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> "Bang!" Bang, boss chest was suddenly burst open a fist-sized hole in the blood, two protruding eyes like goldfish out, could not believe the look of his face, and slowly fell down ... ... Yexiang clear the gun boss die, then glanced at him a shot, because the door next to the fourth is a potential threat, and immediately got up and kneeling posture at gunpoint to take him! This series of tragedies occurred in the few seconds between the first fourth of gunfire found along the San Dou Jiaqi in snatch the gun, carrying ax rushed past, just ran two steps here Yexiang gun rang , his footsteps meal to look to the side, just to see the muzzle Yexiang ejected a mass of flames, his body flew up and fell to the ground after heavy obtained, backpack money scattered over ground ...... Dou Jiaqi and youngest in the contest, they regarded as the primary goal to snatch a shotgun, what moves have lost a role, becomes a power over both. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM force because the causes of poor woman, she gradually falls under the wind. Yexiang solve the fourth, the forward picked up a rifle butt hit his head, then put his wrecked fainted, his hands loose, slowly fell down, shotgun went to Dou Jiaqi hands. Squatting people saw the robbers were Yexiang and Dou Jiaqi resolved, surprise I was standing up will run out, Yexiang Li that says loudly: "We first stood Do not move, protect the scene, such as police officers came deal! "We are not a move, because Yexiang and Dou Jiaqi hands are holding the gun, but who is casual, they did not mind the end, had obediently obedient. Dou Jiaqi knew that today there is no Yexiang she finished, he thought he was more powerful then, did not think did not get even a gangster, Yexiang skill and sophistication she could not believe how and also in front of the big boys do not add up number, especially Yexiang protect the site so that we do not move, then, is more like often face such a scene seems very much at home! Square police chief Wang promised robbers request, the emergency negotiated up. Absolutely can not let go of the robbers, the face of this relationship and the people of Binh Duong authorities majesty and credibility issues dictatorship, even if it must sacrifice two hostages, we should also robbers killed or arrested. Being negotiated, the savings bank has spread in the three gunshots,Cheap Oakley M FRAME, King Square and LEUNG Kam, who did not know what was happening inside,Oakley Sunglasses M FRAME Cheap, and looked immediately tense up, dispatched to all police and military jǐng immediately vigilant, gun ports are aligned with the bank. Wang square of a wave, two heavily armed special jǐng Maozhao Yao quickly close the window, trying to identify the inside of the case. At this time, the door opened savings bank, Dou Jiaqi escapement with a shotgun walked out. Brush ...... All the muzzle pointed at Dou Jiaqi! Dou Jiaqi standing in the doorway exclaimed: "King Bureau, I was Dou Jiaqi, house robbers were all we have solved!" Dou Jiaqi door in a savings came from the king square looked like she stay away, listening to her talk immediately identified, heard in the house robbers have been resolved more surprised, a wave shouted: "Come with me!" the first impulse of the past, criminal jǐng, special jǐng and armed jǐng have followed up! King Square into savings with Dou Jiaqi interior, come to understand just what she said, "is that we solve the" meaning Yexiang a handheld pistol, shotgun in one hand, being guarded unconscious on the floor of her second child and the youngest, Dou Jiaqi out as people, he was afraid to wake up two people hostage at risk, very jǐng Ti's jǐng ring with, saw Lala came suddenly a bunch of jǐng inspections, Yexiang know that today even want to go could not walk! See Secretary Wang square machine jǐng look to Yexiang, Dou Jiaqi quickly simple report to him about the situation, the king is the big boy square Getting help Dou Jiaqi rid of these vicious robbers, suddenly stunned, immediately stepped forward and Yexiang handshake thanks a lot! Politics and Law Committee secretary LEUNG Kam see Dou Jiaqi came out carrying a gun from savings when suddenly cold sweat streaming down, but the party secretary Douliang De Dou Jiaqi only begotten baby daughter ah, any little mistake he could not explain to Dou Shuji, she how would the inside ah! Yizheng God's kung fu, Wang rate of people square has rushed into LEUNG Kam also hurried with the inside, to see Dou Jiaqi hastily said: "Peas, how did you here, you little things, right?" Dou Jiaqi smile says : "Liang Shushu, I came here today to deposit a regular basis, I did not expect to catch up with such a large case, I'm fine, you see, this is not a good do!" "Nothing like, nothing like!" LEUNG Kam repeatedly said . With some Meanwhile, a clear division of public jǐng kind, jǐng precepts jǐng ring, scene forensics forensics, control control robbers robbers, evacuation evacuation of hostages hostage, have the action again. Hostages were soon evacuated to the outside, to be the boss kidnapped the young woman, while still a coma, has also been back to the outside, sent an ambulance had just arrived, others are to follow police back taking note. Second child and youngest coma was handcuffed, dragged jǐng car among escorted back to the police station. Yexiang square with the king, who also went to the police, such a big thing, transcripts must be done. Pingyang broken so evil bank robbers armed with xìng case, must be high-profile publicity, Yexiang think about some headaches, happy life comes from the low-key, he did not want to be pushed to the public eye as a hero, as life is very confusing. All field experienced this thing's transcripts have confirmed Yexiang killed two robbers and overpowered two robbers did not embrace Doujia Qi Gong, seek truth from facts reported to the king about it. Yexiang finish the record was invited Secretary's Office, Wang square hope this young hero praised after some said, to report to the municipal phase trees typical of his courageous young heroes, while heavily reward. Ye Xiang said: "Mr Wong, or do I have this typical tree, and I do not want any rewards, this thing inside you mastered the Public Security Bureau on the line!" "Why ah?" King Square heard could not help but ask. Ye Xiang said: "I was just on the high one, trying to learn to elite universities is my goal in life, once the tree this typical I would not be able to stay in school .. In addition,Kristin Coach, if there are accomplices robbers, then once the I am a typical tree-courageous, I not dangerous? "King Square before a reason not to listen to Yexiang feel anything, he did not think a typical tree and learning what can conflict, but after a reason to let him attention up, leaves Xiang did not make any sense, the Public Security Bureau of light like a typical tree, and there outside a robber accomplices, then, is it dangerous trap Yexiang on the earth! ************************************************** ******************** PS: add more chapter, seeking recommendations ticket! Streaking week old song, very awkward position on the list, we seek Dingyiding ah! ! ! ! <

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