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Earlier Weiming arrangement and retreats antworten

> Kirishima from the Tatsumi began to work out after the flag up and arranged gold apparently this is a huge project. wWW! Quanben! CoM environment here is very special, especially the fire thugs river, the mouth of the gas is emitted into the one here, kill the golden poison into the water or even attached to the waters around the island are no fish there Jin Weiming To take advantage of this gold is his choice here arranged a loud noise. Large array of fog this matrix can be brought together around gold vapor in the air condenses into a wide range of fog. The use of special tools not only in the matrix array after starting in the array can produce a lot of fog boom is able to change some parts of the light let into which people have some hallucinations, not to mention ordinary gold even comprehension into which the aspirations of the people will not firm lost in them. After all comprehension cultivation has reached a certain degree of anti-toxic bombers and special relationship here because the terrain Jin Yuming need to face is some of those tough Wicked Wicked boom itself with a certain toxicity mostly some very strong gold anti-toxic, than comprehension is also tough. Qi Ming naturally not arranged a real boom after Weiming unwanted changes so that the fog of a large array power doubled. This island is surrounded by the endless sea. Humidity in the air already big bang big fuss was built soon in the net on thin sea fog thick smoke more and more of them. Later, the body in which to give the illusion even if exposure to water,Air Jordan 10 UK, gold is not only restricted stature gives a moving sense of oppression choking the line of sight was also severely hindered around the vast expanse of a boom which is coupled with a misleading direction The maze in which there is simply disoriented gilded boom means if there is no special mention to enter the core of a large array, low ability or even impossible turnaround. Qi Ming's attainments in the matrix of the addition to the already high in order to meet Advanced arranged outside the matrix is ​​becoming a big fuss out of the fog to do a number of other reserves no extra staff he can only rely on a matrix of sharp eyes to protect themselves through the plight of the. Although the child out of the hands of powerful matrix much gold, but together with the arrangement of these matrix after the power is still not small. Well furnished external defense of that child out directly to the mouth of Ni observed at the volcano after the discovery as he really guess where the general has an active presence in the fire gold which is normal since this case so far in the ongoing volcanic smoke bombers to prove the fire beneath it is still very active. Flag next to this aim is to help the fire here some auxiliary immortality refining gold simply furnished a matrix method to extract the fire is not difficult for Weiming gradually refining immortality do not need these auxiliary too good for refining immortality Dan Ding H carved out who has studied not difficult to use an ordinary Dan refining furnace will be able to call too. As for his own preparation has already done the gold this time Weiming cultivation has reached the pinnacle of the state final gold heart can always make a breakthrough preparation. His condition is quite exceptional boom others are spent in the heart of the demons and ultimately to end baby boom but before Faerie Uncharted still had a child out demons crossing this road becoming the biggest heart of this it can be said Road to many comprehension are insurmountable barrier before he was well spent. But also because the repair fail to meet requirements before, but after the net worth of rich gold especially in dealing with the absolute master of the two from the right hand after the repair has been a lot of upgrading of the immortality of the now long been in cultivation Heart of the peak level. This also allows for end baby Weiming greater grasp of many gold mention he still has many other foreign material preparation. Results infants such an important matter. Comprehension during the break when they are doing the utmost to prepare bombers failed because once again topped the difficulty will be doubled gold and therefore may be able to increase the breakthrough success of the immortality of all those eager to seek a breakthrough to be a master berserk. Even their own will be retained for future use less than required to return cherished items. This also led to a high level in the comprehension comprehension for those who break the immortality simply hard to get. Weiming was on hand to net from Uncharted That old man is in the hands of the addition the resulting condensate panacea his hands there is a kind of treasure items boom that is the fruit of seven grass golden child out early closure Long continent had been when the grass It also stands to reason that a hundred years to be able to result Boom Today there are many years from maturity is. Luckily, his hands had jade, pith getting this rare treasure had discovered the existence of the spiritual pulse of Hou Weiming accompanied destroy each other those same experts also took away one of the most cherished items boom which has many peculiar chalcedony heart capacity boom accelerated maturation Lingcao is one of a kind features. The spirit of things on which to accelerate the maturity of gold Lingcao had also requires several years to be able to mature into which seven grass soon to bear the fruit of the treasure. This is a good thing Qixing fruit. A greater extent than its cherished panacea should cherish the few multi-bombers chance just because it appears it is too little resistance in the classics can always just have to see, to see the kind of comprehension are few and far between. Feel some are laid out in Hou Weiming did not immediately seek a breakthrough in gas but