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high degree of refining gold antworten

> Sound chapter four hundred eighty-seven selected magic atmosphere of the main hall guarded gold less of a rare old time feel good to give Benjamin smiley face with a reward, the result before net say these words, the old man suddenly slightly The carefully looked surprised Weiming bombers face gradually put away the faint smile flashed a look of surprise. wWW. QUanbeN. Com "little friends did not think even in such a short period of time there are diligent cultivation!" Although somewhat surprised Sui Ming enhance the speed of gold, but to get spiritual fruit will be good mood after the old man said with a smile. Are thinking about the old man bent before the flag state whether this mission accomplished much gold did not concern himself changes. Today finally got hearts desired items. Glad I began careful attention up. Thought to give him an advantage, but a glance Jin Sui Ming difficult to find the difference. Weiming did not come to see the old man deliberately hide their gold Buddha repair the repair naturally very easily see that the old man he has reached the green house of the cultivation. But even in Uncharted do not hear things. This old but is also known outside of comprehension practice is not easy. Buddha repair even more so. Although the last time the repair Xiang Ming left a lot of growth, but it also reaches its green house is not an easy thing of boom and now the old man will inevitably see even a little surprised. "Juniors also lucky in the care of the Advanced Master's success." Said Weiming rushed through a gentle process as advanced bombers after all, he did not say the advanced repair and other Buddhism there are many differences. Clearly mention the old man just a little surprised. Is not really interested. Old man at this time only network to get spiritual fruit mood gold eyes look more and more good Weiming. "While this was originally intended to use the old lady to help small condensate panacea Friends now seems to enhance the strength of getting this award is somewhat lighter." Then thoughtfully considered mysterious old man took out a piece Yuping then said. "Was originally intended to wait until the little old lady friends after returning. Then come up with this magic as to immortality and a small reward Friends." Sui Ming puzzled to see the old man smiled Weiming explained. "Friends do not want to repair small big into this immortality becomes not very important, previously promised immortality Friends of the Little old lady naturally can not go back. As for the other as compensation here a few pieces of magic little friends will then pick two good the. "casual tone. Weiming does not mind a surprise to hear clearly through the old man really was originally intended to use to get help Sui Ming condensate panacea breakthrough gold after all, he should not go there into the mysterious space Ni Although aware that space can help improve certain Sui Ming the strength of the air space, but definitely did not expect that he will bring so many benefits. The original intention in accordance with the old man, but let Sui Ming in that space test of what effort will be able to practice for the future, but do not want to share helpful Ni Ming monk who comes to almost be said relic is a very short period of time to repair large growth boom and also smooth break this off demons. Handing this off for those who can hardly genius disciple gold but do not want to spend the bottleneck is almost under Weiming opportunity has exceeded Ni thin end of the trace can be smoothly advanced bombers repair these carers do not know much on Buddhism Dore naturally there is no way to see. If in peacetime perhaps the old man will unceremoniously sent directly next boom after all this elaborate reward after all, is a trading down gradually and is good before it has been set, naturally can not repair because Sui Ming growth do modifications. In fact, one expert help and a panacea to break through the bottleneck has been coupled with an ancient magic is a rare benefit of any one of the bombers are not available others want to find all the treasures. But today is obviously extremely happy mood bombers took advantage of the old man to get the joy of spiritual fruit shot also extraordinarily generous. Perhaps think Sui Ming This line is quite dangerous. Although previously has been returned, but relatively speaking, it is not the reward is very superior gold so glad I turned again rewarded stalls out a weapon, after all, in the outside world who cherish these items very old man in the eyes of its value in gold but it is not a big loose. These magic perhaps in the eyes of the old man, but is getting some good collection do not have any usefulness at all. After all, this Faerie Uncharted do not need any of the battles, but the magic is furnished with old gas as a panacea for the repair now and then taking Dan can say this will not have the slightest effect, nature is useless. But for Weiming it is precious, and his ears are a lot of men. Do not say that treasure of immortality on the matter, but that non-cone does not help much, but rather Sui Ming is currently the most valued treasure bombers With it, together with other items of the immortality of the auxiliary Sui Ming has a lot of confidence to successfully pass a variable end baby if done so much preparation yet these confidence, Weiming repair afraid not much higher bombers can only reach so realm. As an additional reward exceptionally old magic of this surprises Sui Ming naturally there is no reason to refuse. Although intelligence is limited demon worms can not use magic. But a few Wicked men and comprehension is not much difference. If we can use the strength of magic is evil would have been greatly improved gradually Weiming powerful men can be considered natural strength has improved accordingly Gold Again precious ancient magic of this powerful weapon nobody have too much. "Chui before more reward." Rejoicing under Xiang Ming hastened to thank road. Then pick up and start doing my part. The old man go back for fear of regret in general. But obviously the old man did not regret it meant. Weiming rather interesting to see the selection. If more than before for seniors this is perfunctory words boom time Sui Ming has a change of heart thanks to the ancient magic even after getting his master Pud master