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that the island had Weiming Confide antworten

> Stone Day one hundred thirty three chapters in this closeted provisional intention of the two mid-end Dan the man surnamed Sun called regret, the other one, and he was one. wwW, QUanbEN, coM tribe out of the valley of the same name surnamed Sun, who is the early Yuan Ying comprehension. They grew up as friends all live in a fall among the tribes worship into the same attachment martial, though not actually able to see the brothers both trust each other, so intimate things are able to consult with each other shows that their mutual trust, this kind of thing in the comprehension, but rare, after all comprehension between loved ones for some people in the eyes of each other treasures are also many enemies. The two men in the same in a martial art, but apparently also have different qualifications, although the two very young Sun Valley which has now reached Yuan Ying, SUN regret and that it is only the end of Dan interim strength. They talk and listen to Sun Valley, it seems that this is not already the original martial art, it should go to a more powerful martial otherwise they will not be selected in the conversation here. As for the situation Confidence Interval is Sun Hung Island to regret in the long trials of inadvertently discovered only because of his own strength is too weak not to say that picking taking, even close friends are extremely difficult to negotiate That got. Trial of the island as the island can not have too long hung danger exists, but some areas also need to be careful of. Even mark a special restricted area, a disciple of trials will be warned not to approach those areas easily. And that Sun was discovered material regret Confidence Interval place is one pair him very dangerous area, just because there is a group of four birds golden claw eagle demon's lair where, although the demon bird population is all four Wicked Wicked did not exist five higher, but even if it is any of them a golden eagle claws are definitely not regret that Sun was able to arrive ask, not to mention only these Wicked has nearly as much. This Cailian itself to a particular fetish is not mature before taking the argument, as long as they grow out of it with a color lotus petals open wonders, whether in full bloom effects are similar, unlike some of the spirit of grass or spirits must wait until the ripe fruit can be harvested before maturity if not,Air Jordan 6, then there is no effect or even be harmful. Although the case, but this spirit of things, but also has a limit as long as it is picked will soon take the job, or will be a substantial loss of efficacy quickly without any use. Therefore absolutely no time to choose a safe place to take spiritual things, taking the spirit of things must be someone around when law enforcement job, but also because, after taking this thing has full facilities for a period of time must assist the refinery in the body Confidence Interval processes simply can not take into account the surrounding circumstances, if there is no reliable confidant person beside guard can easily be attacked, even if it is the repair will be higher for some time no preparedness. Each mutation was found in a Confidence Interval, originally it was a six color lotus Lotus Symphony is located demon birds that nest near the lair. The concept of a strong demon bird territories is impossible to allow others to enter, let alone in its nest near the refinery fetish it is simply impossible. Speaking the golden claw eagle nests be famous, long familiar with David Wu of comprehension basically know that Sun has some regrets also know, if not there will be no surprises later discoveries. Lotus Symphony mutation or because six times before allowing the vision of a nearby place just at that Sun was discovered signs of regret. This powerful female birds Shemale doubt confessions are not rivals, not to mention the most intractable or hordes of evil are often encircled the whole power of the large number of more powerful. This person is naturally know this Qunyao birds exist, had passed its lair in the heart even when it did not intend to provoke each other, the result is exactly the direction discovery has demon birds nest Colorful Rays released, it was thanks to the day, Rays are not very conspicuous in the nearby area just to be able to see. If at night for fear that the mountains are able to see the entire piece sky glow, is bound to lead to a lot of experts then simply fail to get him one end of Dan's comprehension greed treasures. Because this happened in the vicinity of people also think it is probably rays extraordinary treasure was born, because of curiosity and greed adventure touched the demon bird nests near Chiang also witnessed six changes for the nine Symphony Lotus Symphony connected. Lotus Symphony is actually six of his this end Dan comprehension has been hard won, although they can not get that kind of like a Buddhist master huge benefits, but also can enhance the high cultivation. Even in this long hung on the island have also appeared in a six Lotus Symphony, that caused a few island Samten Buddha repair shot. Plus numerous comprehension involved. The end result was gone surprisingly, many people do not say dead end that contention Confidence Interval also destroyed. As for the nine Symphony even if this man is strange to see that after the change deeply extraordinary one, six Lotus Symphony fight this person or because they recognized that out. Although not recognize Confidence Interval after the change, but also know that so much of the movement but also six changes from Lotus Symphony is definitely not where the goods. Only because