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04.06.2013 11:00
Tanglin no way stood up antworten

> Ye Xiang said: "Yes, it is currently the highest profile, and comes with a large-capacity servers, Tang Lin, do you want to experience?" Tang Lin approached touched new computers and servers, see that she wanted to try hands, but she can draw the severity of, or should I say: "a little while, give your makeup, finished up lesson again. wWW! QUAnbeN! COm" "Well, it would first makeup." Yexiang point nodded and said: "Let's start from somewhere fill?" Tang Lin took out from the bag mathematics, English, chemistry and languages ​​textbooks, placed Yexiang desk and said: "Ye Xiang, we will go from the hardest math started, I can help you fill in math and English, so Yeyu Jia help you fill chemistry and language. "Ye Xiang said:" Yes. "bag to take out books, sat down at the desk bigger way, a serious Attendance look. Tanglin open mathematics textbooks for Yexiang said: "From here you will not learn, we began to fill from here." Said Ye Xiang gave detailed speak up. Tanglin talk for a long time see Yexiang nothing happened, could not help saying: "Ye Xiang, you listen to understand you, do not understand where you're asking me." Ye Xiang said: "Well, there you do not understand I asked you. "Tang Lin and talked for some time, listen carefully to see Yexiang a look, but still did not ask questions, do not tolerate asked:" Ye Xiang, you understand yet? "Ye Xiang nodded and said, : "Listen to understand!" Tang Lin asked: "really listen to the Ming?" Ye Xiang said: "Really." Tang Lin said: "Then I test you." Ye Xiang said: "Well, are you out to the bar . "Tanglin row out of the three questions, Yexiang no effort on the lists formula to calculate the answer. Tang Lin also done a bit, see Yexiang answer was absolutely correct, this is indeed believe Yexiang learned, and then went to Yexiang makeup, so she pulled the Yexiang class these days gave Yexiang finished, Yexiang did not ask again, and she even out forty-five another question test Yexiang, Yexiang have successfully answers out, but entirely correct, which makes Tanglin very surprised,oakley sunglasses online, pulling so many days of school, Yexiang actually So while they all learned, his mind is how long ah! Tanglin then gave Yexiang complement English classes, and have almost the same situation, Yexiang not charge any effort to have learned, Tang Lin Lian exam Yexiang lot of words and grammar, Yexiang are very fluent answer it seems spoken than she Fortunately, finally she could not help but ask: "Ye Xiang, I'm a little puzzled, we learned more than one week course, you did it for a while to learn, do not you are a genius you?" Ye Xiang smiled and said: "Where there is a genius in the world, the so-called genius results through diligent study and I understand why so fast for a reason, although these days I did not attend class, but there is a time for self-study, already understood almost , you give me a talk, natural schooling faster! "" Oh, this is ah! "Ye Xiang gave Tanglin a very reasonable explanation, so she listened to had to believe. Followed by the Yeyu Jia Ye Xiang complement to chemical and language, circumstances and Tanglin almost Yexiang is a study will test the Yexiang casual look, he replied too are correct, which makes her save a lot of effort. They have been prepared to help him make up two days consecutive classes, I did not expect less than half Yexiang learned. Tanglin just have a few questions to ask Yexiang computer, let Yexiang opened the computer, did not think much of her troubled rì problem, Yexiang She took a few churches, the method is very simple, popular and easy understand, there are two questions which he asked the teacher computer training, the teacher then did not answer up, that is to check the relevant technical information and then tell her, which made her more confident, Yexiang really is a computer master. Tanglin easily opened PBL social network, on its own number, enter the chess game room, high-profile computer smooth feel very comfortable,Oakley Polarized Sale, go into a room, find a free table to sit down, and soon came up a people, the next a few hands later, Tanglin feel this human level is very high, could not help but seriously under up, the other does not see Tanglin low levels, but also to the interest, in a very serious and her next up. Tanglin Although the upper hand, but the next to the plate when it was the other back to the first, but the farther down her situation more passive, gradually showing a lost potential, although Tanglin vehemently want to save, persevering bad chess with, was the other weight of the wearer has no Huitianzhili. Then the other side of the small box below sent to one sentence: I'm sorry, go ahead in a hurry, there is time to get back to you the next day! Ranging from Tang Lin finished his answer, the person away from the table disappeared. Tang Lin finally met a master, but not a game of chess is finished ran away, there is no way anxious, angry and almost fell mouse. Ye Xiang smiled and said: "Tang Lin, people might be really in a hurry, like him playing chess master must come more often, anyway, you have to remember his screen name, and then the next encounter next time it wants!" Tanglin no way stood up, a look at the table uttered a cry, said: "Oh, are 12:30, and Ye-Xiang, we gotta go." Ye Xiang said: "Tang Lin, is designed to help you come to me extra lessons , since all this point, I should ask you what it means both to dinner to thank it! "Tang Lin said:" No, no,Oakley Lifestyle clearance, thanks for what ah, the students should help each other, we go! "said the pull Yeyu Jia's hand going out. Yexiang how to say she would not stay for dinner, drove them back is also proposed to refuse, only watched them go this way! The reason given in writing Songxiao Ran Yexiang antivirus software 10 days of the time, because the antivirus software is not just to write a procedure, provided that the virus must have a huge database, with known virus types can have for xì ng write antivirus software. If you let Yexiang to the Internet to search for and find virus creation virus database, let alone 10 days, a month is not complete. Yexiang right Songxiao Ran said when the heart has had an idea, he went to Computer City bought a latest anti-virus software, home of its procedures were cracked, he did not want to steal their antivirus program directly, but to which virus database directly extracted, allowing him to save a lot of time for the virus in the virus database types, with his posterity technical superiority, write out the quickest, most effective antivirus program. With this virus database support, Yexiang write antivirus program is very smooth, faster than he expected a lot of the time, it only took seven days night time, anti-virus software on the preparation done, thought, and gave added anti-virus software Kaspersky anti-virus software as future generations of the virus is found that exaggerated voice, finally, gave this antivirus software took a nice name: Crown antivirus! ************************************************** ***************** PS: feel Xieshu "A1398769" of a reward, continue to seek collection, seeking recommendations ticket! ! ! <

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