in his last leave before they have not got a Ni although known, will have a collection of these and other master repair must pass after the boom real contact in order to consolidate the most central Buddhist Temple confidential bombers and the other too much on the temple elders after the real recognition should be able to get such a cherished reward. It is also why it can indicate the degree of such bombers a magic treasure ancient magic once ownerless birth can cause a lot of comprehension master bombers did not want to fight in front of the old man went so far as to Sui Ming generous selection of two so much . But clearly this child out of the net worth of rich old man and the old man was shot generosity but forthright gradually come up with five magic let Weiming choice. It can be said with great choices of H and even more because they are very good magic is to make difficult choices Weiming bombers for the first time to give birth to a magic do not get too many painful thoughts. And the choice of that piece stealth cloak but in the millions of mountains played a crucial role in Ni has verified its magic on Ran's excellences bombers can say if it were not that pieces of ancient magic that even the young simply do not may peace come back alive. Seen this magic power of stealth bombers although no aggressive defense is almost no getting child out but really appreciate its great power. The order of addition to the bottle containing condensate panacea Sui Ming longing still getting the same outer appearance of a few pieces of Bao Tong look at this one of a few pieces of magic really familiar of four are clearly the last child left to pick out. Although pleased estimated but not to the old man carried away to the point. The reason why these magic Ganna out. These magic really is obviously not suitable for the old man, or that he did not fancy the eye with this on. But it was already a few pieces of magic are envious Benjamin endless gold Although long-appropriation of them will miss but the other was too strong heart is but he did not dare move other fantasy about the idea, and now Sui Ming to have the opportunity of getting to one half is better than all of this is finally not much better mood difficult choice to let him calm down a little. Remove the cloak magic things, the rest of the four magic are a small seal magic folding boom boom one and the last one a white silk umbrella magic. This four magic cloak is so specific, though not amazing, but also has its own auxiliary miraculous gold wonderful function. The most important thing these magic very good. A time Sui Ming really is a bit difficult to choose. But he was also known to be faster if there is a delay in decision bombers got hesitant for fear that even a good old feeling again, so as to see Weiming fear is also impatient. Last time the old man had probably the effect of these magic informed Sui Ming Jin also so this is not a waste of breath to ask more bombers because Weiming how to say the old man is busy gold which helped the old man to take things as fruit Sui Ming Ting Yuan, there are many gas is not able to truly appreciate this spiritual fruit for the old man with a pass apparently meaning old man is extraordinary,Nike Jordan Big Ups UK Sale, otherwise it will not be happy to change the attitude of the Yudui Wei Ming see this old man so many gold polite, Weiming will no longer be careful as the last general boom can last even just a few pieces of magic distant observation of natural gas can not tell which is good or bad, with the approval of the old man agreed to go after it boldly stepped forward will pick up a few pieces of magic carefully looked up. The first pick is a small Indian magic is hard to believe that such a small gas happens to start with rather heavy weapon would be a huge magic attack bombers Weiming still remember the day the old man talked about getting this evaluation is a treasure magic attack category , is only a few pieces of this offensive magic. Attack when power of nature is not able to freely change the size of a small boom when the largest number of feet can become the size of gold That was less than the size of a hill like Kim who spent a roaring force can be said to be overwhelming. Weiming previously exposed to this kind of instruments used to seal magic, although the power is great, but driving it, it is not easy and immediate payment although they can not magic but also some gold, but compared to the same place. Although not as instruments magic is so laborious drive boom if Ji Lian mature size can be arbitrary changes in gold but he also knows the hardest thing is ancient magic Lian Ji maturity. Ming and others broken boom that is slightly different from the hands and pedaling this magic exists. The same magic that piece feijian ancient times there was no Jin Weiming now also offering its full refining successful bombers, but its effectiveness has been so set out very satisfied. And many items are also needed his constant temperature dependent sacrifice refining boom can also say if the real short period of time it is difficult to get this treasure of this Bao Ji Lian to arbitrary point. Sui Ming now has a lot of use of means of attack. This is manifested in the form of its magic can be seen when the attack caused no small power and influence will certainly boom but this did not attack like Sui Ming style, he usually is like some of the more subtle attack tactics. And Sui Ming ourselves in the future are those who should be the enemy of the vast majority of the powerful master. He will not like that Weixing Venerable generally dedicated disciple of gold against those low-level repair is not as long as those are not high initiative to provoke his young disciple Ming is not easily shot. This magic can be said to deal with low-level disciple lethality against those huge bombers, but if it is slightly less than the master. For those who master the means to escape the ear is getting a lot of each other as long as not directly imprison Ni brings this stamp at the moment of escape from each other enough to attack the scope of its power and influence of magic gold so who can clearly be its smashing What I liked was that. Clearly inconsistent with the Sui Ming style of acting. It can be said when the attack usually means hands occupied the majority, this is not the wrong place when the bombers want out of the hands and the vast majority are not many