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> Four hundred chapters all bidding games last bid spacious master of all the numerous comprehension will focus on the field that is being slowly raised platform on which the bombers placed a Bristol blue magic shuttle type Kim on flashing bursts of ripples. wwW, QUanbEN, coM between psychedelic colors flashing as with spirituality in general. As the old man standing next to golden child out and some commentary do not quite understand this treasure of the people to understand the power of this magic place. These can be directly seen as a magic wand can move freely in the water bombers carrying tools of course its function to be more powerful, but there are many extraordinary places. Magic helper class is divided into many categories, mostly in some way has a magical effect gold course, these areas also differ somewhat useful Ni have some effect but it is somewhat overshadowed bombers simultaneously use many restrictions because it also led to the auxiliary class with the quality of magic gold because of its own play different effect on the value in itself has several times or even ten times as much of the gap. Weiming hands of the cloak is a class of ancient magic to Lianqi to stealth-based helper class magic. Such magic obviously has a very strong practical features such payments also proved the power of magic. Set out in this magic with the help of the round-trip one million to be able to safely mountains. Such magic even if it is the lowest level of comprehension for those who also have a lot of sought after gold are basically able to buy a very high price Ni Sui Ming in the hands of ancient magic is simply priceless. Of course, some magic example Pianmen mainly used in monitoring or afar like magic because seldom used although getting attention but can not, and that could play out like magic compared to the stealth capabilities. The front of this piece of magic called Jesus Ray shuttle belongs to this category. Should be quite a very special magic type. This magic wand for maximum effect is the ability to move quickly in the water, a boat at sea can be mortal comprehension for those who are able to walk without getting any tools by virtue of its own strength entirely underwater walk. But after all, not perennial activities in the water enters the comprehension of which will be no small minimum speed limit gradually and on the land can not be compared. But with this type of magic auxiliary cut different. Jesus shed this mine can bigger bang in the water comprehension which simply will not be able to enter the water and the impact of this magic wand size can vary the degree is not small even getting up dozens of gold, of course hold the number of loaded more more and more of this magic will affect the travel speed. Has this magic of comprehension in the water even has the general comprehension imperial flying through the air speed. This was an extremely rare thing to know that the water resistance gold, but faster than the air resistance is much greater boom boom even to influence begins to increase action to happen. This is a special kind of magic in the sea life of the Wicked fur and refining as the main skeleton of H that Wicked be called hasty Brontotherium getting a great attack in the water discharge most important thing is that Wicked With extremely fast becoming a unique skin even without the slightest water has a kind of lightning barrier gradually Dunshu fast. Usually want to experience this Wicked gold because of its speed, but not easy to want to catch up even more alarming extremely difficult. Therefore rarely able to capture such a high level of Wicked King caught this beast is even more difficult, not to mention extremely Ni is the obstacle to be finished successfully refining shuttle thunder magic. Although this treasure and evil can not be compared to itself Dunshu bombers,Outlet Oakley Squared, but speed is also in the top surface of the water magic speed Ni have this treasure in the sea more than the cost of a life insurance becoming even those living in the depths of the sea Advanced Wicked Under normal circumstances simply can not catch up with gold have no doubt this treasure safe walking in the water surge. If this treasure although in other places can also be subject to a number of comprehension for those who value the gold, but definitely not a lot of people concerned about excessive gas, but in this city is different Yellowstone bombers came here today because of comprehension more than 90% comprehension for those who directly or indirectly to a living not far from the sea, in the sea activities boom a lot of time. That which has a large number of the Wicked, the same also hidden treasure in the eyes of the mainland unparalleled comprehension comprehension material. These are undoubtedly the main reason to come to attract comprehension. And this magic wand is undoubtedly in the sea action of the weapon Ni caused concern here is far more natural level of comprehension for the other side is much greater today gold is obviously a lot of comprehension for those who come here are directed at these items come. The most embarrassing is that this is still a high level of magic helper classes, that is not only able to use some low-level comprehension high comprehension can also use this weapon detonation and can play a greater extent of the power of this treasure come. Man's explanation is not over the surrounding atmosphere has been under some solemn boom mostly talk about subtle sound boom, but the head of the bay but out of many odd silence bombers clearly has the ability auction where people basically concentrated gold each are beginning to start to prepare. No hard boast prosperous old magic that comes out of their own volatility know what people have found out the extraordinary place where such a high level of magic gold but rare, it is understood to Weiming bidding will not many times See, basically as a last finale article appears. This time it was a few items have been articles in the finale of the Ni heavier weight under normal circumstances auxiliary class high-level magic defense than attack or magic classes differ on the value of gold that is because many of either attack or defense for comprehension seems to say is very important and people basically only means of payment will be used in a conflict because of this gold master must first consider those attacks and defenses are enhanced. And such auxiliary class is different bombers used magic little chance Ni few people will pay big bucks to purchase such auxiliary magic. Like Jesus in front of this mine if the shuttle landlocked country, especially those countries that appear more desert. Comprehension is almost not cause concern bombers may occur at the beach today will undoubtedly make these perennial activities in the water comprehension s heart gold after all, although the conditions used in the air has a lot of restrictions, but it is almost useless if the magic critical moment is to use life-saving. CAPE old man began with the price of two thousand people, after all, the presence of gas directly to three thousand many people are very interested in this treasure. Weiming below to hear the arguments after this treasure had a keen interest in it, he purpose of this trip is to enter the deep sea. Even after enhance the strength going into some kind of threat which also has more than a life insurance gold magic naturally be prepared to travel in order to escape payment of such magic-based granular control because it does not sacrifice getting so very convenient to gold refining flag next to a powerful soul a very short time to be able to ease the application. This