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> Since entering into a sea of ​​blood after the Sui Ming psychologically it will be more alert, although physically and mentally after a year of their way have been exhausted, in the endless abyss of time before even had a little overwhelmed to stop and rest experiences. But now has access to a range of a sea of ​​blood,Crossbodys Coach Cheap, they can already be said that the scope of leaving endless abyss. Can Weiming does not intend to stop and rest. As for the reason is this towering seas still not very safe, because the forces of the border between the two sides are likely to experience both sides Wicked This also led to this area is more than likely to occur comprehension and evil battle, Wicked between each battle also occur even more widespread. Two adjacent I do not know how many years, the endless abyss of its bones Wicked natural beach's name first, definitely not easily enter into the depths of the sea of ​​lies, without the existence of a sea of ​​blood bones will lose more than half of the Wicked Beach by virtue, will not easily appear in a sea of ​​blood outside, but this boundary position although it is still shallow water color has been regarded as the sphere of influence of the bones of the beach. Years of rancor between the two parties battle also a common thing, this piece of fringe parties to become the best hands-on area, very thin here and a sea of ​​blood inside the blood did not reach normal levels. Here also the strength of the bones of the Wicked Beach subject to certain restrictions. So dangerous place Sui Ming decided to leave for the wonderful, but it seems things are not as easy he thought. Only net. Into a sea of ​​blood he soon found someone in a battle of wits, and then from the point of view of both the momentum seems to have a lot of numbers, we should know before the endless abyss lies within the exception of some low-level evil battle for food occurs rarely seen outside large-scale fight scenes, sometimes even more than offshore offshore still quiet. After all, off the coast of comprehension significantly reduce the number of the case, you want no contact with each other can be rare encounter such a situation, the natural momentum encountered huge battle not have many opportunities. Weiming hurry before the year, apart from the death of the channel that more dangerous fugitive encounter scene. Other times it basically no longer encounter noteworthy battle. Into the open sea are masters and few in number, will not be easy between the master shot, because if the means is not too much to difficult to quickly winner, but can quickly provoke the other evil, and therefore unless it is specifically hunting for Wicked comprehension comes under normal circumstances occur rarely and local Wicked Battle. The immediate situation is obviously different, and not evil and the struggle between self-cultivation, but both sides are evil, and this situation forces of both sides in this dispute because it touches the intersection of regular occurrence. This situation has continued to struggle for many years, both sides are on the lower boundary Wicked, Wicked these lower these large forces are in the lowest position. Is also the largest number of dead and injured could not shake the evil forces more fundamental, it touches to a certain extent to enhance the strength and lower Wicked combat power, so both sides forces senior will not stop the occurrence of such disputes. Both parties than fighting Wicked Weiming already seen more than once, which is a shrimp Wicked. Like magnified many times in general have more than a dozen prawns feet high, this group seems to be endless deep waters are abundant, even by its forces in order to excel grouped together as the presence of the army general. Each lord has a large number of men of this evil race,Oakleys Radar Sunglasses, if such individual encounter but it is still a good deal of Wicked, Wicked Although the attack because the defense is good and is very tough because a scutes , but it is the lack of an effective powerful means of attack, you can also encounter the usual deal Wicked, Wicked if inevitably encounter unique means to suffer. However, this is very rare Wicked appear alone. But a social evil, are all in the endless abyss of at least five simultaneous but there is always a leader of the people,Nike Jordan 14 Shoes, the same as if the army team. It is also quite permissive battle can even compose war, and this is not like the previous deal Wicked Wicked but at the same single face five Wicked siege feeling. And this is not the only true form of Wicked exist, there is a crab Wicked is more powerful, but also the number of gregarious Wicked slightest lot, and shrimp Wicked with even more power. All the way to the child out on the endless abyss of fear also increasingly up, the light of these forces as a low-level soldiers are organizing a powerful evil to be reckoned with, the Wicked's strength is not secular those ordinary people are able to compare the composition of the army, once many of the Wicked was organized jointly attacked their combat power can be imagined. Such Wicked are four usual strength level. The lead mostly from five Wicked. Attack on the mating attack can let this evil force substantially. But now there are more than twenty Wicked together just like to attack, its power is naturally greatly increased. Wicked deal with more than a dozen of these objects are very strange performance only Wicked, Wicked various forms has obviously not the same race, although the overall number of parties at a disadvantage, but this time a small number of these battles Wicked is completely withstood endless number of dominant deep evil attacks, and even did not strive. These are the bones of the beach belongs apparently Wicked Wicked forces, because the long-term living in a sea of ​​blood in Wicked all have a common characteristic, that is, the body automatically comes out the slightest bloody mist shrouded in its whole body, well look up full of evil. These bones belong Wicked beach are all a battle up the play to life, although the battle has