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04.06.2013 10:48
saved a little girl's life antworten

The 219th chapter has a wonderful > female Han boat deck flashes when, Ye Fengcai just see flashes of light, is a force to absorb. WwW, qUanbEN, cOm when he came again, have to the sky, and in the rapid fall to below. There was nobody around, where the leaf maple nor other people. Now he doesn't want other people where to go. Because at present the speed of falling down, he would fall into minced meat. Ye Feng clear condition, want to fly toward the sky above, so as to slow down the fall velocity. But leaf maple never thought, when he just started flying, general five disc rotating at sea. A chain from the five row of Circular on out, Ye Feng's soul to tightly locked in the five disc. Be chained to five disc on of a moment in God, Ye Feng body strength, but also because of soul trapped, and lost nine more. The remaining psychic powers, although also can take a leaf maple flight, but let Ye Feng get rid of his whereabouts speed in a short time. Ye Feng desperately wanted to get rid of the shackles of god five disc, but the chain is God lock firmly. Even Ye Feng and soul connection, is also gradually weakened. Falling faster and faster. Ye Fengfa on the flight will be slowed down, he had to bail out from the universe bag, symbolic, depending on the character of the power, to slow down the speed. At the same time also released flight weapon, hope to be able to play a role in. The falling speed was slow in leaf maple to some. Ye Feng also uses the final spiritual power, the formation of a defense in the body,Coach Bags Online, toward the ground impact. Even leaf maple did not think of, he unexpectedly directly into a bandit who, saved a little girl's life. Leaf maple climbing out from inside the hole, a face of confusion. Although not just hit to his life, but also almost his the viscera were shattered. Just climbed out, leaf maple see around a lot of people are looking at him. He see those hands are bloody knife, and the surrounding large bodies, Ye Feng will understand that these men have done. "Pass by, don't mind me. When I don't exist." Said Ye Fengpa out of the pit. The bandits around looking at leaf maple, and looked up at the sky, suddenly didn't know one thing. Didn't understand the mean leaf maple. It is not far from the leaves of maple, a little girl coughing, aside from the ground up. This girl is the leaf maple smashed into meat bandits to kill the girl. Because ye Feng's impact on the ground force,Nike Air Jordan 10, will the girl to lift to fly out. Lucky girl falls in a body,Coach Purses Online, let her be preserved x ì ng life. The bandit chief one-eyed, looking up at the sky, the little girl was coughing to disturb. When he saw the little girl alive, see Ye Feng sat there panting, bandit leader immediately anger. ", which jumped out of the boy. Third, give me cut him." The bandits rushed his men shouted. The bandits, the hearts of many people are very upset. Although not see Ye Feng

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