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> "What is the trouble?" Yexiang could not help but ask. Vet said: "The East China Sea Provincial People's Hospital, Professor Gao Guang because the task of teaching a week, only two to three surgery, his patients have the province, there are also other provinces admiring, as far as I know, he had surgery alone discharged two months later, you can Zhang Guihua current situation, there is not quite two months, if not surgery a month probably can not stand! "Ye Xiang said:" Vet, can you help me with Professor Gao Guang communicate about , surgery as soon as possible what? "Vet self-deprecating smiled said:" I like a little doctor how may people say a word, I am sorry, that I really can not help but to think of your own ways! "Ye Xiang suddenly think of Songxiao Ran, though he did not know she was the daughter of Soong, a few things through that child know that she is very energy in the East China Sea, you can ask her to help find a solution. Thought here stood up and said: "The Vet, thank you for giving me such a message, you give me the formalities right side, the East China Sea there a good contact us immediately leave!" "Yes, yes, my give you the formalities! "Vet spoke, he got up and shook hands Ye Xiang said. Ye Xiang out of the doctor's office in the hallway to make a telephone call Songxiao Ran, took that one says. Song Xiao Ran keen on the idea, saying that pack on her, said she first contact moment, a moment to give him back. Not to the ten minutes, gave Yexiang Songxiao Ran back up the phone, told him: "Ye Xiang, Provincial People's Hospital, there has been a good contact, but also to prepare beds out tonight or tomorrow to hospital are OK after admission check, as long as the indicators of the patient permits, the day after tomorrow can be surgery! "Ye Xiang Song Xiao Ran did not expect such a high efficiency, but also be seen from her energy is not generally large, and my heart really curious her background, But he can not ask, and now they are partners, sooner or later will know! So thanks a lot and said: "Song Jie, stop here, to the East China Sea I'll give you a call." Wu Tang Lin Although they are talking, but it is often the go God, her father died early , is bringing up her mother has been for her to read for her to go to college, for her mother has not remarried, her mother's love more than their own lives. Vet put Guihua situation a couple with them, said she was on almost collapsed, as if the sky is falling down, like ...... Yang Yi and Wu Qiong are university students, the home is old rural Yimeng after graduation with Wu Qiong Pingyang came together, and they should not have more than two wages can Qiong mother's illness to spend money, Yang Yi, subsidies still the home of the parents and brothers and sisters, especially the younger brother admitted to the university last year, almost all the money need him out of their hands simply do not have any savings, Zhang Guihua surgery suddenly need five or six million so that they do nothing! Qiong was an only child and no relatives, Yang Yi, the home side have barely even basic living, but have no money, and yesterday they were looking for flats, find colleagues, find a friend to borrow, they can borrow borrow one, and can only borrow to eight thousand dollars, which costs a huge difference from five or six million. Wu Qiong has been almost desperate, not to mention borrow money, borrow money even if the Provincial People's Hospital, they are also the two a dark side, who do not know, if not surgery as soon as possible, or more likely than the mother's life, she really I do not know how to do! Yexiang see into the wards around the Wu Tang Lin They also speak, so I drove up, said: "Tang Lin, you first wait a minute, I'm looking for something Wu." Qiong heard not help wondering look to the Yexiang. Ye Xiang said: "Miss Teacher, you come out that I have something to tell you." So saying, she agreed to disagree regardless, turned the first out of the ward. Wu Qiong hesitated a moment, or follow Yexiang out of the ward. Came to the corner of the corridor secluded place, Ye Xiang said: "Wu, Zhang nǎinǎi condition I have just a clear understanding of the Vet, and can no longer be delayed,Nike Jordan Superfly UK Sale, you must go immediately to the East China Sea surgery!" Wu Qiong suddenly heard grief from the heart come, could not stop the tears streaming down her why do not want to save the mother's life ah, then there can not be in the hospital a little way endure the ah! But Yexiang in her eyes was just a child, how can he say that these do, muzzled choking, said: "Ye Xiang, some things you do not understand a child, you do not cāo heart, I would think approach! "Yexiang hastily said:" Wu teacher, you do not hurt, not that money and East Provincial People's Hospital, the question what, I have these questions to help you solve, the most important thing is to go immediately sent Zhang nǎinǎi Donghai hospital! "" What did you say? "Wu Qiong look of disbelief looking Yexiang. Ye Xiang said: "I know that surgery can cost five or six million of money, which I would let you get! Provincial People's Hospital, I have also contacted Well, now you can go to the hospital, you can check the surgery tomorrow,oakley outlet store, then the day after tomorrow can surgery! "" It's true? "Wu Qiong surprise asked. Yexiang certainly say: "Of course, I can lie to you what!" Wu Qiong looking Yexiang gradually wake up from a surprise, could not help but ask: "Ye Xiang, you that come so much money?" Said Ye Xiang : "Oh, Miss Teacher, all this time you can also ask what to do, now is the rescue deal, but I guarantee that this money is coming from legitimate sources!" "Yes,Cheap Oakley Sport, yes, I do not ask!" Wu Qiong bent to save the mother's life, as long as she was able to save his mother refused to take anything! Ye Xiang said: "Miss Teacher, I have just let Vet to formalities, and just Tanglin them here, let them help you tidy up things, I went to the bank money, and then drove over, while we directly go to the East China Sea. "Wu Qiong point again and again, and hurried back to the ward to pick up things in. Ye Xiang out of the hospital a taxi home to Toyota to open out, withdraw money directly to the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, he was afraid to go to get any savings so much money. Ye Xiang took 70,000 yuan of money back to the hospital, Wu Qiong they had packed things waiting for him, there is also the hospital completed the process. Yexiang asked about the Vet to Guihua present situation with no medical escort, Vet told him that the patient now the situation is still relatively stable, with a little emergency medicine on the line, has given them ready. Tang Lin Zhang nǎinǎi them a referral to go to the East China Sea, should go along, Ye Xiang said: "Let Song Qiang follow the herd, but also a hand with anything, and you do not have to go along, to say the car also sat less than so many people! "Wu Qiong and Yang Yi Zhang Guihua escorted down the stairs, sat down on the back seat, They side with an escort, and good off-road space is large enough, is not crowded. Song Qiang Ye Xiang let sit co-pilot, and Tanglin they waved goodbye, in their eyes surprised started the car. Today a surprise attached to another surprise until car on the highway, Wu Qiong sit back also dizzy, feeling all this is very true! ************************************************** ****************** PS: feel Xieshu "kuei cabinet" of a reward! ! ! <

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