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within the face of death antworten

> Leave Willow Valley Hou Weiming naturally did not dare to openly conduct flight, this time it is being looked boil without intense manhunt he called his men two Wicked. WWw! QUAnBen! Com and only where this old Liu Liu Gufan around the inside can afford flight gold out of this area can only be honest on land hurry. Weiming live here some day. Many also know some things old Liu Jin Liu Gu Obviously this place is simply not his only residence boom has definitely be restricted Wicked Wicked boom which is to treat those around strong respect. That Liu old chose this place because this place is just a place of Ni climate suitable for growing only here Lingcao Willow Valley opened up and in order to take care of those golden grass that Liu Gu Ling became his permanent lies. According to the little guy says deeper in the mountains there is a square gold old willow another place to live. But he was not always in there old boom and the strength of this distance the average person this may be called a distant gold, but like them strength absolute figures but it is not very far away. Even without comprehension sects Chuan Songzhen so easy bombers, but these people relying on fast speed is the flight should not take much time. Had luck broken fled Liu Gu Ming is relying gold bald eagle flying speed very quickly that time is of the average person is unable to keep up with the boom in flight Bald Eagle gold but at the moment it is not let Ming-hung men with Wicked him flying. Initially, it was not because of taking advantage of strong hair that boil down pass unnoticed before editing the case before relying on natural gas will not be flying Wicked Wicked ordinary attention. But this time its gold Benjamin said in the mountains somewhere in there that are not allowed to boil without strong men eyeliner activities, Sui Ming unknowingly temerity to release bald eagle is undoubtedly a very unwise thing. I believe at this time as long as the bald eagle or "Bai Ling, boom occurred in any of a gold or how long it will spread to boil their tracks without strong there. Weiming but no confidence to once again escape each other's hands, then boil No I'm afraid he is already intense experience before .. Although no strong boil had readily agreed too, if they escape from the smooth Weiming's let bygones be bygones, but now get the message from Liu old look each other is clear that H does not intend to comply with the agreement before this boom can also be understood to see each other after all,Air Jordan 11 UK, "Bai Ling H prosperous after anxious to flag out and his men tear. And had not seriously be Weiming is absolutely not the same thing. Nature is not easily let go of them, in fact, did not hold each other Weiming would so easily let go of his mind. Although the two sides of the contact, but it is undeniable that gold has rarely formed a sworn enemy as long as gold is now much more likely to die endlessly to meet the situation. Today gold strength not broken out but was chased each other in general looked like Sangjiazhiquan fled. In his mind has also long been a disgrace to remember today in the hearts. But he is now too low gas even if the repair is coupled with the strength of men that the fundamental right not constitute a threat to boil without strong gold Weiming therefore did not intend the temerity to die. But this hatred forged Ni be like that for saving their old Liu En Weiming takes down. Even as early as insurance to help their work towards this boil boom brought him nearly killed without intense hatred of Ni in Weiming his strength will naturally come back up after a thorough liquidation. But this time it is not necessary for Sui Ming thinking about how revenge, in face of absolute power he did not have any tricks you can play. Not to mention the other side is definitely not the kind of a good deal of the generation of gold but foolhardy and Liu old par in the mountains have a certain status in the strong absolute evil. Never informed that even broken out over the other side to attack Ni can be met with the person's tough. Weiming intention now is safe to leave. To look forward to as soon as possible to enhance the strength gradually accumulate to an early revenge strength. Although the party has the comprehension of those he wanted to cancel, but the child out but still lightly. According to that old Liu returned before the news, the mountains outside those doors comprehension and demon master now has basically withdrawn Ni these mountains all activities of comprehension number also greatly reduced. Except for some repair to advanced still did not give up count characters, but those figures are not high strength already realized the cruelty of the mountains out prematurely. Similarly many mountains are mostly dormant regression Wicked respective hills, territories retreat went boom after this mess mountains also slowly return to the calm of the past. To clear the original choice because it is a panic to escape under the boom are taking the route completely deviated from the original direction Fortunately, Liu getting old before his departure he would promise to do more mountain a map handing Sui Ming memories. Because this map in the mountains is precious items H Liu old did not want to spread out bombers, after all if it let the mountains outside of comprehension to get this figure then those experts will be more easily into the mountain interior gold, as a result,oakley sunglasses online, the entire mountains will be no peace. Obviously this is not the old willow want to see. Although he is still very trusted Sui Ming bombers, but as long as the map at him, he has leaked dangerous treasure map and therefore this does not give this old Weiming bombers just let him choose a recent boom will line the route surrounding terrain note Ni safer way to leave the mountain. Just let him not think that is the flag of Ming superior memory, though this piece is almost covers the entire mountain vast huge map of the area's enormous boom Sui Ming but still quickly put down the Ni hard because so often hard Sui Ming Kee