gold and strength far beyond his master without some means if the enemy getting surprise of it is too passive. Besides, he himself did not and others feisty worldly most cases there is not enough interest in the case of vertebral chigger Ming is now seven, "Chuan hand. Put so much powerful magic hands will certainly not common Xiang Ming . therefore this treasure, although the most powerful force attack Ben Kim was also excluded Weiming first addition to this stamp magic magic outside the rest of the three bombers, but also very good Weiming eventually abandoned under slight hesitation the same. looked for a piece they abandoned the umbrella Weiming mysterious magic gold this magic wand though, and folding are the same as a good offensive and defensive magic gold, but when the enemy use of such magic walking retractable when not considered very convenient. After all, today's magic ancient magic and the biggest difference is that the income of the body can not be comfortable when gold usually use storage appliance from the gas or some people come out of habit it directly with you. Weiming a comprehension for those with after all, is an umbrella if some weird getting out from time to time offering refining or use it a few determined people will soon be able to see this extraordinary gold umbrella which act on weekdays Sui Ming style of some discrepancies As classes and magic effect is almost the same The folding gold after all this concern is no comprehension of some characters pretending elegance gold is used for folding magic gold even if the body can be magic income, can still enjoy all day long in the hand to use as an ordinary folding , Sui Ming even come up with such a weapon would not cause too much attention to others,Air Jordan Store, which in addition to a certain aggressiveness folding outside there is a good defense before the gold which is very necessary since Weiming, this magic wand he did not intends to others bombers intend to use their own, after all, although he has a strong imperial jade lotus becoming purely defensive but this ancient altar crown jewels, after all, is Buddha Temple treasures bombers generally leaked necessarily attracted its predecessors sects even come to ask for Ni calculated He Buddha temple under the altar before the fall of that genius disciple account. therefore lives unless it is crisis time. Weiming this is not going to let the magic easily exposed in front of outsiders. since the crown jewels are considered life-saving trick is That dimension Ming will need another one good defensive magic of getting this but it is a good folding magic defense magic and ancient magic shape itself does not assertive communication although not a very strong spiritual power fluctuations after the gas side open fan is a vivid landscape Ni other side is a figure of the old man said bamboo that smog attack was released from bamboo. As for the landscape that side did not seem magical. coauthored the entire folding when to As long stick-like wielding attack bombers fan after opening with a strong defense capability. could see the old man get this fan is almost no sacrifice after refining his hand over gradually to clear folding hearts of a move is not perceived but not looking boom the slightest manifestation in he looked askew landscape paintings from the boom to give him a very familiar feeling bombers seem matrix theory bears some gold to be exact, and some kind of magic array similarities gold contacts if not Weiming a lot of the magic matrix H has studied whether this can be considered not have this weird feeling, but this time it is not carefully studied, as it is good to magic umbrella boom seems on the defensive force stronger than some of these folding after all fan control but not so good umbrella umbrella opposite can also be self-rotating bounce attack. fan you need to be able to control very clever, but for now there is a folding after a nice smog attacks gradually and this feeling of magic does not seem to Weiming so simple. therefore basically no excessive flag Ming hesitate to make a choice. piece of white silk as it is otherwise his child out of gold, three Wicked Baron Eagle can be said to have been the best life insurance Weiming magic, magic that piece Goldfinch even tailored general Ni Wicked this golden-winged birds seem magic has a remarkable effect bombers fit bald eagle did not even spend long offering these magic moments will achieve a high degree of refining gold can barely even use one of those people with the skills Guards piercing. Weiming can be said that this magic wand in the hands of the role that finally escape the boil No Liewei force huge blow bang lore has this magic wand can be said that the general master has simply do nothing Weiming and his escape, but also addition Baiyun Stream in that inner magic to get a few pieces of silver boom six Needle Sui Ming handed mouse Ji Lian purple line. saw a little guy now unfathomable strength of kinship elders gold strength will be greatly enhanced not say gold is estimated at one million to two large mountains are not revered old willow would mean to give some benefit of the younger generation can Sui Ming short little guy is no longer needed to worry about gold Weiming decade after the bye, then I believe change is already evident fishes. leaving a flag Ming Bai Ling today's most powerful, but men gold men for this powerful natural Weiming will spare no cultivation. previously obtained in the Baiyun Stream Jinpa Lian Ji Bai Ling liked bombers after the discovery that is not considered a purely defensive magic gold even more biased in favor of assisted magic in class. Jinpa defense capability is not very strong relative Bai Ling original body for this huge body magic defense range is too small it is the most major gold still has a kind of efficacy secondary effect to confuse the people and all their The flowers are beautiful embroidered figure can not so simple, able to send flowers to inhalation of comprehension temporarily confused mind does not say, but according to hallucinate gold floral efforts toward not firm or repair is not high,Coach Sunglasses Clearance, it is very easy to get stuck. This Jinpa efficacy and strength of their holders have a great relationship with Bai Ling is now the strength of gold has been able to play a certain power of this Jinpa. (To be continued)! ~! .. <

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