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04.06.2013 09:36
time are able to see Wicked antworten

> Fly Sui Ming suddenly in the air let bald eagle lowering speeds, falling toward the goal of rapid sea water is being hidden beneath a four Wicked. wWW! QUAnbeN! COm only the ability Wicked hide the flavor is very clever if not broken out with a strong hands pointing, flying at high altitude Weiming impossible noted that such a singular evil, sea Wicked After a long period of time many of them are by a number of common marine organisms evolved almost overwhelming evil are so come. Relative to the boom on the continent Wicked Wicked sea appeared earlier boom time should evolve to quantities and types are now far more than on the mainland Wicked. Sea species is naturally the most variety of fish, similar in many fish in the ocean Wicked Wicked number is occupying a huge majority, a variety of fish Wicked did not all the same, but also have a very big difference even from some of its own characteristics Wicked are able to find some of their ancestors or ordinary fish when traces. Of course,Air Jordan Son Of Mars UK, those of ordinary fish Wicked and also has a big difference between. After all, I do not know how many generations pass through the evolution of the Wicked has evolved than its predecessors before the parties has been greatly improved gold I do not know how many times more powerful. Below only Wicked obviously also a special kind of fish Wicked Wicked bombers four natural man far not reach the point of detonation of shape even before the five Wicked even part turned into gold humanoid can not be done now Wicked is just a big fish form of existence. Five six feet long in the body in the sea is really not a great evil after all sea Wicked Ni are generally great size. But this Wicked smaller but not easy to be found. Weiming especially at high altitude flight is not easy to find gold mention Wicked also has a strong hidden, so Weiming somewhat surprised that it could have been integrated and the surrounding environment. According to Weiming know a lot of fish in the sea for their own protection bombers fish scales consisting of patterns and colors and their own living environment is very similar to the surrounding area of ​​gold this result is naturally better able to hide itself does not will be found in the sea predators which hunted fate. Although not living in the seaside bombers, but years of Sui Ming comprehension in reading all kinds of books,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, after a lot of touches on many aspects are covered. Known to those of ordinary fish tend to be able to escape these camouflage themselves most powerful risk becoming even more with towering other means to confuse the enemy bombers to face danger even when there are predators may escape predation fate. But most of the fish camouflage but also has some limitations Ni, after all, almost none of its body camouflage can freely change the environment around once getting change this no longer play a role bombers disguised under normal circumstances such good camouflage Fish will not leave its activities familiar area. Weiming seen to this very possible that these fish Wicked good camouflage gold fish evolved ordinary fish evolved without this Wicked is clearly more powerful. Even the changing color of the gas can automatically see their own color or the color of the body of this evil can be arbitrarily changing fishes. Its body size scales are all gold nail every one of these scales seem to be able to feel alone in changing colors. Even if this is the Wicked living in the light of any changes in seawater can change at any time and the surrounding environment completely integrated Wicked Lianqi boom and this means also very brilliant gold just comes out weak Yaoqi full cloth in a small range of gold if not determined simply unaware of this tool to search for tracks or evade enemy is appropriate. But also found that the child out of the escape speed is extremely alarming Wicked Kim even moving at high speed can still be done fast changing their color and consistency maintained around. If not a reminder Sui Ming Bai Ling would not think so but there are still below the boom to keep up with an existing bald eagle speed, but not easy. To know Weiming of gold in the men bald eagle flying speed even if it is not magic Goldfinch auxiliary is also very fast. Is not ordinary people can catch up. Although this is just barely Wicked Diaozhu their tails but only within a few hour network tailed bombers, but the speed with bald eagle is now able to reach such a degree that evil people have been very surprised. Know the real circumstances Weiming is naturally getting no small surprise,oakley eyeglasses sale, but now he is living in an environment very bad, that weirdo in exterminate he turned cautious after getting now in this case actually was eyeing Ming-hung natural instinct to feel a glimmer of good. Now he will be surprised and bewildered, but there is little sign of trouble, after all, the endless abyss of H forces is too large. If it is eyeing its bombers do not say that the success of the area past the other bombers even come back when you want to secure the continent are very difficult to do. Precisely because of this that may have been stalking in the case of H Weiming thought is not immediately leave but from the mouth to get useful news Wicked gradually after all, in the case of the unknown is not the best time to do so without