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> Father cut off the source of Li Jing,Air Jordan 1 Sale, a man while she took the children while learning, living, although very hard, but Li Jing has no regrets about their choice, the arrival of her daughter gave her great comfort , gave her unlimited power, determined to have her daughter was raised chéngrén, let her live a better life. (_ &&) Although his father broke off with her father-daughter relationship can be with her daughter's birth and began to grow, and she enjoy the joy of motherhood, but also very concerned about his father's situation in the southern province of Tan monstrous power , would like to pick up a businessman is too easy, to understand her father through domestic relations case, learned that his father after returning from the United States, because the company tax evasion and arrested. Reform and opening up, tax evasion is a common phenomenon that can have tax evasion are some of the "relationship" of people, belonging to people do not give officials do not study things, Lee certainly did not take this seriously children. However, tax evasion is a felony, once held up is a big thing! Police and tax authorities in accordance with prevailing tax leakage detected tax, Li Jing's father was sentenced to at least two years, or even life imprisonment. But in the end I do not know because of what the police and tax authorities have not determined so much, it ultimately was sentenced to three years imprisonment. Year old daughter, when Li Jing returning a trip to the prison to visit his father. But his father refused to see her. Father in jail,Jordan 13 Shoes, the family property was divided up an empty, this may be the reason his father reluctant to comment, Li Jing is with a deep sense of loss back to the United States. Jing does not know is that his father back from the United States, the program has realized Tanjiaqiao to him to start, and Tan "cooperation" for so many years, to say that he did not have a handle Tanjiaqiao point is impossible, but his hands the handle can not hurt Tanjiaqiao fundamental, but let Tan Liangde by a small injury can still do this. -_ () So he put in the hands of the evidence kept in a secret place, wrote a put a confidant men's hands, he once asked himself if anything happened, so he sent this letter to go. His father was imprisoned because of the company tax evasion, this letter will be sent to the Tan Liangde hands. Tan Liangde career was proud when chūn wind, Lee Huihun make him furious, and he can not tolerate this kind of betrayal. Therefore, before deciding on Lee shot. Li said that with the cooperation that white is collusion, which took a lot of Tan Li in the benefits of these things turned out he did not hurt though. The development of his career, but still has a great influence, he served as deputy in the southern provinces have in mind five years time, if not further his career would end here, age is a fixed target! Because the southern province of a no position in the family under the operation. Above Northern Province intends to transfer him to remember as deputy and governor of a post in such a critical period, is not out of any error, which is why the only Li Jing's father was sentenced to three years of root causes. Watching Yexiang look shocked expression, Li Jing said calmly: "Jinpeng, oh, no, Yexiang I want you to come back to you not bear any responsibility do not worry, I'm six years older than you, wedding is impossible, I wanted to come back to tell you that we have a lovely daughter, I do not want you for a lifetime are kept in the dark so simple. "See Ye Xiang did not say anything, Jing went on to say:" This thing I wanted to wait for you older few. to find the right time to tell you, but you will soon graduate from high school, and if I do not come back to you, afraid of the future could not find you. seems to me this back right, Jinpeng simply imaginary meridian there, if I do not come back, we will miss a lifetime! "Yexiang from the shock react hastily asked:" Sister, where our daughter? I want to meet her, let her recognize recognize my father! "Ye Xiang is the rebirth of the people, mentally very mature and does not like little boys, like eating the forbidden fruit, his girlfriend was pregnant a helpless look, but my heart is very happy, full of the joy and pride to become a father, eager to see their baby daughter. Jing see Yexiang such a response is hesitated and then my heart filled with a burst of happiness feeling. She thought Yexiang heard the news does not necessarily scare into what the result is anxious to see her daughter, Yexiang courage to take responsibility, which makes her feel happy and comforted. Jing Ye-Xiang said softly looking at: "My daughter is too small, I did not take her home, Susan Boyle to help me take care go again!" Here She went on to explain the sentence: "Susan Boyle was hired specifically to take care of my daughter, I'm about to graduate and work, and only asked people to help me take care of. "" You're home, I'll take care of your mother! "Yexiang temporarily see her daughter some depressed mood, see Li Jing intends to remain in the United States, That he saw her face even harder, this sentence could not help but blurt out. Jing smiled and said: "Kim,Coach Store, Oh, no, Yexiang, I can understand your feelings, but you just graduating from high school this year, even after college, did not take care of our daughter's jīng." Jing put it mildly, you can still hear its Yexiang it sound, Yexiang just a student, did not have the financial strength to take care of her daughter. Ye Xiang looked at Li Jingjian given, said: "Sister, you come back with her daughter, mother and daughter I have the ability to give you a lifetime carefree life, I did not want her daughter to live it in a foreign town, then let me be a species depend on others feeling that I have the money, you have several lifetimes enough of money! "" Do you have money? much money? "Jing asked, his face did not believe. Ye Xiang said: "Billions still there, and I support it you." "How do you find so much money?" Jing Ye Xiang said he had a few billion, very surprised did not dare believe it. Father's business is so big, holds several large companies, but also the hands of the assets of one billion or so, Yexiang just a high school student, how could so much money. Ye Xiang said: "Sister, you forgot? I'm PBL company's largest shareholder!" Word let Jing suddenly, Crown corporation listed on NASDAQ in the United States, the market value of nearly ten billion U.S. dollars, in order to grasp Yexiang super technology, becoming Crown shareholders also normal, he said, there are billions is no exaggeration. Li Jing then said: "Ye Xiang, I came back to the line, can not let you light possessor I do not do what ah?" Ye Xiang suddenly thought of the upcoming investment in the construction of highways, expressways required after completion of the establishment of highway management company has no proper head it, Dr. Jing is the economy, as the highway management company's general manager is undoubtedly the most suitable candidate. Then said: "Who says you do not do what you are plenty of things to do!" (To be continued.) Baidu search Read the latest and most complete novels <

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