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04.06.2013 10:58
recruited me as a technical antworten

> "Lily, how do you?" TAN Lili Jing behind in the car, she only saw TAN Lili heels kicking Ye Xiang, Ye Xiang did not see what action, then TAN Lili squatting on a scream down, rushed forward to see TAN Lili feet. wWw, qUAnBEn, CoM Yexiang then he saw Li Jing, a few times when overtaking are flashed by, he can only see the car is two women, because TAN Lili a fiery red hair is very conspicuous, took note forces are put on her body, did not pay attention to how a whit Jing, then only to see her look, suddenly stared. Li Jing skin nǎi oil sample white and delicate, greatly eyes, long eyelashes, fluttering hair, elegant, voluptuous xìng sense, full of charming style, beauty is one in a million, according to more than Song Xiao Ran is not bad, is like the kind of plump Yexiang mature and xìng sense type. "Pain, pain! Sister-in-law you do not touch!" TAN Lili's ankle had swollen up, Jing feel the terrible pain touched her side while dodging shouted. Things here, Yexiang feel it should be to the end, very bitter dismay looked Jing, stood up and shook the car keys away from Toyota. "Do you?" Jing Ye Xiang looked so go on, to say something, but could not find a word to say. TAN Lili saw Yexiang go, suddenly anxious, struggling leaning on the table and stood up, one finger Yexiang shouted: "You have nothing to say!" Yexiang parked in front of the bus turned up looking TAN Lili mouth The challenge, said: "how, want to ask me a cup of coffee ah? Sorry, you are not interested in the young master!" Then, open the door and sit inside, start the car a throttle pull away. "You, you bastard!" TAN Lili pointing Toyota jumping a foot away cursed loudly. Ye Xiang will go full steam ahead on a high-speed flew all the way to Binh Duong, because the service station delayed some time, arrival Pingyang already 11:40 multisection, do not know his mother did not go to work, while the usual three in the open, take the side out the phone to his mother's office made a call. "Hey!" Liu Wenyuan phone rang three times to pick up the phone. Yexiang a mother not to go, happy to say: "Mom, you have not walked, I had to Pingyang, and are moving toward your school rush, wait for you at the school gate, we went out to dinner." Liu Wenyuan see his son back,Oakley Active, a lot of heart at ease, though have much to ask him, but still a moment when asked to meet better. Said: "Yes, I want to make things out, you wait for me at the school gate." Ye Xiang drove to three stops in front of the school, the school has a school for a long time, if a large campus few people, and occasionally will have three students from two nights to go out of school. Yexiang waited a moment, to see his mother carries the package came out, to the school gate so looked up, obviously looking for him. Yexiang uttered by the speaker, leaned out the window and says loudly: "Mom, I'm here!" Liu Wenyuan see Yexiang in a car, some suspiciously walked over to see the car Yexiang a man, still Sit on the driver's seat, he asked: "My son,Totes Coach UK, who is this car?" Ye Xiang Liu Wenyuan open side door and said: "Mom, this is the Crown company gave me with the car, on the train and let us said while walking. "Liu Wenyuan did not get on the train, but then asked:" Can you drive? "Ye Xiang smiled and said:" Yes ah, but also was very good, I'm from the East China Sea to Pingyang before opening a more than an hour. Mom, get on it. "Liu Wenyuan got some concern, Ye Xiangqi moving car on the street and asked:" Mom, where are we going to eat? "Liu Wenyuan now have a stomach asked wanted to ask leaf Xiang, the hotel is not convenient to speak, he said: "go straight home, get some refreshment in the downstairs upstairs to eat." Ye Xiang drove away toward the direction of home, all the way Liu Wenyuan see his car was very skilled, could not help Lives and asked: "Son, when you learn to drive?" Ye Xiang said: "The summer when I learned that the company gave me back Crown with this car, I was in the East China Sea directly test driver's license, do not believe you can see. "on the issue in the car he did not dare to say, put the topic after a vague lead to a driver's license, driver's license and handed Liu Wenyuan look bad pulled out. Liu Wenyuan not clear what provisions have a driver's license, watching his son's driver's license will indeed put. To the cell downstairs, Liu Wenyuan said: "Son, you go upstairs, I went to go up two dishes fried refreshment." Yexiang again in PBL company as technical adviser to earn less money, but what is with cars , this series of things that make her overwhelmed by cooking at this time, she had to take reasonable grounds, how to ask his son. Not long, two Caichao well, Liu Wenyuan fought two lunch will be on the floor. At the table, she looked at Yexiang asked: "Son, go ahead, which in the end is how is it?" Yexiang push lightly a meal, said: "Mom, this company full name East Boya Network Technology Development Corporation, the company's operating a social networking site called Crown, general manager named Song Xiao Ran, shortly before I go online, I found this website published a job posting websites to recruit computer experts to solve problems I think my level was okay, went candidates, and really did not expect to help them solve the problem, the company not only gave me a bonus, but also recruited me as a technical adviser ...... "Yexiang really laced a fake, fake laced with truth, half-truths make things again, of course, became a prize from 800,000 yuan 80,000 yuan, the shares did not say a thing, the title of vice president also removed, we only have each monthly wage of 1,500 yuan technology consultant, hesitated and hesitated to Liu Wenyuan heard of! Liu Wenyuan, after all, a teacher, although Yexiang left click the right look right foggy, and soon she would miss the point and asked: "You learn these techniques come from where?" Yexiang said: "Mom, you have to believe your son's clever mind, I first school from the network, the second is learned from books, and live it, has been able to write a lot of advanced software, is absolutely self-taught! recent trip to Crown website a look, they paid please those technologies not as I do, they can not solve the problem, I went to give solution! "My son mastered the superb computer technology Liu Wenyuan course, very pleased that the main task is Yexiang learn test University, and she said: "Son, you do not oppose mom computer technology, but to prioritize your most important thing now is to learn admitted to a good university, I see that what you are still technical adviser resigned to concentrate learn it! "Ye Xiang said:" Mom, I do not affect when the technical adviser to learn ah? "Liu Wenyuan, said:" High First foundation when learning task is heavy, it relates to your future life, you That must be distracting to engage in, or to concentrate on learning it! "Yexiang then said:" Mom, you look so good, I was taking the whole year group admitted to a seventeenth place finish in this You let me dry with maturity and in the final exam, if I can not get the first fifteen year group, I'll listen to you all! "Liu Wenyuan careful thinking for a moment, then nodded, said: "Well, I'll give you one chance,Coach Purses Sale, when you can not get the top 15 results, you have to give me an honest learning!" <

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