll can to sell them, perhaps can and asked the monk a realm. In practice, it is not hard Miaohan leaves. She always likes to tinker with some of odd shape. Of these, the products of modern technology is very similar to the earth. But Ye Miaohan is only able to produce some gadgets. Want to make real technology products, light on his hands, and several puppet help is not enough. Ye Miaohan soon realized that, when her fix for some more time, to be able to produce more interesting. Friar Ye Feng outside looking for action, still did not stop. But a month, remove some false rumors, no one Ye Feng. Those who are looking for leaf maple to the whereabouts of the monks, and even some doubt, Ye Feng is it right? Is dead. Each big door leaf maple certainly will not give up to find. Ye Feng five hand ling silk, any one of the monks want to take forcible possession of. But these fairy door can only secretly sent monks to find the whereabouts of Ye Feng. They don't like too nose, with as little Lord avenge banner, work in just ways for leaf maple. Nine one eight (the three figure for the reward points answer.) Is nose almost has mobilized all forces,Air Jordan 6 UK, but still can not find the whereabouts of Ye Feng. Even leaf maple origin, do not check out. For once and Ye Feng had Jin Wanshan Yi Anping

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