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04.06.2013 09:06
The R ì leaf maple always come and antworten

> after making the look into the danger zone, leaf maple and no attempt at once. WWW! QUAnbeN! COm before the action, he needs to make a sufficient preparation. Nine days has reached the final deadline. After tonight, the wind will blow tomorrow again. The R ì leaf maple always come and go like a shadow, almost all day can not see the shadow. The longest time even two days did not appear in the cave. His behavior, attracted many people's attention. Gradually, people found him always in those dangerous area around the edge. This night leaf maple sat in the cave entrance as usual. These days, if he were here, he would sit in a cave entrance. He did so with fear and monsters will attack at night. Put in other people's eyes, Ye Feng has become a weirdo. Fang and Zhu Xiaoqiang came to the mountain cave, and after Ye Feng was greeting, and sat down in the leaves of maple. "Leaf maple ah,Crossbodys Coach Sale, I heard other people say these R ì you always in the hazardous area edge around. You do that,Jordan 10 Sale, is it right? Want to try to get out of here?" We de some heavy-hearted asked. "There is this idea. Otherwise can't stay in this area wait for death." Ye Feng said. Zhu Xiaoqiang and the two men looked at each other, Germany,Air Jordan Flight The Power Sale, said: "we did not know it isn't the way to go. But also can go to it. Those old people. You know that. I'm afraid you end up like them off." Ye Feng smiled, said: "I know your kindness. For this thing I knew. Maybe I can find a way to take you out of here." Listen to Ye Feng said, Zhu Xiaoqiang and Chandler are silent. To tell you the truth, for the safety of Ye Feng they don't seem concerned about. They also know that Ye Feng one is really something. The heart is expected leaf maple can find a way out of here. Even this find the way people not leaf maple, other people also. They really afraid he would die in this area. But if ye Feng can easily overpower Yueyang, they also don't think leaf maple can through the killing area. This time, the purpose of it is to persuade Ye Feng not to do it, but rather to determine Ye Fengzhen want to find a way out. "You say if we never find out way. Really be starving here how to do?" Zhu Xiaoqiang in a low voice said. "We can only pray miracle. Perhaps heaven the gods will come to our rescue might turn." Fang sighed. The tone of his voice, full of frustration, full of fear of the future. It is the extreme lack of confidence to live. "Miracle can not appear in waiting, only by the us to create the." Ye Feng said softly. Then looked up at the dark sky. Continued: "the gods? This world really have the gods? If there is, will they really come to help these people?" Ye Feng's words, let the party Zhu Xiaoqiang and Chandler are one leng. Especially the need to create their own miracle. They can feel out of Ye Feng's confidence. But then if in the past you can inspire him

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