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04.06.2013 09:11
Everyone felt from the soul. antworten

> the sky dark clouds rolling, thunder. WwW. QUanbEN. COm the red S è light rapid spread. Soon the ground with a piece of red S è. That terrible, can the crazy flavor, the same rapid spread. In the mountains of the monks, have at this moment raised his head, looked at the terrible breathing source. Although these people have also experienced such a thing. But at that time they were in a coma, don't know what happened. Ye Feng has only one person was still awake. Everyone felt from the soul. Under the smell of coverage,Nike Air Jordan 5 UK, they feel that your heart is a crazy consciousness in filled with. And this phenomenon continues to increase. Ye Feng was also the horrible smell covered. But he is much better than many other people. In his body exudes a touch of golden light. Kowloon map the smell, help leaf maple stop that terrible breath attack. Let him not affected by watching the situation changes. The sky is already a -- lose one's temper. Above the clouds appeared a huge whirlpool. But the blood s è beam leaf maple last seen, but has not appeared. While Ye Feng was wondering why the blood s è beam does not appear, that all over the whole range of terrorist atmosphere, suddenly began to shrink. Just a moment, that horrible smell disappeared in the earth. By the smell of influence, in surprise at the same time, there is a deep fear. Ye Feng also don't understand what happened. He was thinking of is it right? That blood s è column know not against the powerful presence from the sky and give up. Also in the thought of the time here, since the leaf maple cave across the distant, a ratio before more terrorist atmosphere quickly toward Ye Feng comes. With this terrorist atmosphere together, there is a red light. Ye Feng sensed danger, on the body of the golden better some. The hands hold the number of fulu. Ready to fight. The red light with a horrible smell comes in a flash. In addition to Ye Feng's cave, the red light into a can't see the appearance of red S è figure. Although not see his like, but leaf maple can feel, that people are looking at him. It appears in the red S è silhouette,Air Jordan Store, the sky on the huge whirlpool also began to move. The direction of Ye Feng's place. The red S è figure seemed to feel the sky moving vortex,Coach Online Sale, looked up, and then turned to Ye Feng. "I need the help of kowloon. But you become too weak. You enter the monkey exit when come to me." The red S è figure shake slightly, sent a man's voice. Although this sounds simple, but with a hoarse. Ye Feng stared at the red S è figure, a face of calm says: "if I refuse?" Red S è figure silence. The sky on the vortex moves faster. A roar of applause came from the whirlpool. There are also accompanied by a frisson of coercion. Looked up and the vortex closer, the red S è figure finally said: "help me, by your self

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