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04.06.2013 09:52
that dish called Haotian mirror. antworten

> around the monks are some dare not believe of looking at the white dew. WwW. QUanbEN. COm now usually near the Haotian mirror within ten meters of the monks, have all hurt. Even the monks are hurt like monkey. But now there is such a woman, unexpectedly intact stood Haotian mirror two meters away. The White Dew is pure no way out, only near the Haotian mirror. She was clearly seen around a startled eyes, hearts are wondering what it is. Similarly, the chasing Lu and Y ī n Peng Shuai, are wondering what happened. He may be able to guess here come in Bailu friar beside the disk, but how could not guess why these people around it, but do not come forward to rob? Don't people too much, no one dared to begin? Just then, changed the appearance of leaf Fengchong dew shouted: "you be careful, that dish called Haotian mirror. This thing is very strange, before all the near ten meters have been shaken to fly, and the monkey habitat monk in when it was badly wounded. Do be careful." Ye Feng's voice is very loud, not dew heard, other monks also hearing all around. In the surrounding these monks, Ye Feng said nothing, because they already know it. But for Peng Shuai, Ye Feng is suspected of. At the same time, Lu also in analysis with what Ye Feng said is it right? Really. Follow the two brother Peng Shuai came together, one a little older brother, Ye Feng heard in said Haotian mirror,Oakley Glasses Online, frowning thought for a moment, then s è micro change at Peng Shuai to a whisper, obviously is to think of what this person. After Peng Shuai heard his company, s è is surprised. Even he looked again at Haotian mirror eyes are changed. "Little beauty, since you can close to Haotian mirror so close, maybe you have chance with this treasure. Faster than it took, as I go." Peng Shuai speech frivolity hurtle Lu shouted. The monk cast a look bad. They have another meaning from listening to Peng Shuai's words, that this woman is my family to the people, who don't hit on him. Or else and I Peng for the enemy. There is Peng Shuai think through the White Dew, curves obtained Haotian mirror. How foolish to touch the Haotian mirror dew. If he got the Haotian mirror,Coach Store, can use words, maybe it can help her deal with Peng Shuai three. But if like other people injured, she is not a little rebellion has no chance? In this way, the scene suddenly deadlocked down. The beginning of tens of seconds, surroundings of the monk still in the shocked state. Then there are many monks nangnang let Lu try, like more and more monks and booing. The White Dew just stood there motionless, never to touch the sky mirror. A few minutes later,Air Jordan 13 UK, Peng Shuai some unbearable. He gave him two monks behind the eye s è. The two men almost simultaneously over the Peng Yue, Lu flew toward the. See these two monks toward their flying, Lu immediately playing the J ī ng

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