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like I said such kind words antworten

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COme ^ see first brought to wait for coffee, Yexiang drank, and then directed Suna said the Soviet Union, now Buyetian is already in my name if you do not, then we can now enter into a contract, "Who material, Suna did not respond he uttered the words, but asked in leaves, which is something I feel a little strange to be, Buyetian definitely more than the actual value of twenty-five million, even three thousand five hundred Wan will suddenly want someone worse ten million, is simply a dream come true Liu bō this person although I have not really too familiar with, but I do not do Kuibenmaimai he is a master, even if your father is a Castle district governor, he would not want to curry favor with you in vain to send ten million "Yexiang listening to her words, stunned for a moment he had thought Suna however is to use cash in on a good, did not expect the other party actually will people say such warm words he smiled and said, as you say, Liu bō reason will not sell me the night sky, it seems there is flac? "" There is no way of escape I do not, anyway, I think this But there was something wrong, and now the contract has been signed, even if Liu bō want to go back can not be possible, unless the "Suna said that, did not continue to say" Unless? Then say, "Ye Xiang said with a smile," unless he was out of debt owed a lot, you do not buy the night sky,Nike Jordan New School Sale, he took the money on foot, to the time those people most likely to come to you without the hassle of the night sky that kind of situation is possible, "Suna said worried," I'd, no need to worry about this being the so-called injustice has a head, debt of the Lord, those who want to find Liu bō money to a person if the night sky is not the case, I will naturally payable Well, let's go back to the question if you do not question it, we now go to the company signed a contract over there, "said Ye Xiang" the company over there? You said Buyetian do? "Do not jump word Suna asked Yexiang interesting shook his head and said I said I'm going over there Nanxiang Construction Group to do a little something in there that we just can not sign the contract you think of it ? "Suna nodded and said everything let Ye commanded" "after all a person need not be so polite Yexiang you call me on the line," Ye Xiang smiled and said, "Ye Xiang" Suna conscious repeated this their point when the waiter gave up two coffee sipping while chatting happily, until about the same time, Yexiang up checkout, they rushed to the car seat, etc. Construction Group Nanxiang they arrived, happened to Wang Lei As in the office and Shaojin Gang et al Kunpeng Nanxiang building because there were already groundbreaking, so basically in the side of the construction site to see Ye Xiang Wang Lei greeting they come quickly, "Wang sister, let me introduce you to this bit is Suna Suna, this is Nanxiang Construction Group General Manager Wang Lei, "Ye Xiang smiled and do a bit of both sides for each other Description" Wang did not think could be so young and still so beautiful a beautiful nv, really Heroine their male colleagues ah "Suna said with a smile," So you are very pretty flattering, "Wang Lei retorted," Wang sister so I just went to a nightclub to find Liu Buyetian bō talk about a deal, bought his sleepless Day Entertainment City, which is the contract, give you another, I would like to sign a contract, and the Soviet Union, just help me nòng click the "Ye-Xiang Wang Lei said as he handed the contract froze for a moment to see her general the contents of the contract laughed Yexiang rise, you will remember to acquire an entertainment? "" This is purely belongs cock, another day I talk to you or to help me nòng contract,Air Jordan SC 1, "Ye Xiang laughed laugh, said Wang Lei see him now inconvenient to say did not continue to pursue further, fast action up not long, Yexiang and Suna to finalize the terms of the contract, and then after confirmation signed, "the Soviet Union, now officially welcome you to join us, "Ye Xiangyang the bayan in a contract, said," I'll do well, "Suna said categorically," Ms Wang, the contract will throw you a few days here, I want to set up Nanxiang investment company, officially launched large Given the scale of acquisition you do not have experience in this area, general manager of the investment firm I will another recruitment "Ye Xiang said," Ye Xiang, you do not finally make some money so HU luànhuā, lest boondoggle "Wang Lei said, despite some concern Yexiang she has a very strong strength, but considering he was a high school student, after all, not so rich social experience,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, that time are likely to be