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04.06.2013 09:41
aware of when Ye Feng invincible antworten

> the remaining six repose in early friars, aware of when Ye Feng invincible, all began to retreat. But unfortunately, they give way too late. In the killing of the two interim monk when repose, Ye Feng had got everything ready. When he began to chase, not only those a man has not dissipated followed him chase. And run in the six master line, has long been leaf maple are ready to advance on gold a man waiting for them. These gold a man are leaf maple quietly will Fulu thrown into the sea, while the monks are concerned about the battle, turned out in the sea. At this point the equivalent of repose early monk gold a man, became the six monks to urge Yan Luo. Ye Feng has already killed red eye, after chasing the last monk, it is kill recruit. Don't give it a chance for survival. So once again, even killed two people, those found within a short period of time can't escape the monk, is also cruel and leaf maple desperately. Those who have been watching the battle Master, see Ye Feng a shot away after the monk. Also feel leaf maple growing terror. Especially when leaf maple would spell his injury,Jordan 9 Shoes, but also in the shortest time to kill the enemy approach,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, is to let these monks heart. This war leaf maple to face the friar too much. Although he is also repose the monk in middle rarely. But even in repose period,Jordan 13 Shoes, the number of so many together, do not want to hurt, is not possible. Ye Feng then suffered from not light wound. His body power consumption is very fast. Fortunately the siege of his master, he has been cleaned up. "Who the hell is that? How can there be so tough to fix. Why I have never heard his story." Said from the monk surprised. "Should be an ancient fairy door disciple. Can have such a powerful repair, only those who can do the fairy door disciple." A monk replied. "I can not. Don't you find? All attacks using the person is all fulu. From the beginning until now, the man even magic didn't take out. I can't remember the fairy door is mainly symbolic. I think this is mostly in recent years to become a monk." Someone in the crowd said different views. "Is this possible. If the person really is only in recent years become a monk, to become a monk in resting state within a few years. Enough qualifications and opportunities that man is not small." It said the friar. "Said he not to believe the ego opportunities. But said the man's quality is good, but I don't believe. You can't forget, now the earth's aura has recovered. And there is another world can provide resources. Under such circumstances, can achieve the resting state within a few years, it's no big deal. Don't you forget that in ancient times, the earth monks practice rate is?" Some of Ye Feng's professional skepticism. Someone in the crowd with, also some people do not agree. What the former things never really seen. Even if some books on the records, and is not necessarily true.

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