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do the little guy can antworten

> Chapter 42 Parting Luo Ming pump power until after the completion of re-open eyes, SG eyes flashing, obviously feel different, his face showing a look of shocked surprise. wWw, QuANBEn, Com little guy when he only had to give him an ordinary mountain eat fruit, but also not too concerned, but when the heat gradually increased intra-abdominal, just to make him feel surprised. Realized that this fruit is likely to be some kind of spiritual fruit, then refining them Luo Ming hurry to exercise our powers of Reiki, but also the spiritual fruit of this aura is too strong, short time to build up, so that the abdomen becomes hot, either Luo Ming timely exercise our powers to divert, probably due to a large number of Reiki charged flooded the meridians being dead. Luo Ming exercise our powers can even ease, only absorb a small part of them Reiki, Reiki most fruit mostly only temporarily attached to the meridians without being absorbed, if not find a way to absorb these Reiki will drain slowly over time. But these Luo Ming did not know. Luo Ming just now absorbs a fraction of Reiki, but its changes in the body is huge, in front of the world has never been better, even ears can hear very distant slight wind, the original hungry body full of energy, so He never like now so spiritual. This allows powerful force has to be pursued Luo Ming excited, and even allow him to forget since this is still in desperate situation, he can clearly feel the skill growth, just after the pump power even by his own skill tremendous changes scared, While spiritual fruit increased by at least a hundred years of his skill! Did not think the little guy brought him so much a surprise? ! Feel a little calmer, Luo Ming remembered the little guy, the other saw this little guy, the help of Luo Ming hesitated, only to see the little guy does not know how to get the mouth Diao a plump pheasant, standing there. Looking forward to see the little guy's eyes, Luo Ming does not know a good gas or funny. Look at the little guy gave him a big advantage, Luo again tomorrow morning to discuss who has been hurt like this little guy, so Luo Ming hands ready to give the little guy to do tons of delicious food. May at this time, I suddenly thought of something, let him into ecstasy. Only half a day to recover, look at the little guy's eyes can already use to describe the frenzy, let the little guy feel very uncomfortable, but ran out so far away, came to a halt, Luo Ming do not care, it is very pleasant, his face full full of smiles. Just to see the little guy's mouth pheasant, Luo Ming suddenly thought of the little guy probably know this maze moves, it brings spiritual fruit,Oakley Polarized, when there is no pheasant, obviously Luo Ming exercise our powers in the when they go out just hunted, turnaround opportunity at hand, which makes Luo Ming how not excited? And let him bring so much surprise survivor and hope the little guy is naturally imagined love it. Situation has changed, the mood is completely different, Luo Ming with little water a little pheasant, costs a lot of effort he was not ready, because Luo Ming this exceptionally hard, so baked pheasant aroma four escape. After roasted pheasant, the Luo Ming as usual and test of a lot of the little guy, let him surprise, after a dodge big into martial arts has also been a qualitative change. Although still lagging behind the little guy, but has been able to barely keep up with the speed of its metamorphosis. Finally, of course is the whole chicken are rewarded a little guy. With the hope of rescue, Luo Ming certainly do not want to be in many places this ghost, try to make the little guy to take him out, a long time ago Luo Ming knew little guy is very smart, but no communication before, do not know can not understand hide. Results found an AC Luo Ming really smart little guy, even able to understand what he meant, which he is surprised and pleased, looking to lead the way in front of the little guy, Luo Ming guess the little guy should be a legendary beast , the little guy so psychic to see if it is not in the mountains Luo Ming really doubt fed by someone else? He also thought so little guy has been followed, but this is obviously unrealistic. Luo Ming knowledge to reveal in the comprehension although very much, but are generally hunted objects. Most of those who saw their comprehension will kill, they reveal who use fur animal bones and other objects refining instruments, magic. Luo Ming, now with the strength, if you bring the little guy, the other comprehension found that he could not protect the safety of the little guy, so it can only be harmful. They reveal only be fed to get recognized by other comprehension, but they reveal people can be fed can be rare, because you want to reveal feeding must reveal unborn or just born to be cultured using the secret law, grew up spirits beast master skills and empathy, and never betray, and only some large sects have such strength to be fed, but the specific tantric Luo Ming certainly do not know. In fact, Luo Ming Chu fruit in the growth of that valley to get the egg snake eggs hatch out of the snake in the future is likely to reveal, believed to contain three Zhu fruit they reveal how to be stronger than its parent, White Snake had two power Luo Ming, but personally seen, but fortunately not yet hatched snake eggs signs,Cheap Oakley Holbrook, or else Luo Ming really do not know how to deal with? If he intends to Aoba trip goes well, think of ways to reveal the secret method to get fed, so wait until the snake was born, their future there will be a big help. This magic array is actually not a big imagination, Luo Ming reason to go back in place for a long time, only to be confused, in a circular motion to stop Bale. Yuehua Jian Luo Ming, the little guy has been with the bones where it passes through the woods, a beast, a man walking in the woods, Luo Ming just feel eyes are a big tree, you can see the little guy seemed not look straight ahead not into the tree, Luo Ming knew it was an illusion, too late to emotion, fear and lost the little guy, and quickly move to keep up. Or just dense forest, but then quickly turned into a vast expanse of the desert, and even the ambient temperature is