cheated of money still to persons not knowing Yexiang But this rebirth, mental absolutely out of the ordinary, "Wang sister, you can rest assured nothing" Yexiang Here, turning to Suna said a sister sent the king will not send you to the night sky I'm going to school "Suna no, nodded his head jiāo behalf finish things Yexiang with Wang Lei goodbye, then returned to the classroom Pingyang a moderate mén mouth he arrived just in time to help Chen Jie and his an attendant came out from the classroom next to him take a look at the other one, ready to enter the classroom Hiatus, Chen Jie has seen him go very proud bō Liu finished signing the contract in time has made a report to him, and he seems to have seen the Yezheng Nan's fate to that time He want to play Yexiang can be, have been playing each other till death, a good look at this breath, "Ye Xiang, I heard you just bought an entertainment city, is not it really? "Chen Jie face jiān laugh asked," is another kind? Not another kind? None of your bird thing "Yexiang some unhappy replied" Buy this house casino certainly huā a lot of money? No, you're the money come from? Is not due to recent works that engage your dad made a fortune? Gee, two thousand five million, not a small number ah, "Chen Jie continue to ask," You seem like a lot of it I guess not, Liu bō and you are birds of a feather, you're looking for someone to play behind the instigation Fan Mingwei You do not proud, I am sure will be reported this hatred of the "Yexiang faint, his voice with a hint of menace" to find my revenge? Do you have this qualification you? Do not say your dad is a small head, that district still remember my dad in front of the original honestly I do not want to tell you general knowledge, you deserve and Fan Mingwei this guy, you still want to help him succeed, so you bad luck, "said Chen Jie indifference," I have this qualification you will soon "Yexiang then a finish, turned into the classroom" grass installed bī etc. After today and watch you die "towards Ye Xiang Jie background spat, and then the next person to leave here, "boss" Song Qiang saw Yexiang, quickly stepped forward to greet "Wei child present situation like? "Ye Xiang and Liu asked him to go today bō do business before, and charged to the hospital to see what Song Qiang Fan Mingwei" has been all right, will soon be discharged. "Song Qiang replied" This is good, "Ye Xiang nodded back seat, did not this time in front of Ye Xiang Tang Lin came to the hands of the notebook into his desk and said, you did not come to class these days, this is my class notes, you look at the "" thank you "leaf Xiang smiled and said, "Oh, like I said such kind words ignore you" break off the mouth Tanglin turned back seat looking at her back, Yexiang very helpless shrug before he go to school , because the existence of Tang Liang, he has been at the point of being bullied and Tanglin regards the relationship between are separated by very far but now, he can clearly feel the Tanglin care of him, so his heart rises touched by a hint of relief in his notes to see when rang Song Xiao Ran is calling "Sister, you find me something?" Yexiang whisper asked "? nothing you can not find you?" Do not jump word Song Xiao Ran some unhappy asked "Yes, of course, can I also just want to tell you some things you've come to discuss, or I go to the East China Sea Pingyang trip?" Ye Xiang said, "I am now in Pingyang" Songxiao Ran said, "do you come Pingyang ? "Yexiang subconsciously made a first reaction," people like you see you can not ah "like Songxiao Ran Sa Johnson said," Yes, of course OK Where are you now? I find you, "Ye Xiang said," I am now in your school mén mouth, you just come out, "Song Xiao Ran said," ah, I'll go out, "Ye Xiang had finished speaking, hang up, and then will get back in front of the class notes Tanglin, then, and Song Qiang jiāo generations two, then quickly left the classroom, he came to the school mén mouth seen parked in mén mouth and sitting in the car Audi a6 Song Xiao Ran "Sister, I think you are deliberately not let me etc. If I pass the test, Tunghai University, when I will find you, "Ye Xiang got into the passenger seat, smiled and said" If you pass the test, I find the relationship between your nòng go "said Song Xiao Ran indifference But his father is now the hottest governor wants accomplishing a thing like this is simply effortless "I am the good boy, how can I go after such mén" Yexiang quips, "Fuck you," waving Songxiao Ran started in the fist, as if to fight Yexiang Yexiang seeing this, one would hug her, and then the mouth chún printed up Songxiao Ran had wanted to struggle or two, how can Yexiang multi helpless effort, only honestly cater to .. Chapter 197 Chapter 197 contracts first signed a contract first <

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