always been based Wicked brave fight ruthless famous, but like this in front of these Wicked desperate situation even worse ... North is rare, after all, Wicked is also a treasure lives, who according to the "Diao tough once injured overweight is going to die, and these evil like a vapid itself seriously injured should attack the opponent in general, precisely because such a scary tactics Let the number of dominant endless abyss Wicked binding the hands simply can not fully play the advantage of numbers. bloodthirsty blood red eyes, his face showing crazy grim demeanor, if not seemingly crazy these Wicked still able to distinguish the enemy then also understand each other even with the simple words, it really is questionable whether they are mentally awake, obviously in this case battles bones Beach Wicked fully occupy the initiative, there is an amazing Sui Ming found that these bones belong Wicked beach body after injury of those red mist shrouded wire is the main gathering place for playing these injuries place, and the surrounding sea of ​​blood sea and rumors seem to really have a certain general and the Wicked kind of close contact. surrounding seawater automatically comes out even a hint of red mist, fog gradually converge to those Wicked surrounded by its absorption, seems to have the help of these mist simply do not know these Wicked tired in general, so that these Wicked spirit also made up, all excited about the launch of the attack did not suffer the full impact of the shortage, one touches the other hand, seems to have endless abyss frequency payable and now also because the number of dominant have such a situation, I believe, etc. Wicked and then take some of these magical powers after the effort probably tired of these endless abyss of evil even at the disadvantage, this scene also let Weiming first insight into the bones of the beach Wicked tough place. certainly see these Wicked battle he did not want much, not to mention that he is contending parties had hostility against any party met Sui Ming will choose to get involved, in front of this struggle also shows that this sea is not considered safe so I want to clear in about understanding of the characteristics of some bones of the beach an evil case, after he chose to leave quietly. Fortunately, these are basically lower Wicked Wicked, want to watch out is lurking in the water, but the current situation has been the Wicked Battle heated up to the point, there is no time to take into account the surrounding circumstances set out This allows easier viewing even be able to calmly choose to leave, but in fact, the degree of danger now is nothing, for the flag out for the next journey truly network began to threaten it and now just a sea of ​​blood periphery, the real strength of the Wicked is not a lot, this neighborhood are mostly lower Wicked, Wicked Sea vast number of high-level but it is still relatively small and more. usually these Wicked in its internal forces are rarely seen, unless it is a collective encounter the enemy when will appear. Weiming it if not for disclosure of identity attracted the attention of Wicked, Wicked want to see the whereabouts of senior he alone still difficult to find a personal encounter. died at sea and only channel such as the kind of key locations will be gathered from so many senior Wicked, the general evil lurking in their respective territories are rarely out with the forces of evil has a strange link between help only in the waters near the time of the Wicked appear. Weiming naturally do not want this beach senior Wicked bones meet, but unfortunately this is not a decision he can Can , and now the situation even flight is impossible. Stealth is utterly impossible, this has led to a hidden child out disguised means it touches most have become unable to play. Fortunately, he had prepared for the full multi-city in Yellowstone stayed for some time, windfall magic underwater flying action in this sea of ​​blood in no way be affected, although it is full of quirky and cool waters of the Wicked but as long as Sui powerful that he's been through some of these bones faster Beach would not be greatly affected. comprehension and evil in this situation is different in a sea of ​​blood, Wicked in which a long time but temperament calamity changed; strength on it was still able to get a faster improvement in Wicked sea of ​​blood seemed to cut more easy, which is the main reason to attract Wicked added, although the reasons for a sea of ​​blood, but there are some restrictions on the Wicked is able to get the benefits from it, but also very obvious. As for comprehension then it seems to be a lot of difference can even say that comprehension is not suitable for long-term stay in a sea of ​​blood. If stranded in a sea of ​​blood for too long, then a direct result of a great loss of sanity comprehension, although not fatal but it also limits its future development and even lead to great loss of strength. although this sea of ​​blood and therefore has a lot of extremely precious items, even if it is able to attract some comprehension master to this treasure but generally does not enter the long, usually within a year will choose to leave. Weiming just going to pass this endless sea of ​​deep waters than on a small lot, because you want to escape the endless abyss before many of the Wicked in some special place waste too much time even a year's time was passed, but it is clear that sea of ​​blood percent do not intend to delay the time the most important thing because there is a different environment causes broken out in this sea is impossible to like as far as possible in the endless abyss lurking not be found with Qiuwen way through, he was found in a sea of ​​blood is too high chance of advancing methods naturally have changed in this sea the most major way is to use this magic quick hinder Lei shuttle flight, with this magic underwater travels His speed is far more than the general Wicked This also ensures that even the whereabouts can also be found as soon as possible to get rid of. enter into a sea of ​​blood after the Sui-ming for the first time come to understand in this sea