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04.06.2013 10:07
Ye Xiang Da Erwo company's antworten

\> Chapter 140 efficiency Songxiao Ran Getting Yexiang endless love, and his heart warm, inner feelings like water flowing in the body, she felt even more than Yexiang caresses are comfortable, beautiful eyes slowly closed his face with a knowing smile, stretched the body, either Yexiang enjoy. WWw, QUAnbEN, cOM a cascade of black hair spread over the pillow, Song Xiao Ran that peerless face in the light and supple hair against the background, more beautiful glistening, white skin covered with a layer of fluorescent, like a pearl as smooth and soft, two suet jade-like heap Yufeng stand tall, sacrosanct, in two drops of red beans bright yù embellishment, exudes the charm of endless smooth supple belly, graceful slender waist, full rounded hips, rounded Xin long **,nike jordan outlet, in a transparent lace panties against the background, appears to be so seductive and mysterious. Small underwear small, just masking her mysterious living area, through the thin silk panties Chan, clearly visible inside the lawn of grass, which dim and mysterious beauty, but also Yexiang shock Yexiang strength that can not resist Songxiao Ran great charm, gently volts to her body, his hands were pressing the two beautiful Yufeng, gently rub up, while latch onto which a bright red beans, light taste fine chemicals came. Song Xiao Ran Yi Chan himself, then his hands clasped Yexiang's head, gently come forward to meet up ...... tempting chūnsè enjoy the spread in the room with, when Songxiao Ran felt Yexiang body still wearing pajamas, use Hand pajamas look, motioned him to come off. Ye Xiang and her heart have, immediately knowing propped himself, Sanxialiangxia took off his pajamas down, thrown into the bed, and immediately became a body without inch strand, then a huge object standing proud of his head ...... Sisuizhiwei children, Ye Xiangyong satisfied claws across Songxiao Ran in lace panties, insurance, Wufeng experienced hazy valley, finally could not probe into it and want to savor where the great rivers and mountains. But his hand just a probe into Songxiao Ran immediately press and hold his claws, gently shook his head no. To this point, Yexiang simply unable to control the impulse to want to further their own, looking haze Songxiao Ran said: "Sister, I do not do that thing, but ......" Songxiao Ran Ming white Yexiang meaning Her passion is surging at this time the body, the heart, after a fierce collision, shy nodded his head and said: "ah, but not allowed, not allowed, into it ......" strong bulging finished, shame quickly face twisted to the side children. "No, no, definitely not a" silver bullet, like Yexiang like got very excited promised. Song Xiao Ran's hand a feeling of loose, his hand immediately probe down, Song Xiao Ran closed legs so that he could not in-depth, point the finger at her thighs, Song Xiao Ran knowing, slowly opened his legs ...... joy time is always short, both men and women although there is no proof beyond the last step, but in him to do, and finally, Song Xiao Ran or use "special" approach to meet the Yexiang, Yexiang heartbeat although a little little regret, but can do this step he has met, the last two spooned ...... Yexiang Although sleep late, but six in the morning to remind him that the biological clock wake up on time, although heavy weariness haunt him, but he forced himself sat up, because his heart has been thinking about 纽约达尔沃 company's situation, a formal invitation has been issued last night, he wanted to look at the Internet over there did not respond. Song Xiao Ran stumbled feel Yexiang got up sleepily asked the sentence: "What time is it, what came so early ah?" Yexiang gently patted Songxiao Ran quite Alice junk, said: "The only six point a little more, I look at the Internet Daer Wo company has no response, you continue to sleep, I'll stay with you on the last. "" ah "Songxiao Ran rolled over, went back to sleep over. Yexiang wear pajamas to the computer, open the computer dial-up Internet access, and then into the company's mail and found that there are two messages from New York, where a 3:00 am e-mail is sent previously had contact with the Crown an investment advisory company, they said that if the Crown intends to cooperate with them, they are confident that within three months so that PBL network successfully listed on the Nasdaq. Obviously, this message came too late some Crown has identified Daer Wo investment advisory firm, Yexiang can only laugh. 5:00 am opening the received message, this message is sent to the company Daer Wo, Daer Wo company said received your invitation We are very pleased, the company decided, sent by the Deputy General Manager Holmes solely responsible for the mission to examine the PBL network and the East China Sea to discuss cooperation matters, has set tomorrow 10:25 East China Sea by the New York flights tickets, arrival time is běijīng Tokai time December 18rì14 30 pm, Hope known. Ye Xiang Da Erwo company's mail reading was so excited and sigh, excitement is PBL network will soon be able to achieve the goal of listing on the Nasdaq, lamentably Da Erwo high efficiency of the company, he is 23:00 to give them an official invitation, which is of 11:00 am, New York time, while Da Erwo in just five or six hours, they responded, and formed by the deputy chief plenipotentiary The delegation, even tickets are booked, New York time tomorrow 10:25 is the běijīng time of 10:25 tonight, their delegations tomorrow 14:30 to get to the East China Sea, which speed and efficiency, in the country is unthinkable Yexiang even the computer did not shut, the excitement on the bed shook Songxiao Ran said: "Sister, you wake up, the good news, Daer Wo tomorrow afternoon on the company's mission to the East China Sea," "Oh, You hush me, let me sleep for a while, "Song Xiao Ran is Yexiang a push woke up, but the consciousness is still in chaos, instinctively say this sentence. The next moment, when she react Yexiang said what after a little longer sat up, looked at Yexiang asked: "What did you say?" Yexiang stressing each syllable, said: "I said Da Erwo company give us a reply, they have formed by the deputy chief of mission solely responsible Holmes tomorrow 14:30 will reach the East China Sea, "" ah "Songxiao Ran a very surprised that she did not think Daer Wo's action can be so, that come, is not dragging its feet, stared looking Yexiang asked: "What are we supposed to do now?" Ye Xiang smiled and said: "Sister, you do not worry,oakley for cheap, although we need to do Many, but first have to do reception work Daer Wo company representatives,jordan online cheap, for example, today you have to give them arrival to arrange the time to examine and negotiate rì process, there are some other sightseeing trips. "PS: feel Xieshu" rì9 hygiene conditions, "" Broken Sword students "and" I like sugar cane "MM's a reward, thanks to" book club 080421170821288 "and" pall "monthly pass. . More to the address <

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