put it in the hands of the matter directly to the matrix in order to start preparing advanced retreat up the rest of the retreat is simply not getting practice law Arcane tactics do not practice, and even the brain not to think about those laws Chang Xing him content. This is the physical and mental relaxation Weiming positions. Gradually he even Lee into the air out of the realm of Shanghai, this state he continued for three straight years ear. When he woke up again from the trance state of the whole people, when gold have reached a peak. At this time Sui Ming face no hi no sorrow Ni indifferent out an exquisite Yuhe give all its ban on open Yuhe unlock the bombers did not hesitate a moment of pure Reiki energy distributed from the box instant gold filled out the entire matrix method lies. In which it is placed with the shortage of natural coagulation many people eager to get a panacea bombers prepared beforehand that he has several auxiliary immortality in vivo dose of gold now it has been adjusted to maximize the effect of this condensate panacea Kim did not hesitate to direct these immortality Weiming belly swallowed Ni not wait for them to open Weiming of the drug would have been transported from the rapid fire Scriptures to dazzle. He also hands out one thing more impressively is that fire-hyun beads, the beads in the last million Baiyun Mountain Stream trip bombers after they changed not only in which more than a huge mountain which is absorbed then let the golden liquid pool which contains a large number of burst capability. Weiming have a feeling that if the energy flow into the body where you simply can not afford gold boom the result can only be blasting to death, and now Weiming has not put it in the body temporarily gold beads can only hope so take advantage of this Advanced time play a role. Those fire-hyun were served simply left to the experience of view sovereign Kim Hyun fire beads which infants when the junction is also able to play a significant role. These previous experience has gradually Weiming naturally know how to take advantage of this time should be fire-hyun beads. Because it is an opportunity to take the initiative to find a breakthrough gold and therefore have a quick response. But also more and more signs of a breakthrough emerged. At this time in this sea island Sharp centered around the world of Reiki boom began undergoing dramatic changes. Dramatic fluctuations even thousands of miles away in the seabed are able to feel the changes boom so if you want to not cause other people's attention it is almost impossible. This situation is most worrying thing Weiming previous gold advanced technology in order to prepare his own baby, but has done extremely perfected. But some of the external factors but it is unavoidable through advanced comprehension and Wicked were naturally has a great getting the most major difference is that when the Wicked advanced nature simply can not hide Yaoqi, even advanced Yaoqi maximum release time is the state of gold very far away will be able to feel it. So Reiki is a master in the advanced natural fluctuations, this kind of thing in the endless sea is a common thing bombers often have senior Wicked select cut. But this time there was a clear distinction between them bombers after all this volatility which does not have the slightest Yaoqi exist. Advanced Wicked, but not low IQ boom quickly understand this is not an advanced general sea Wicked. In fact, even if these fluctuations will really cut a lot of senior Wicked Wicked gathered Ni is evil after all that time when gold weakest defense is naturally cheaper to occupy senior Wicked demon Dan is a rare items. For many Wicked but has great appeal. All times perceived abnormal sea fog island of Wicked have surfaced where gold and some even swam directly toward. Weiming to remove this neighborhood is not without thought of many potential threats gold can effect is not obvious. Earlier Weiming arrangement and retreats on the island during the two men has been released as competent Wicked hunting outing near Li etc. Wicked. Unfortunately, the number of these is really a lot of gold Wicked and Wicked all have those powerful hidden deep cave, there is not easy to find. This is also the brutal environment of the seabed Wicked habit. After all, after Wicked reached an advanced gold and human comprehension almost does not need to eat every day bombers for them more important is the practice,Jordan 12 Shoes, which also led to most of the time so they do not come out Wicked are hidden gold unless Wicked is aware of these caves where gold or gold out of their own or in the vast area of ​​the seabed want to find senior Wicked is a very difficult thing. And only those who prey on the go when Wicked chance encounter bombers after practicing some of the Wicked besides a number of things, like hunting Wicked lower than its faster to be able to enhance the strength of boom also prepare the same ratio Wicked its powerful hunting become food. Wicked therefore two turn in the nearby waters for a long time just to exterminate some low-level bombers senior Wicked Wicked is a threat have not encountered. No doubt surrounding waters had also powerful evil, but this time to see Wicked bombers have surfaced clearly not the case. Except for some strength too feel the terror of coercion did not travel outside the lower outer boom those ourselves Wicked Wicked good all gathered strength over, just surfaced view the situation as much as several hundred Wicked, of course, Hundreds of thousand years in this Wicked is not considered within the scope of many. These sea Wicked universal great size, can volley fly three or more of the Wicked has more than one hundred,Coach Outlet Sale, of which has three referrals. The metamorphosis of the human form has been able to physically gold has apparently reached a five Wicked strength. (To be continued)! ~! . . <

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