Kim had some content after the line has such a delicate gold finishing experience so that he will be able to more quickly write down a lot of content. Such a short period of time that the "concave" technique simply can not expect him to be such a vast contingent fang, deputy maps recorded in the popliteal let loose this map Sui Ming That the whole of the mountain with a new understanding. This is the most detailed ever seen Sui Ming's H-shaped figure should be personally drawn by the old willow There is even a boom of its distribution activities of some seven Wicked bombers and apparently these seven areas Wicked strength are very powerful, some relatively weak seven regions have not made Wicked mark gradually let alone six, five Wicked activity area. Apparently only has a strong position in seven of these Wicked able to get into the old stuff getting Weiming Liu came up with this detailed map can be said that security is greatly enhanced. As long as those who do not enter into the territory of the powerful Wicked basically not much danger, and now six of the seven Wicked even weaker threat Weiming already low on gold as long as not more than met Wicked Siege The situation would not have much of a danger. In addition to the old willow detailed topographic map of the territory and outside the scope of the strong is more important is which mark out a special place in many bombers to see out the old man is not only traveled to the mainland and even overseas gradually over the mountains in this million is all over this old footprint. This also broken out on the many valleys that Liu Ling grass has a new understanding of gold should be in the old willow traveled in the mountains directly collected from the boom and should be picking Lingcao while engaged in mapping behavior. Because on this map has many special tag gold mark on the multi-rich areas are some of Aura Gold only that which suited the spirit in which grass grows also have clearly documented. The growth of a region have some cherished Lingcao; actually have a detailed map marker. Thus let this figure greatly enhance the value of gold in the hands if you want to have this map Ni looking for some treasure Lingcao only need to go directly to the prompts on the map to find bombers so can save a lot The seek time, its precious degree is definitely regarded as a hidden treasure Lingcao countless maps. To know one million mountain area is so large. Ling grass growing on them although the number of numerous, and occasionally will be able to see the spirit of grass grow where bombers but these are random Lingcao bombers appeared like picking a specific but simple Lingcao gold in the mountains where you want to find a specific The grass is almost certain spirit can not be done. If there is no deep knowledge about the pharmacological Lingcao bombers unclear Lingcao growth environment Ni blind to find a particular spirit of grass, then you did not expect to find. This information alone can be regarded Lingcao priceless Ming H can be considered even if it is fitted with some insight on this map learned after precious nor by the Department of excited. No wonder that Liu old baby like these maps showed the flag Ming bombers face even with a trace of pride. Weiming just forced to mobilize all the energy of a note that the entire contents of the map, which also led to the beginning of time and did not deeply understand the value of gas to the map until a careful study on the road map when it was a pleasant surprise. See this old pair Lingcao, fetish exceptionally preference boom this map occupy large numbers of such records. In addition to these outer boom Lingcao mark on many of the small area is a blank, and in all those places to make a special logo gold in the surrounding area are marked on a detailed topographic gas are vividly painted these terrain boom after seeing gold as immersive clear but also because of this that the blank area until it is particularly obvious. Weiming is not convinced that he did not write down. In his memory the content is also fully beat him. He has identified those places is really getting to mention the edge of a blank one of the special mark also shows that these places are not general. In Liu old meticulous drawing this map view bombers no image can only be an indication that the place is that he has not seen these places into the special boom also attracted Weiming's interest and attention. Weiming million on the mountain area is vast knowledge of almost no margin gradually varied terrain which can even be said to be dire. Which experts do not know where the hidden gold in some places from now on life in the mountains is a powerful evil are full of mystery and the unknown. That he had entered at the Baiyun Mountain Stream in these evil master, there is a special gold course, there is also not the only mysterious mountains where there is gold in fact, relatively speaking fairly safe place. Weiming hearts of a lot of places on this map are blank range where, and was particularly marked gold that lies at the Baiyun Stream impressively among them the prohibition, but in locations where those gaps be the most common . Because these special markings on a small part of it is unique to the text marked with Wicked "death. Kim," forbidden words of Ni and the like. Sui Ming since learned long ago and Wicked Demon Man Ni therefore no stranger to these words. But obviously it is not clear the old willow The map will gradually clear memory before handing young carers and even personally chose three similar route to Weiming Ni quick note to let him. Multi-choice route is also the reason why the accident occurred when the order can not be from the set route through boom there are other options you can more easily out of the mountains. Now only to find Liu Weiming old pointed out to him that these routes are far away from the blank area appears to be afraid of him straying bombers which are dangerous. Come to understand the degree of risk in these areas and even some of his chilling reason why those places are blank gold gold apparently even at these locations in the mountains absolutely strong as such a strong presence of the old