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04.06.2013 09:21
rebuke Zhao Gang who was a young antworten

> rebuke Zhao Gang who was a young people in their 20s. WWw, QUAnbEN, cOM the person wearing and these soldiers are no different. From the temperament of the whole person, and the other soldiers to see this person eye point of view, the identity of the person I am afraid not general. Maybe hire these people is the young man. Zhao Gang grabbed Li Tao, want to clobber Li Tao. Even Li Tao kill the mind have. Can see the young man looked at his eyes, Zhao Gang can only bite a tooth loosen collar caught Li Tao hand. Steadied himself, adjusted by Zhao Gang ruffled collar. Li Tao looked indifferent stood watching eyes full of fury, Zhao Gang. "Mr. Li, also ask you to talk about the details of what is going on here. Why do my people just boarded the peak will be rather baffling to die?" The young man asked. Li Tao looked at the young man, crafty king said: "son, come here before I talked to you, don't go anywhere, at any time possible. You just don't listen, how, see here the terrorist. To tell you the truth, more terrible things behind." Zhao Gangyue listen to more angry, unable to bear the he wanted again, but the king's eyes stop. "Mr. Li, you will clear things. Let my people go action. If you don't cooperate with me,air jordan store, will inevitably have to use some means. I think that so many people in here, I'm afraid you're not the only one. Just like that, not to be a living wizard?" Wang said the big childe. That he finally said, referring to the leaf maple is seated on the ground. This means very clearly. If Li Tao did not cooperate, they really can kill Li Tao, then find another wizard. Li Tao is not stupid, of course, that name is Wang. But he was a little afraid of the thoughts are not. After leaf maple looked sitting on the face does not matter, Li Tao said: "the living people did a lot of. But know that the Treasury Department, but I am the only one. If I had something wrong, you don't ever want to get that thing." The king's eyes a stare, apparently also angry. But soon will anger down. Only with more than just more cold voice said: "since we are here,Nike Jordan Play In These 2, that treasure even if not you say,oakley sunglasses online, can also find their own. Are we so many people still can not find anything useful?" Li Tao a smile, said: "Nobody said you can't find. But look at me this brother, have a look his way. Think of the two who had just died, you should be clear here is dangerous. If you want to be a hero, to find their own words, but to do the whole army was wiped out. The prepared mind." Hearing this, the king the big childe really speechless. They all saw what happened to Ye Feng. The two of us even dead bodies have not back. If they really go and explore the area's words, I'm afraid there really may be the whole army was wiped out. In fact, Li Tao was also very be afraid of. He was afraid of these people really will kill him. But he couldn't show. Once the damage

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