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04.06.2013 10:22
duty reduction on last Douliang antworten

> This is a very common personal letters draft was drawn up after Bo allow hemp to transcribe, and even hemp into the envelope is handwritten, as informants, Bo afraid handwriting verification mission on such a trivial matter, The hemp is only responsible for cooperating with the investigation into the whistleblower. wWW, QUanbEN, cOM *. * If it is reported the letter, then, can not be so quickly to the Commission for Discipline Inspection Wang XIN Ming desk. WANG XIN Ming walked into the office as usual, porting secretary soaked tea drank only after the head began to read the case files and letters, personal letters according to his habit look, and then read the document is signed,Nike Jordan SC 1, in this era private Letters are the main means of communication, like him in such a high, relatives, friends, classmates, and a lot of people who want to curry favor with him, a lot of personal letters every day, and today there are five, there are two is home to relatives written by, there is a write to his wife's sister, as well as one to his daughter Wang Meng transferred, and finally saw Bo complaint letters that letter. Saw a return address is the city, there is no specific address, he did not think, opened the letter and began to read it, after reading a few lines on his face sè serious up, which turned out to be the generic name Report Party Secretary-General Chen Cheng Yu-bribery issues, read it again from start to finish, which the content is very informative, also cited several bribes Chen Cheng-yu of the time, place and the specific amount of money, and also claimed to have with Chen Cheng Yu bribery when recording evidence,Coach Hotsale, which makes WANG XIN Ming feel content letter to this report is true! Put down the letter, WANG XIN Ming took a deep breath, sitting on a chair meditating up. After a child, pick up the phone and called the mayor of Sun Wei: "Monkey I WANG XIN Ming, what you now have the time, I have a very important matter to discuss with you about." XIN Ming Wang Wei Sun, one has a very important things to discuss with him, and his tone was very serious. Immediately felt that things are not normal, because this has never happened, and if he has something to find XIN Ming Wang will have a direct say any thing, although a lot of things that need to be addressed at hand, he said: "Now there is time, is to They look up restaurant or a few people? "Wang XIN Ming said:" No, I went to your office talking. "Then hang up the phone, the complaint letters into the briefcase. Got it out of the office. Secretary Li to see him out quickly stood up, he waved, said: "I was a little thing to trip out, you keep the phone at home on the line." Pingyang municipal and municipal fu is relative two office buildings, out of the Municipal Office compound over a road. Opposite the municipal office fu, WANG XIN Ming-fu crossed the road into the municipal compound, directly to the mayor's office on the fifth floor before the secretary Sun Jun saw him coming, and hurried up and meet up. Said: "Wang Shuji, mayor, etc. How about you, come!" See Wang XIN Ming Wei Sun came up to greet him sit down on the sofa parlor. Secretary of Wang XIN Ming Sun Jun brew a tea then back out. Sun prestige of Wang XIN Ming asked: "XIN Ming, what is this thing you to be careful?" Wang XIN Ming letter from the briefcase and took out her complaint letters handed Sun Wei said: "Monkey You see, this is the real name Chen Cheng Yu bribery complaint letters and I feel here say is true! "Sun Wei has learned from Chen Cheng-yu, is Douliang De aspects mobilization activities to do, and hopefully go to the South China city served as deputy mayor, suck WANG XIN Ming then thought a move, he took the letter and began to read, the more you see of his face sè grim, the more you see of my heart shocked, yes, shocked! Chen Cheng-yu, after all, and he is a faction, and now he has to adjust to go, under the black hand behind his back to Ye Zhengnan things Yezheng Nan has not had any losses, look at the face on Douliang De did not intend to pursue him, but saw Chen Cheng-yu actually bribes in one person on more than one million, and that the other people do? This shocked I let him in and is very angry. Able to get the mayor's high, is not helping the factions and their own ability to be able to achieve superior, as well as the political bottom line he insisted, the body can not be at a high level unprincipled factional human shield, not to mention, Chen Cheng-yu, or the demon moths earlier too! "Charles, be sure to check this scum!" Sun Wei made the decision almost immediately. He looked WANG XIN Ming said: "XIN Ming, this thing at stake, as is the real name, I see your discipline first contact with informants, secret investigation to see if the situation is basically true, again reporting the matter to Xie Shuji by that time he would not stop it stop! "Wang Chen Cheng-yu XIN Ming also know to go to tune things on that thing he did not intend to pursue, but this thing at stake, so he found the first time Mayor Sun Wei, Sun Wei now they are the core of this system, have to seek his advice. See the opinions Mayor Sun Wei consistent with the views and their own hearts, Wang XIN Ming gently sigh of relief, as the Commission for Discipline Inspection, which is his bounden duty reduction on last Douliang De Yu Chen Cheng reports, he was to still bear a grudge, after all, can only report that Chen Cheng-yu of disciplinary problems, things are different now,Air Jordan 4 Sale, the amount of bribes actually more than one million, who wants to pressure he had to adhere to, or is dereliction of duty, he was to go first on Sun Wei, is to seek his support. After going back, WANG XIN Ming Gan immediately dispatched competent henchmen Chen Cheng Yu bribery investigation, in cooperation with hemp as strongly, and soon got the key evidence, basically verified the Chen Cheng Yu bribery. Get this result, Wang XIN Ming Wei Sun again, and pass a municipal gas, immediately called Dou Wei Sun faction, deputy secretary Dingzhen De, such as the Standing Committee of Ministers of the Organization Lizheng Kun outside the scene, this time also took exception to Yezheng Nan, one is for Chen Cheng-yu His first, and more important is that his son has an enormous strength Yexiang later, we have put him as an equal level of human beings. Results of the consultations is this thing everyone agrees to submit the Standing Committee, Chen Cheng-yu firmly identify bribery and other issues. XIN Ming Wang reported the matter to the municipal secretary Xiexue Bo, I also worried that he would do stems from, who knows Xiexue Bo XIN Ming Wang to see the hands of the key evidence immediately after the emergency meeting of the Municipal Standing Committee, Party Secretary Chen Cheng Yu decided to carry out "double" Review, meanwhile, reported to the provincial! Been standing authorization, XIN Ming Wang to take immediate action in the Chen Cheng Yu's home and took him away review ironclad evidence in front of Chen Cheng-yu stiffness in less than three days began to explain the problem, not only confessed to accepting huge bribes Bo problem, also confessed to other corruption, receive benefits for others to raise grades and other issues, while also throws up a number of issues official! . . <

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