he hurried back to their own powerlessness mulberry Amagi to know this before Now Need Confidence Interval of books. But apparently did not. Bent too much detailed information to. Yang Buddha repair actually far from here on the continent can be found in nine heritage eighty-seven Symphony has been difficult even got a name, this man knows only too precious than six multi lotus Symphony. Want to come on a master Yuan Ying is also beneficial That got a friend to discuss countermeasures. Confidence Interval Fetish particularity because they simply can not keep long natural treasures can not be brought back to sell, but intend pocketed fetish, but that it is located near some hemp Qunyao birds. Comprehension for those experiencing the early Yuan Ying separate four Wicked naturally fear even need effortlessly able to exterminate. But Wicked encountered a group of four attacks fear is only to avoid the edge of. The knot Dan interim repair for SUN regret it is not even a four Wicked are unable to deal with, naturally are not helpful substantive busy. There is no way they can think of other ways, of course, is to find someone to help boxing, but the best way to repair the two Sun Valley, especially in the repair of this nature there is no problem, but this fetish is no trivial matter they also dare not disclosure of information, the last six as a Lotus Symphony took place participants in heavy casualties but ultimately no gain, showing its precious degree. A time to deliberate touches do not get good results. However, such a rare opportunity so obviously impossible. And if you need help, then it must be the master of the job because of the number of birds helper demon seems to have not less. Treasure this on a few more people if they absolutely will not be willing to share it. They had no heart to not make the dirty afterwards murdered, from two heavy conversation can hear the things they kill Indiana and no less dry. But this thing has some special treasures at stake is no guarantee that the message will not only be more powerful leaked out of comprehension, or the strength of that, in such treasures beneath believe that messages can keep a secret much, even if it is to conceal the truth is impossible. That Long Island can be hung out of the name, many people have been there, that place is not the demon bird nests nobody knows if there is not enough to impress the benefits impossible to deceive people go. Moreover, you want to deal with that Qunyao birds destroy an entire group Wicked too difficult, low hand is impossible to accomplish this task. If you want to succeed at least a master Yuan Ying's got three or four, you want to defeat the demon demon bird birds born without problems, however fast you want to completely eliminate virtually impossible. If they provoke too much like a master of his lack of benefits, not to mention murdered there may even provoke each other's attacks, some elaborate later decided not to look for outside help they intend to another to find solutions. Those birds do not need to deal with the demon be completely eliminated, after all, they just think the idea of ​​spiritual things that hit it, apparently they intend to other approaches. They dwell in the whole scheme when Benjamin will all basically know, just because they do not know the specific location of that demon birds can not act in advance. Although he has long hung on the island where the charts, but specifically related to long hung a map of Ukraine, but did not buy, this is mainly because the area where the island Samten is not small islands which will be more, and even numerous detailed charts exist, which hung long trials of the island itself is a detailed city map on Ukrainian trafficking, compared to other islands can be said that most all of the charts, but did not know that the island had Weiming Confidence Interval This material may also occur, a. Low-level trials of the disciples have no interest in nature is not a detail of the island. They discuss such that after completing Yuan Ying Sun Valley first left, then to regret that such a piece Sun Hyun before leaving. He did not perceive there to leave early after being quietly with a figure behind him, Sui Ming has not been followed by this person. An opportunity to find a gap in the two-phase fault on the other side hem made a short of the mark, with the Sui Ming Kee While ears do not worry about this man out of his control. The mark is only able to tell Benjamin, as long as the other party is still able to find this city. It can only exist in a few hour mark although it will automatically disappear after this, but these are time Weiming is enough. His intention is to take advantage of it when they split up to do some preparation. After all that, when taking Confidence Interval playing some auxiliary materials needed job, but his body did not have a lot of materials, these specialized materials exist, but fortunately this mulberry Amagi Square City would not worry about many materials can not be found happen. It also needs to buy that long hung Island detailed maps, although aware that Confidence Interval is in a group of demon birds nests near the place, but they did not specifically mention, and therefore can not leave yet Weiming preemptive action. He also knew the two men anxious hearts more urgent, after all,Coach Sunglasses Clearance, nine Symphony spirit of things even this treasure may be found at any time. Although there is not absolute but relative secret insurance. Weiming has long been known from two conversations will act tomorrow,Poppy Collection Coach UK, which touches him enough time to be fully prepared it. (To be continued)! ~! . . <

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