Wicked crazy, because it is traveling in seawater, which also led to Weiming forward in a different time moments are walking through the territory Wicked, do not not say in seawater is too sensitive to the Wicked Although there are magic quick passes But there is no stealth ability is found is an inevitable at first also better, in a sea of ​​blood where the periphery of Wicked's strength is not very popular in high-speed high-speed walk through the sea even if it is found to the other side can also be quickly thrown On this we can see the sea of ​​blood under the Wicked differences of the Ming know but still lagging behind the Wicked chase behind to catch up in a long time, until it is completely gone missing after bypassing will persevere chase very far out even if it is the wrong direction may have are still reluctant to give up. Though these evil because the strength is not high, Weiming soon lost the trail, but their whereabouts is still in the Sui Ming grasp. naturally know the Wicked has lost his trail in the case, still unwilling to give up even in Sui Ming traces were found in the nearby waters after that will be a lot more inexplicable evil, these are all living Wicked appeared in the nearby Dong Fu after they join the fast search moving, even very regularly every evil action is responsible for an area, the whole area is completely covered obviously not normal activities. believe it should be with the lost before Wicked came the message, resulting in the surrounding have such evil actions, see the Wicked skilled action clearly does not already meet very tacit understanding, although the whereabouts of exposure is discovered before his evil committed, Sui Ming At that time it was not their killer, in fact, it does not help if hands up delaying some of the time it was discovered, after all, is not the only one within the territory Wicked Wicked, are often a Wicked's most powerful lead a group of low-level Wicked, Wicked even exterminate an arrest as long as men have a leak still be possible whereabouts but also the most important is that this sea of ​​blood the number is really a lot of the Wicked, perhaps no more than the endless abyss of evil, but an area should be much smaller, Wicked and even more densely distributed in some places. Sui found out if they were evil, then simply kill the next killer finish, but also wasted time, after which a trace of an evil sea of ​​blood meaning, since living in one of Sui Ming feel uncomfortable, his idea is to leave as soon as this piece of strange waters. rounded face of numerous Wicked Weiming fact that some habits are not a loss, although the sea of ​​blood Wicked quantity is relatively a lot, but the area is still very vast sea of ​​blood, such a vast geographical enough Weiming constantly shift his activities to provide space or a lot, even before the arrival of the first cable Wicked dial step escape and, although the Wicked very organized, almost every region search to be so wide seas inevitable neglect, two small areas of the Wicked Once the action can be a temporary deviation from loopholes, but these omissions can not be easily found, the general comprehension for those who did not have the strength found these vulnerabilities, not to mention the opportunity to rescue is in fact if not Sui Ming men has a powerful spiritual knowledge Bai Ling, the demon in the search beast reached the first step before the discovery of traces of the other, and discovered vulnerabilities in its Sakon timely escape, I am afraid Weiming just relying on its own strength has long been discovered and fell into a crisis. combined Bai Ling far beyond even ordinary Wicked and seven Wicked not succeed more so compared to the spiritual knowledge, coupled with super-fast shuttle Jesus mine, it is both complementary to want to be able to make clear to overcome several of the hunt. Indeed it is these demons beast all activities up only to Weiming created the opportunity to escape, if these evil all around in their respective territories, Sui Ming even chance of being discovered, after all, have a certain degree of secrecy Wicked ability, even if it is white Spirit in the fast action we can only find some moving about the strong presence and some do not move to stop evil because sea area is too large, if slight negligence, then you may have missed, go to the other side the scope of spiritual knowledge may naturally was found on follow-up once they are constantly entangled Wicked Wicked will be able to come, that is troublesome thing and now all around evil action, four arrests may exist outsiders, Bai Ling can always find the first step These moving Wicked choose another road to escape, until the raid leave these waters naturally Wicked temporarily out of trouble, but because they can not stealth, hinder Lei Wicked shuttle will always be found, so within a period of time will continue to chase scene after another roundup staged a scene so that the situation Weiming Shen dozen twenty days to be able to hit every one, gradually has been accustomed to, but in the process of moving he found the chance of being discovered though decline, can get rid of it, it is more and more difficult, and sometimes even in the case of inevitable had to happen and Wicked brief encounter battle, under normal circumstances Weiming are under the heavy hand as soon as possible to the time of eliminated before selecting fast leave. Though these Wicked in a sea of ​​blood to occupy a great advantage, but if not seven Wicked child out or can occupy absolute advantage is not perceived among the surrounding seawater has now become blood red, do not re-enter the sea of ​​blood when the initial light red color, which is more difficult to deal with Wicked Weiming found mainly, because he now has access to the core area of ​​a sea of ​​blood, even the bones are close to the true beach lies. surrounding Wicked Although relatively less of the number, but the strength is multiplied enhancement, five, six of the Wicked everywhere even reached the point, it also allows the child that he is more difficult to deal with.! ~! .. <

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