suddenly heat up, Luo Rao is still around here knew to be false, nor by the laments FIGHTING mysterious. Waiting to see the little guy in front of himself, Luo Ming stepped up the pace, with two steps up, this man a beast kept changing the direction of a kung fu even Luo Ming amazing memory also greatly too much, watching the front speed diminished little guy, do not know how it is to know the exact route, which makes Luo Ming puzzled. It is worth saying that in this illusion in the desert, Luo Ming also saw two dead bodies, it seems they are lucky to find a way out before an illusion, but unfortunately it died in here. Luo Ming heart for these people feel sad at the same time feeling his luck again, but for the little guy and a good relationship, estimated that he is the same outcome. Through the desert after they experienced a succession grasslands and icebergs. Surprised that even in the desert there is an illusion of the body, which is only one person who objects remain intact, turned out to be a small bag, watching the little guy did not care, Luo Ming bluntly kindly, just do not know the bag is doing, Luo Ming did not open, there is no way stood so after only the first time to study there. Let not seen snow around the ice Luo Ming great sense of novelty, a small guy, Luo Ming also know that there would be no danger, so there Xianxin slowly appreciate FIGHTING scene. Along the way Luo Ming does not admire this matrix arrangement from a person. Although they have been caught in the matrix method somewhat innocent angry, but that does not prevent feeling the layout matrix Luo Ming predecessors attainments. Luo Ming just thought at first there is the forest where a magic array, although Luo Ming to see how this matrix subtlety, but just look at the illusion of real and majestic, not to mention him a mortal, even if it is a Luo Ming estimate deep comprehension will probably come to master them. In fact, Luo Ming, now do not know at the tip of the body is an illusion of comprehension of the body. I do not know illusion, Luo Ming Yue found little guy walked up the more urgent, until after they came to a wooden tip illusion before, the little guy is in spite of yourself first channeling out, directly into the cabin. Just Luo Ming also want to enter the time, but the little guy exhumation back, lookin begging to stop him near to. Luo Ming read out from its eyes of these, naturally would not venture into. Since the little guy against him after saving grace gift fruit, plus the little guy is very humanity, Luo Ming is no longer an animal when it is done, but a partner, from small to large, Luo Ming do not have a partner , look out the little guy has its own reasons, Luo Ming just do not understand, just met a few months of this partnership is to meet the requirements of nature. See Luo Ming abandon into the cabin, the little guy looked very happy, jumped to the ground three times, stopped down a slide back to the house. Since we can not come in, Luo Ming naturally looked at from four weeks. Here the space is large, but more to the more unreal scene afar up, just as in previous years, like fantasy, but Luo Ming'm sure in front of huts surrounded by a real. It seems the owner's residence here is the matrix, the little guy may be fed by this man, just do not know why there is in the virgin forest, no wonder Luo Ming weird little guy and they reveal different rumors, rumors reveal see people on the attack, but die endlessly, but the little guy, and he became friends. This is not as outside as there is no illusion of living creatures living around some harmless little animals, except huts Obviously, there is a huge pool of water in the back of the house, do not know why the water turned to look at one kind Luo Ming pressure, made him uncomfortable. Just pay attention to the little guy anomalous light only now noticed, Luo Ming found surprising is there a central pool of land, above the growing plants actually have eaten before the spiritual fruit. Obviously most of these spiritual fruit not grown up, even if the results did not bear fruit until he did not come out to eat big. Luo Ming doubt that spiritual fruit has more than twenty feet from the shore of feet from the small guy so far is how to past mining, do the little guy can fly? Or swim past? Just like trance Luo Ming, the little guy has come back in a pouch dangling from its mouth, and get the same as before, except this bag something bigger and more sophisticated. See the little guy meant to give to him, more than the little guy's good intentions Luo Ming naturally accept. See Luo Ming accept the pouch, the little guy looked very happy, with a shift behind the house, Luo Ming, Luo Ming just been wooden block behind the house and did not find yet another universe, came near to it is found in front of a round table, the above is engraved complicated unknown charm, looks very quaint. In the little guy's hands, the Luo Ming stood round a central, but the little guy did not keep up, this time without the usual lively little guy's face, his eyes seemed to be somewhat dismay. Although Luo Ming do not know how to leave, perhaps round table is the gateway exit door, he did not know too much here are the same as the fans, which makes him even more urgent wants comprehension. There truly feel the small guy is to be separated, though with a little guy wanted to go, but Luo Ming know here is the little guy's house, and only where it is safe, natural smile on the little guy laugh, Luo Ming told the little guy a chance to see it again. While there are many confession, but obviously time does not permit it. A white flash, round table has no Luo Ming figure, only the edge of a petite "squirrel" standing there looking a long time for this round table, indicating that all this is not an illusion. "Goo! Goo!" Suddenly churn up pools of water,Jordan 1 Shoes, with a huge monster waves reveal a row showing a body that looks actually a very huge frogs. This giant frog appears obvious momentum awakened little guy, little guy not only did not just run away scared, lightweight counter to jump to the giant frog's back, and soon the two animals would slapstick up very obvious rapport . "Alas!" Then heard muffled groans coming from the hut. ! ~! . . <

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