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04.06.2013 09:32
Wang Wei simply won't move antworten

> in leaf maple room, he was a right hand holding the block has a rich soil genus x ì ng power stone. The stone looks is not big, but very heavy. If placed on the table, the table will be crushed. Also because of this, Ye Feng will be holding in the palm of the hand. Spent four or five hours,Oakley Polarized Online, Ye Feng Zai Zai carefully observed the stone. After all, the stone is from other people here, he was not sure whether the stone was sabotaged. In the stone has not been determined repeatedly cheated, leaf maple just began to absorb the stone contained soil genera x ì ng aura. Because the stone aura too rich, has undergone a qualitative change. Now it contains has not called aura, but soil spirit. This earthen of uniting the soil genus x ì ng power law for the people, will be of great help. And for those who are earthen body of people, can play to help, will be very great. Unfortunately, the world practice soil genus x ì ng method was good, but the earthen body, it is very difficult to see the. Ye Feng is not the earthen body repair work, he also is not soil genus x ì ng method. Rune Valley Character of very miscellaneous, any kind of spiritual power is x ì ng are able to find the corresponding character of. But leaf maple also don't know what he is it right? What earthen body, he only knew the stone, there are no small role in his five disc. The stone itself is not big, the earthen contained therein is very small. This earthen Ye Feng was sucked out of the stone, only the marbles so big. But is this marble as earthen size, can let the stone heavy if jack. To have a small matrix is not installed stone box, Wang Wei simply won't move the stone. Leaf maple current cultivation,Oakley Monster Dog Online, soil spirit that size of any danger to him not. The earthen easily sucked into the general sea,Air Jordan Play In These 2 Sale, a little towards the five disc on soil genus x ì ng beads on the past. Five disc above five beads, there have been two beads than other beads s Zawa Akiryo, and in the two pearls, there is a very small objects. The two pearls, one is in another world, the control way children flame fire belongs to X ì ng beads. In the fire belongs to X ì ng beads, a beating the flames, it is the leaf maple are still not completely refining way children flame. The other one is from X ì ng beads. Inside the beads, is one of only two leaves of plants. From this plant looks very small plants, emitting a strong vitality. X ì ng beads are nearly half a year to appear in the interior of the two leaf of plant. All this is thanks to Ye Feng get the gold s è lotus. When the dry monk died, leaf maple away gold s è lotus. Wait for the channel to open in the valley, leaf maple carefully studied the lotus. He found in the lotus also in possession of a thing, exactly is a plant from the very rich from X ì ng psychic transform. This plant, is also a wood spirit. The first monk's dry

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