hesitation directly Sui Ming fast track toward the gas from his evil purpose is want to know that this person is a person's behavior also, or he has been eyeing the endless abyss forces. That Frankenstein Spirit bombers after being Weiming exterminate track their demon Dan bald eagle is also very smooth to its demon Dan. Sure enough, on which is accompanied by a trace of soul and spirit of Frankenstein, but Sui Ming already been destroyed. It stands to reason that does not happen so quickly divulge the whereabouts of the things bombers, but he appeared in front of the Wicked This track is too weird. Bald eagle, but did not try to hide Yaoqi its general strength of the Wicked Kim did not dare to play their mind is the gold now Weiming has not yet entered into the waters off the coast of the natural surroundings with those who do not worry about such as the endless abyss of the Wicked forces If one gradually gnaw. Wicked is simply not able to deal with bald eagle. Precisely because of this gradually been eyeing the discovery of Houwei Ming's face began to change at the same time dealing with the difficult look bombers Wicked no trace left hand. If his whereabouts at this time was really endless abyss, then it proves that he mastered the situation now is very bad; need to prepare early job. Wicked obviously confident that their ability to hide a sudden boom in the Sui Ming's when it hit him fast even dare to believe. Startled for a moment before he had been found to react with obvious consternation of the Ni look after the pressure of cross God react. First, do not come to greet King Benjamin's attack but sober moment after he chose escape. Track speed has been doing its very amazing, but now it seems this person becoming the most powerful means of escape or. Not only can the breath itself intact hidden boom speed is reached a point where so Weiming surprise, even the slightest escape speed in the water under the general poultry hidden evil in the air speed. However, under the Sui Ming intends to hunt you want to escape this evil idea is doomed to fall, before the middle of the morning because of fears of conscientious soul eagle's attention and did not let it play out Weiming recover fast. Though I want to leave as soon as the patch of gold, but if the incident area let his play even faster than the speed of seven Wicked gold when it does not want to draw attention to impossible, although fast, but previously Weiming or otherwise share some extra gold piece is below the Wicked corresponding track is not an easy thing. Today, following the instructions in getting Weiming men bald eagle speed bombers immediately greatly improved. The speed of the flag out to see Wicked men showing a clear look of panic Ni distances, especially to see the two sides closer after being rapid escape of the Wicked that are no longer reflected in the body to maintain the status quo gold color changed again bombers should be accurate to say that the surface of its body size scales those nails start to issue the glaring golden glow. Before that can no longer re-random changes in water color gold and its surroundings in this case H shining golden exceptionally prominent position Wicked bombers even very far in the sky at this time are able to see Wicked bombers apparently had It can hide itself gave up the ability to start up efforts to escape through see this Wicked scales should share some special ability, the previous issue of changing colors and golden time so speed is greatly improved its ability to performance. Weiming naturally not think that now this evil on the scale is pretty dazzling Jinguang Guang bombers apparently simple as well as its special ability to at least be able to see through the golden glow of its bombers under the guise of those small scales are in constant twitching, like ripples in general in this ripple rippling Driven allowed speed continuously improved. Wicked every fluctuation velocity are able to get some push, but after its speed when fluctuations in the past will again decline. Although this demon has exhausted efforts but in the bald eagle began to accelerate after the Ni speed difference both sides have begun to emerge to enhance the speed of gold though Wicked is not gold, but a great effort with a bald eagle opponent. After that it wants to catch up with the Wicked escape impossible bombers will already be left behind rival can only directly killed. Weiming from both sides at this time there is no small distance bombers to enhance the strength, after all, although he and his men a lot of bombers, but it is also faster than full gap is not small pass to see the men have to catch up with rivals Gold This slightly ease. Especially in the insight into the positive and the bald eagle hands after Wicked strength. Wicked child out do not know until this even better than the real fighting force of four Wicked general there are more than gold is no wonder that this person found wrong choice on the first escape bombers simply do not fight for its original capital. It seems that Wicked greatest ability to hide and escape in regard gold as a huge difference in strength between the two sides have not even wait until the broken boom that he came to the front has been widely Wicked men fall upon gold bald eagle flag out there if not commanded no less than before the killer let the words of the means consuming. Bald Eagle moment I'm afraid we can shoot the enemy. (To be continued)! ~! . . <

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