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> Chapter 45 asked to see the mountain breeze gently blowing through, driving in front of clouds far, inhaled deeply, slowly flowing refreshing feeling chest abdomen, refreshing feeling of spirit of the people startled. Www! QUaNBEN! COM this Dubhe peak Reiki is very abundant, rich degree, Luo Ming, even ordinary people can clearly feel this, think of who sent him back to say before leaving comprehension, let him sigh. "This is not freedom of the mountains in addition to outside,Oakleys Juliet Sunglasses, it can be said to be a paradise on earth, and mortals in this life, you want longevity of centenarians is not a problem." This saying of the man to be a little, however, there is here Aura moisture, living a long time is naturally good health and longevity, if a martial arts master also excited to be here, at the foot of Luo Ming my practice I felt a lot of skill significant growth, not to mention now estimated peak of Reiki will be more abundant, Unfortunately, Luo Ming can only imagine that he is still stagnant. That in the present circumstances, Luo Ming is confident with his efforts without taking any silver bullets, in his lifetime reaches the realm of birth. But this idea is only in the brain, thought for a moment, it was he rejected, do not say the time-consuming for too long, as Dong Xuan said, where mortals without any sense of security, the average person's life is not one of their own hands, Such a life is not Luo Ming want. Luo Ming now do is familiar with the environment, and then look for the opportunity to meet high-level martial art, get well soon be able to wash pulp Dan comprehension. See the distant sky flying colorful brilliance from time to time, he knew it was in the imperial flight comprehension, think that one day he can fly in the sky, Luo Ming emotion. Dismay look back, calm down the mood. Now is not the time to think of those, be familiar with the surroundings is crucial, Luo Ming now this town is quite large, the size of the entire city is the largest city that can accommodate thousands of people, but now it has only 30,000 people. To the mountains to see the original in a city this size, really scared Luo Ming-hop, in his opinion this is how much you want to spend a project to build such a large scale in the hillside of the city! ? Obviously this is not a human can accomplish. Everything in the city are also mortal management, mortal life in the city and Aoba disciples are near or far with kinship. Here on the mortal limitations, very relaxed, far from the law strictly secular world, due to the long isolation people's ideas are very simple, if there is no comprehension of those that is not to say this is paradise exaggerated. Here people can carefree life in the city is the only comprehension for those who can not be violated, and if offended comprehension, but it is not powerful patron, then the consequences are very miserable. There are many such examples, from generation to generation, but also makes people born on the comprehension for those who have fear psychology. People here greatest wish is to own home can appear a comprehension, so the whole family status will improve a lot. Fortunately, most of comprehension are just one practice, the average person apathy, but generally will not be difficult. Like Luo Ming heard that called Vincent's comprehension only individual person. In fact, these mortals still very useful for Aoba such a large school, after all, are usually food and clothing expense comprehension for those who can not do it yourself, so mortals is also indispensable, in fact, as long as you do not take the initiative to succeed, unassuming, self-cultivation self-identity is not going to fall for a mortal hands. This information is Luo Ming listen to his new neighbor said, lived in this city is not spending, because the room very much, as long as relations managers agree that under the registration can be. Luo Ming came with sentence comprehension for those who completed it. Luo Ming had just moved into a new home until it met a neighbor, his new neighbor, surnamed Li, three-ish, very warm and witty man, claiming to be knowledgeable. This man is a Zilai Shu, Luo Ming called him Brother Lee, whose father was comprehension but also a master of the base building, unfortunately perform martial art in a task, and then not come back out. The Lee brother and mother had each other, do tailoring every man his mother, and he helped in a restaurant kitchen, in addition to the points meals a day is a lot of free time to. And the city, like most people, he is also from small to large have been living in the mountains, have not been outside. The outside world is full of fantasy, this is the one that Luo Ming from the secular world, the very reason for his enthusiasm. Look out Brother Lee very honest man, Luo Ming Man is still very accurate, ordinary people encountered here are very humble large, rational, rarely