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04.06.2013 10:43
203rd chapters to the road ahead antworten

> 203rd chapters to the road ahead, leaving a can only see half of the stone bridge. WWw, QuANBEn, Com don't choose,Nike Air Jordan 10 UK Sale, Ye Feng had boarded the bridge. When he was above the stone bridge out of ten step, a man from the bridge transverse dark out. Out from the dark people, began to look not clear way, until gradually close to the leaf maple, only gradually see the person. When Ye Feng saw the man, he can't help a surprised s. Come from top to bottom to wear clothes, the clothes are as like as two peas and Ye Feng. The fix for breath, and repose later. Even the face, and Ye Fengchang as like as two peas. Let leaf maple peep out a surprised s è, is the face of the opposite, that with him as like as two peas face. Ye Feng's knowledge of God and on the opposite person's body, he had no illusions in the body of the man. This is not Ye Feng's behavior is not enough, is the other hidden too good. The distance between two people is not far. When leaf maple at that person, the one that and Ye Fengchang, have close to the leaf maple thirty meters. No Yefeng ask, the man stopped at a distance of leaf maple thirty metres, waved hand to throw out a magic incantation. See from the start of the symbolic, emerging out of the two gold s è figure. When Ye Feng saw what they were turned from time out of the shadow, he immediately threw a magic incantation. In the leaf maple side, the same has four gold s è figure. These leaf maple use magic spell turned out of the war, and the opposite person Fulu, turned out of the shadow, as long as like as two peas. Ye Feng's one eye can recognize, use the opposite person character, is the God of magic. The two sides turned out quantity ranging, they soon fight together. That like Ye Fengchang's men, in two ares scuffle together, raised his right hand to point to Ye Feng. A dragon behind the man appeared, with a man pointing out, the dragon to leaf Fengchong. At this time of Ye Feng has been stare big eyes,Nike Jordan SC 1 UK, very afraid at the golden dragon. From the dragon on the breath, leaf maple too familiar. The Kowloon map breath, he can not know? Surprise to surprise, leaf maple action is not a bit slow. He was quickly back at the same time, the Kowloon map drives. Since the leaves behind Maple also appeared a golden dragon. The golden leaf maple finger along the direction of rushed out. But anyone can see, the leaves turned out Maple Jinlong, not the opposite person Jinlong Ning solid. Two golden dragon no dogfight, direct impact to together. The impact of that a moment, a golden light shed. The Ye Feng turned out the golden dragon, after the impact,Outlet Coach Bags, as the little golden, dissipated in the surrounding space. The addition of a golden dragon although not collapse, but also has been covered with cracks. When its continued to Ye Feng, Ye Fengyi was a whip to smoke. At this time Ye Feng face surprised God s è has disappeared. After the war and Jinlong events, leaf maple has, opposite person should not reality. He is some kind of magic out.

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