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Minghua is now the motivation to wo antworten

> Yexiang hospital ward is a VIP ward, a separate room, a TV room sofa, as well as a separate toilet. wWW. quANBen. coM Tang Liang a tile to Yexiang looks unconscious Tang finally scared, even though Don Father is party secretary, it is impossible to hoodwink the public, leaves home in a huff if you fight to the death in broken, Tang Liang have to go squatting jail. Therefore, Tang in the treatment very actively on the ward is the best doctor is the best, not to mention medical expenses. Yexiang lying in bed with eyes closed slowly remembering what happened 97 years, he was Tang Liang took tile happened in July 20rì, himself a coma for three days, and today should be 23rì, positive it is summer in high school after the last one, and is the city of the provincial key high school - Pingyang, in accordance with normal historical trajectory, Tang Liang through his relationship with his father also got one in Binh Duong and spend with him three years of high school years. 3 days ago, the only Yexiang and class buddies Fan Mingwei go play Castle Lake, Tang Liang was there with a bunch of men and women play in a cold store of the stalls before they meet by chance, Tang Liang Ye Xiang saw it Da Cici Yaowuheliu let him past, displayed in front of your own powerful. Ye Xiang did not want to pay him any heed, turned away, Tang Liang is rolled face, angry from the ground to pick up a tile chase forward, suddenly put Yexiang beat down on the ground ...... Yexiang little time xì ; ng grid was withdrawn, usually very quiet man of few words, has been to college are like this, it is precisely because he's such a xìng grid, on the university before being selected organs of state secrets, after 5 After hard training, and ultimately into the "Silver Eagle" dark group, the baptism of blood and fire, it is grown as "Silver Hawk" supreme commander. Although Yexiang cherish "Silver Eagle" honor, but no day rì dark years of life it is to let him tired, beat up a few times to change jobs report, has finally been approved, and the work unit superiors gave him to find a good Give him a regiment level officers in positive identity jobs, job Pingyang City Public Security Bureau deputy director. Unfortunately, the last mission allows the "Silver Eagle" designation completely disappeared! However, the rebirth better! Let Yexiang can completely get rid of the shackles of the kind of identity, happy over his Yanei life! Suddenly, Yexiang think of a major event! Is August 97 23rì occurred in the area of ​​the Peak District, long the source of large coal mine flooding accident, that was caused by a terrible mining accident killed 76 miners, but also forever changed Yexiang father Ye Zhengnan life destiny. Ye Zhengnan Peak District is in charge of industry, forestry and Work Safety Supervision Bureau deputy head, this time it is and another competition Deputy Mayor Deputy Mayor Wang Changjiang critical moment. Party Secretary Wang Changjiang Tangyao wins support, and is supported Yezheng Nan Chang Liangshan, mayor Liangshan very strong, and the District den inextricably Tangyao fought victory, in this critical moment, that was terrible mining accident shocked the nation took place ! Ye Zhengnan because it is in charge of industrial and work safety supervision bureau, assume primary leadership responsibility, deputy head office is revoked, was sent to the remote mountainous Da Qinghe County township as deputy mayor positions,Air Jordan After Game UK Sale, career break from the position of deputy mayor on one thousand fifteen years, a great until retirement trend. Mayor Liangshan assume leadership responsibility, flat tone was dismissed as a director of the Municipal Civil Air Defense, and later could not see in the complex in Binh Duong, the city will be transferred to the neighboring provinces of Jiangsu, specifically what position Yexiang unclear. This terrible mining accident caused a major upheaval Peak District, Party Secretary Tang Yao Sheng also due to assume leadership responsibility is to give the party a serious jǐng municipal divisions punishment, originally promoted as deputy mayor's proposal was shelved Party, served ten years in the Peak District After the Party Secretary, was transferred to the deputy director of the Municipal People's Congress made the surface is level is promoted, in fact, kicked upstairs, sidelined! Mine is a long source of private coal mines, miners named Li Dapeng, is pro Tang Liang uncle, that is party secretary Tang Yao wins brother in law. He relied on her husband's forces in the Castle Peak area of ​​lawlessness, as the yù is, to use the power of underworld unseated the original owners to buy cheap long source of coal mines. After taking over mine, for the money, he set the expense of safety regulations, like how to dry on how dry, numerous safety hazards, accidents constantly, but every time he was settled privately. Peak District innings long source of mine several times to suspend production for rectification issued a notice, but did not listen to Li Dapeng, safety supervision is the Party Secretary Zhang Zhiming Tangyao Secretary who wins, he was buddies with Li Dapeng, is Yezheng Nan Wang Minghua, deputy director of primary promoted up, in principle xìng very strong, long the source of several coal mines shut down suddenly notices have been issued for him, you can not do nothing official big one's Secretary Zhang Zhiming, just under the suspend production for rectification notice here, over there issued a rectification notice through the production can be restored, so long the source of mine once again escaped punishment. And Wang Minghua, deputy director of the practice has caused discontent Party Secretary Tang Yao wins, he has determined to carry on the work of Wang Minghua adjustment, and have heard the wind, Wang Minghua work now very passive,Poppy Collection Coach, although Ye Zhengnan several times to comfort him, but only comfort, because the right personnel in Tangyao wins hands, he can not help. Wang Minghua is now the motivation to work all day, drinking to forget. Li Dapeng of lawlessness finally causing a bitter pill, according to the technical data mine should not have to Castle Lake dug under the piece of vein, but Li Dapeng technical personnel mines for the money regardless of the opposition and innings suspend production for rectification notice, bent,Oakley Scalpel Online, and ultimately happened that large flooding accident occurred. Flooding accident occurred, Li Dapeng know who could not save him this time, and with the money earned to escape all these years, Yunnan, and finally caught back by security officers to serious accidents sentenced to 9 years imprisonment and punishment Gold 15 million yuan, not only caught in the cage, but also becomes a penniless pauper! No! I must stop this mine disaster! Thought here, Yexiang secretly clenched his fists ...... However, if prevented this mine happen? Yexiang a good way to think of any time, we can not say that they are born again, you know August 23rì right to flooding accident occurred, so he might be sent as a monster experiments go. However, there are close to mine That month's time, he still has time to think about it. I kept thinking, unconsciously Yexiang asleep. When he woke up again, I found bits of it left for a bottle, the mother Liu Wenyuan has not come back, Shanshan Huang woke up to see him smiled at him and said: "Little Cheung, you wake up?" "Ah!" Ye Xiang Huang Shanshan directed embarrassed smile, because he was the urine arousal ...... *************************** ****************************************** PS: hot baked books, seeking collection , seeking clicks, seeking recommendations ticket, seeking a reward, too shameless old song once, anything seeking! ! ! <

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