seen on the outside as secular as snob. As perennial work in the restaurant of the reason that the Brother Lee really know quite Aoba door of the things he has in the restaurant occasionally patronize comprehension, which makes urgent comprehension for those who want to know the message inside the door leaf Luo Ming very happy, after all, Dong Xuan also just told him some mortals should pay attention to things. For the comprehension of things mostly did not elaborate. Luo Ming insinuations of inquiry, Luo Ming probably know some sects within the comprehension of those things that make him laugh and cry is that this is some nosy neighbor potential to be heard from him many of them are seeking some male comprehension Female comprehension of things, if combined together is alike. Comprehension for those who are generally not alike fertility, so be unfavorable disposition comprehension, but also have a deep affection for exceptions, parents are comprehension for a large proportion of children born are Cultivation body, but the proportion is still mortal majority. Consider also, in this mountain so many mortals, I am afraid there is a lot of the case. Luo Ming am not too enthusiastic about things for men and women, perhaps because of childhood shadows, somewhat inconsistent, in the eyes of comprehension Luo Ming immortality is the most important. Because you can not ask too obvious, like the Brother Lee is something extra for the men and women got the idea,Cheap Oakley Oil Rig, Luo Ming will hold no harm to learn more about the idea of ​​two people talk to each other up until the time is coming to dinner, which bit only because the work was left dismay, Luo Ming seems to him to let him speak very over customs longing also said after a while, come back at night. For the enthusiastic brother, Luo Ming naturally welcome, which also made him feel a little strange environment warm. Taking advantage of the quiet time to digest today, he should make known some of the things Aoba door. When things like time off soon, Luo Ming still thinking how to do the next time, it was already dark down. In the evening Brother Lee did indeed come up, and non-Luo Ming pulled to his home for dinner, Luo Ming grew up alone, for such a passionate person felt inadequate, the last really fail to beat him is hard-hauled the door. Luo Ming Lee saw the mother from the elderly treat people well, a living Luo Ming heart nice and warm. Until the night to rest, Luo Ming's eyes are not closed. So Luo Ming spent the first day in Aoba. The next morning, Luo Ming came outside the town, walked toward a building. After Brother Lee's explanation, he learned that the door With escorts coming into mortal comprehension although rarely, but every few years there will always be twelve, and Aoba door handle this sort of thing is very fair and even deliberately set up a special agency to deal with such things, by the authority of the elders presided over a prestige, has not heard of anyone under the black hand out the snatch, but there are no forces to be mortal get elixir after by some influential martial Elder higher price to go things often occur. As to whether those mortals voluntary, Brother Lee did not say, but Luo Ming can guess to. Since it can be smooth elixir, Luo Ming decided not to wait, this is the only chance he could comprehension, how can not give up. As someone afterwards strong buy? ! Luo Ming ruthless colored eyes flashed, and he was in the mountains nobody worried, alone, afraid of what people naturally threat comprehension for him the most important, as long as they pay another big comprehension and then the willing. Go pretty soon, Luo Ming came to the destination, one looked very ordinary construction, here come from yesterday sent Luo Ming Chuan Songzhen far. Building does not have any signs pointing either Brother Lee, Luo Ming impossible to find. Aoba door like these comprehension out of place, are generally large doors open, move Luo Ming took a deep breath and went inside. Because here not only deal with escorts make this important matter, also received a number of foreign offices scattered repair and major faction of the disciples, and some other sects comprehension of those things, but these people will have someone sent here, so it does not clearly marked. Into the door, Luo Ming saw a blue to the front, where four generations of disciples cross-legged meditation practice, hall no other person may be sensitive to the people come in, there is no other openings Luo Ming, this man had been opened his eyes. One pair of small eyes, but very god. Luo Ming saw a mortal, can clearly see the eyes of disgust look. "What matters to the procedure of the house?" Conceal this man impatient tone,Nike Jordan Play In These 2, probably because duty was reluctant to ask for such a sentence. "There are events to find the next principal elders, please also inform about trouble."! ~! . . <

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