magic wand for his role of a great big white gradient although there stunned enough mystery in the air, the body does not discuss the shark in the ocean not only the case of Liaoning left under water operations are normal things again, especially after listening to the Golden After the old man more specific description of its increased commitment he bought the magic. Because this magic wand can hide itself in the water to maximize Kozo gas itself can change appearance as the water also will be changing, especially in the deep gold dim light when not in front just simply can not find this in the presence of magic. Although it has a stealth cloak features, but the effect was in the water will be greatly reduced, and is not able to change their shape as the water, if the vision developed, then it is easy to be able to see through Kozo boom and there is a magic in this fast moving water features gold if stunned to this magic wand Weiming trip safety will be greatly improved. Not only is the value of the Sui Ming getting this magic wand magic clearly understand the value of this character a lot of gold from three thousand base price starts gradually began competing bid's voice did not stop for gold at this time has been more than a dozen individuals have the price of gold over the value of this magic wand also soared to seven thousand Obviously, this began with a dozen people through these pieces have a great interest in gold is not the presence of other people are not interested in but the vast majority of people here self-knowledge has its magic even envy,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, but this is definitely not that they can not say whether the resulting boom has so much strength began gradually restricted just let these people simply do not have the slightest chance of becoming simply do not bid only Dang Kanke . Unless there is a transcendent forces behind the backing if the repair can be too low,Coach Handbags Sale, then even got this ** treasure also more likely than getting stronger hand is very likely lost their lives. "Work thousand. Gold with a loud shrill voice sounded so immediately before the hall also slightly noisy boom many are quiet a lot of people murmured because of this bid and wait up gradually stopped talking about you all will focus more to that silent place. presence of many of them are out eyes of the people, although the repair is not enough, but also able to distinguish the general power to some people. called the man is obviously a price Immortal Infant comprehension for those who this person an opening Many even have a net worth of the strength of the low-level disciples go on to consider whether it would pass the end of Dan and the heart of the reason why the offer before comprehension is also not willing to want to do today to foil bombers if these Yuan Ying purpose of the master is not this magic wand, then there is a lot of competition for their gold and can hope to gain a foothold here are some of the background characters Even the other is Immortal Infant comprehension for those who have no background so if H Sometimes these forces are But not too take into account the boom of the master Yuan Ying now so soon joined the field of gold can not help but make some comprehension for those who hold a lot of fantasy embarrass That Immortal Infant experts from seven thousand to enhance the value directly to a Wan aspirations manifested apart from getting outside but also to deter me wishful thinking of the people who make those strength is not enough gold figure income, otherwise if we allow these people to go all the way to quote the words of one another. makes this magic wand to raise prices too high. Even when shots are bound to spend a lot of Lingshi. Immortal Infant master though with other low-level comprehension wealthy but did not reach the point of Ni spendthrift person that bid was really overawed most people continue asking price boom Many people have chosen to give up, but it is clear that the real competition starts only net short gold stagnated a bit outcry voice sounded again. "fifteen thousand began! H prosperous Sui Yuan Ying Ming noticed another one of the master finally unable to bear a shot. This sound can be heard once again raise the voice of the scene after some gold many people began to talk excitedly whispered together. Want to see two masters competing bid. "Sixteen thousand pass.'s Seen more than two master shot although that Dan referred Summary misfiring almost all of the master, but also did not give up, but still have two of the people still follow them gold, but this time it did not The asking price several hundred gold directly enhance a thousand to show its magnanimity. Both are not very high repair gang tallest man gold heart to face the late master Yuan Ying is clear that these people are still behind the bid has the same strength of the master sits down. succession after that there are two master Yuan Ying bid fare two thousand gold every time the price of gold soon began to break through the number of twenty thousand, so many of the field to watch people excited talk. "twenty-eight thousand" boom when that shrill voice sounded again later. outcry field who is running out for the general Immortal Infant comprehension for those who, though not a lot of these began with a number of , but also a lot of it is basically about getting the estimated sum of the number itself began with the very least there is also a half net worth, after all, they can not get themselves to a secondary weapon more to go bankrupt gold profound comprehension spending began to be playing at a place, the more gold when the need to enhance the cultivation practice of the immortality of gold refining magic and many other aspects of maintenance requires a lot of Lingshi before, although this is very powerful magic gold, but after all, only an auxiliary When the enemy magic limited role, perhaps the only advantage is the ability to quickly escape. comprehension for some 30 000 experts, it has a lot of Lingshi, basically close to their bottom line. vanguard of the two partners is still continuing low Order disciples have stopped asking price and even later participated in the auction of several of the master Yuan Ying also began close hand gold in addition to that point is not worth it but also have no reason not to offend an expert. Maybe for some people dread going to consider the sharp gold owner of the voice in the bid when releasing a hint of faint breath, the real master of nature can clearly feel the master of the late Yuan Ying peak light comes out of coercion. want to know every little master Yuan Ying gap order are immeasurable, who obviously is to fear with strength forcing some people close hand. believe this person is today the presence of people in one of the most powerful figures who naturally do not want to offend the general boom such a harsh master pass this person firm the voice shouted Kim really brought a burst of silence.'re people thought no one would fare when an unexpected voice sounded loud noise bombers only two small print makes sound is not great but can clearly hear through "three Wan. Surprised that the people quiet place where the voice came not bid has been competing head compartment lies. But from the bottom of a large number of seats in the spread of the ordinary. To know that in the auction proceeds to the bottom half, when almost no one asking price of gold are all those masters and upper influential figures in the contest. Everyone is curious and looked towards the direction of the sound. Want to see the outcry in the end he was. (To be continued)! ~! . . <

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