willow are not easily enter. Just by virtue of this point has been illustrated the danger of those places, not to mention Liu old standard ... "Yan forbidden land" is also not to be alarmist, Weiming look natural anti know where. : Old good for him pass this map carefully distinguished between the Hou Weiming is helpless to find these places he can not escape anyway, sooner or later destined one day to go to. Because in which the "death, forbidden. Boom is the most intensive areas, and his memory of a place is very consistent bombers although they know there is extremely dangerous gold ear that he still has to go to the grounds. Obviously there is the ancient bereaved tribes lies. Clearly though there is now a well different ancient past of the former powerful bereaved already declining gradually disappeared, but where there is absolutely no change in gold and seemed in those places there have been some strange things gold That into this special place today. Weiming is known in those ancient powerful witch bereaved family of the old and the degree of the top fighters of the powerful boom pedaling some comprehension strong today, even more powerful in some respects, especially is some mysterious old witch occult comprehension for those who use gas Unlike today's spell, but more difficult to prevent strange and some magical art of taboo even the powerful clan war Shimu figure nor seen bombers because it is needed becoming hugely costly and may even be the life of the old witch, naturally not easily cast boom is said that only in the event of genocide crisis in these circumstances the use of gold even just listening to grandparents Tim legendary figure gold as he himself has not seen Otherwise, such a mysterious thing deep memory of the memory is not no impression as to whether those "death H Ni taboo by launching the art of the old witch caused Weiming unknown. He only knows now, although the passage of time has long gone ancient bereaved gradually but those places but still left an indelible mark H Farm diagram golden memories are wrong apparently these "death. Boom is one part of people surprised that not only did these locations today been forgotten with time but rather as some golden master Jedi whom appalled to danger. Though Sui know those places tomorrow morning first sight Ni know those places not only not "Jedi . Boom inverse solution is becoming the earliest human activity area thugs, that yes yes Tim remembered best place figure. With all his tribe gold Sui knows where he is left up fond memories of places, but did not think now it is into the death. It just can not imagine what exactly is the turn of events will make a vibrant super tribe becomes obvious that the death of the mother figure was arrested in the fall even before the whole entire stage is still in fairly strong since he Cai H is can not know what happened after that up. Although the desire Ming inherited the ancient bloodline bereaved but now it seems there has been a sea change. Longer than the memory of that figure at Tim wonderful home where getting naturally no absolute certainty can safely enter them, it seems to do well even if you want to mention the job well prepared next time also did not want to intends to immediately go boom Although today's big mountain group has been gradually restored to its former situation, you can know the child out, but still full of mountains now a threat to gold especially for him especially. Where he had known from the old willow, these dead, is forbidden places Ni Wicked main attention after the earthquake although many Wicked restore calm,oakley outlet store, but there is a lot of gold did not give Wicked plate cross in these special places to expect to be able to get unexpected benefits. Two years, the long life of these Wicked is therefore not considered what these gradual death, danger from the periphery of this there is a lot of evil in the guard, trying hard not to disturb the Wicked dive bombers Moreover, even within the face of death unknown dangers gold and therefore want to point out is not the best time to go. Not only that it is clearly not endure without strong Weiming and his men give up on Wicked kill bombers did not get the exact message in this hunt is impossible to stop until golden mountains right now millions Weiming is also not Pacific Gold has thus regarded the old place after coming out from Liu Jin Weiming first decision is to leave this place as soon as contentious. Fortunately, although here in seven territories Wicked Wicked gold but only in seven territories where the edges, and soon he will be able to enter into the six evil lies. Walking in the dense jungle gold around here really do not see the kind of the last Wicked exaggerated action scenes hordes bombers an inner collar Wicked Wicked exists only one gold Sometimes Xiang Ming obviously been a Wicked territory. But did not see the evil presence gold more often walking for a long time have not seen a living creature appears. Want to come here is the six bombers also normal activity area Wicked payment in foreign comprehension and here is the big mountain Wicked main conflict of the most intensive sites, the parties themselves can not live in peace Jinfa Sheng battle both sides have casualties is then the inevitable thing. If in peacetime the Wicked there are also contradictory, if there is other Wicked Wicked casualties will quickly occupy these ownerless territory Gold sometimes even because of contention ordinary. Ownerless territory a few Wicked collection bucket are likely to occur. But obviously this is a big mountain for many years have never encountered significant disruption to face situations bombers attack a large number of foreign comprehension gold here is the number of the Wicked even more gradual because of the number of casualties nor damage the sake of a minority Now it seems only because of conflicts through net stop, or even loss of a substantial amount of money because of evil can not be completed within a short term of these territories to the new assignment Ni touches like a convenient Weiming. (To be continued)! ~! . . <

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