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temperament is also very elegant antworten

> Chapter 105 passionate couple 8am Soong, Yexiang parents car pulled away from the provincial capital of East China Sea, because this is a private xìng qualitative visit, Ye Zhengnan did not take the train, take the car Yexiang more convenient. Www, quanBEn, cOM Yezheng Nan has invested in Douliang De sects, Dou Shuji is a leap forward in a provincial party secretary Qiu Department, Deputy Governor Song Song Guoping is the capital of the Department, the Department is ambiguous with Qiu relations, and therefore, this time to Song is secret guest visits, the bus can not be used even when approaching the East China Sea, Ye Xiang Song Xiao Ran to make a telephone call, telling her soon into the East China Sea the town. Song Xiao Ran let Yexiang directly to the Nanshan, she would wait for him at the Nanshan River Bridge. Ye Xiang did not drive into the city, but the city around the bad road ran away Nanshan, Ring Road, not far down the river bridge, ran far to see Songxiao BMW car parked in the street. Ye Xiang drove to Songxiao Ran the car side by a cry flute stopped Songxiao Ran already seen Yexiang car coming down from the ring, saw his car and drove the car,Oakley Sunglasses UK, opened the door down Yexiang cars, Yezheng Nan and Liu Wenyuan also down. Ye Xiang said: "Mom, Dad, this is the Crown's general manager Songxiao Ran." Songxiao Ran quickly stepped forward to greet the first said: "uncle, aunt, how are you" Song Xiao Ran Meili generous, and very polite number, and let Ye Zhengnan Liu Wenyuan sudden and devastating good impression on her, Yezheng Nan nodded with a smile, said: "Miss Song, hello" and Liu Wenyuan then was very warm, with a smile, said: "Miss Song, you Ye Hao, Ye Xiang is still small, naive,Coach Outlet Sale, thanks You take care of the "Song Xiao Ran said:" Where is Yexiang help me solve a big problem, is that he take care of my business fishes ah, aunt, "standing on the roadside said a few words, SONG Xiao Ran said:" uncle, aunt , let's go,air jordan sale, I led the way, Yexiang you followed. "Ye Xiang nodded and said:" Well, sister, "and then they got on, see their parents sit on the car, started the car to follow the vehicle Songxiao Ran Monte Verde district away. To the villa's doorstep, Song Xiao Ran in advance and duty weapons jǐng lay a greeting, came to see her car took up the railing, Yexiang with Songxiao Ran inside the car and saw the gate duty military jǐng , Liu Wenyuan Song Xiao Ran came to understand why the make of the car to go along. To the 5th house door, SONG Xiao Ran by a little horn, soon, Liu Mah the door open, Song Xiao Ran the car drove into the yard, Yexiang also moved into the front yard, near the south wall of the car stopped. Large yard of her home, stopping a ten eight car is no problem. Song Xiao Ran over enthusiastic to let into the house Yezheng Nan and Liu Wenyuan, Song Guoping and his wife Liu Ye Ying heard from the inside out. Soong personally greet, let Ye Zhengnan flattered, pulled up Liu Wenyuan brisk steps forward, said: "Soong, hello" Songxiao Ran also brisk walking a few steps forward, said: "Dad, Mom, this is the father of Yexiang Leaves Mayor, the mother Liu Zhuren. "Song Guoping smile and handshake Yezheng Nan said:" Ye District, all the way hard, "Ye Zhengnan quickly said:" No hard, not hard, Soong hard "Liu Ye and Liu Wenyuan also approached Handshake said: "Liu Zhuren, Hello, I'm the mother of a small Ran Liu Ye, the road smooth it?" Liu Wenyuan hastily said: "Hello, hello road is very smooth." Song Guoping seen standing behind a very handsome Yexiang , greeting, said: "You are Yexiang bar, Ran every day and I say you, my ears almost grind cocoon myself," Ye Xiang came slightly bowed, smiled and said: "Uncle, aunt, how are you." looked polite Yexiang, Song Guoping pleased to say: "Ye Xiang, you like it to, which requested" Liu Ye looked handsome young Yexiang was so popular, Song Xiao Ran no less and she said Ye Xiang, Although she knew Yexiang just a high school student in her feelings and her daughter in Yexiang on age believe Songxiao Ran like, today saw Ye Xiang, the impression has become the front of the real big guy Liu Ye poor health, no birth after birth Songxiao Ran, Song Guoping did not give birth to a son, her heart has always been a regret Songxiao Ran said Yexiang so good so good and gave her preconceived impression, and then saw The big boys face the sun, out of love for her psyche. Liu Ye deliberately step behind, etc. Yexiang came up when pulled his arm, very affectionate, said: "Little Cheung, How old are you?" Ye Xiang said: "Aunt, I am 17 years old," Liu Ye said: "Small Xiang, since you do not aunt aunt called, seem to have more copies of ah, I surnamed Liu, Liu aunt called me after you now. "Ye Xiang smiled and said:" Liu aunt, you look really young, I little Ran sister like Jieliang like "Liu Ye very young very beautiful, is the capital of one of the famous beauty, temperament is also very elegant, though nearly fifty years, since well maintained, it is very young. Listen Yexiang so admire her, and my heart very happy, smiled and said: "Little Cheung, you're talking, Liu aunt although clearly not the case, but this heart is happy," Ye Xiang hastily added something to say: " Liu aunt, I mean really "into the living room, Song Guoping and Ye Zhengnan main sitting on the couch, Liu Ye and Liu Wenyuan sitting next to the sofa, Yexiang and Songxiao Ran was sitting across from them accompanied them, Liu Mah brew tea end up, then back to the kitchen running around tending. Song Guoping and Ye Zhengnan main chat is things work, he would find out when the grassroots situation. Liu Ye and Liu Wenyuan main chat is homely, small talk is inseparable from her husband and children, and the talk is of course the most children, so an only child Song Song Xiao Ran, also an only child Yexiang leaves home, they will focus on the topic Ye Xiang and Song Xiao Ran started Yexiang and sitting across from time to time Songxiao Ran replied Liu Ye and Liu Wenyuan questioning. Time is not long, the food is ready, please Liu Mah out to a restaurant meal, Liu Ye got up and greeted Tanxing is strong Song Guoping and Yezheng Nan: "Old Song, your first stop for a while to the wine on the table and then chatter" Song Guoping haha smile stood up, Please come to the restaurant dining, dish small, eight dishes two soups are homemade, but the food materials are jīng carefully chosen. Liu Ye get together to open a bottle of wine, we talked while sipping up. Soong and Ye Zhengnan addition to talk about grassroots circumstances, put it up is to help her daughter to thank Yexiang website Songxiao Ran out of trouble, and made many useful websites development of ideas and so on, other things Yigai did not say, Ye Xiang Zhang Guifang rescue did not mention one thing, this thing just did not happen the same. PS: too late from work today, can only write so much, and tomorrow I will fill. Sense Xieshu electric fans, the book is, lxd0123, there is a book club does not display the name of the cast pass. . More to the address <

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