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> Apparently did not think that before being killed dragon is not the only existence million but there are still deep in the mountain dragons exist, but did not think that this almost extinct species within one day after another appears. wwW, QUanbEN, coM this dragon from very distant places could have sent this monstrous coercion of view, it is definitely a dragon is killed before the dragon than the much more powerful. Angry breath coming from the other side able to sense the feelings of this New dragon, just do not know each other and what kind of dragon dead relationship? ! But to live so close, two dragon inevitable relationship is not shallow. Moreover, a family of other powerful dragon races, the members of the family are united in ancient times if a few dragon encounters occur simultaneously, that is some big faction did not dare to provoke each other. Obviously, this sudden appearance of a dragon,Coach Crossbodys Clearance, a large presence of several ghosts beyond repair expectations. "III, VII Pro ago not to say that there is only one dragon, why is there such a misfortune?!" Ghost repair the two highest repair ghost repair one of them. This questioning is against the orders of the leader just said, his voice has some gaffe, apparently shocked by this sudden turn of events to. Language with a heavy anxiety, the distant sound of roaring sounds that there is some distance, but for the master, this distance is around the corner, and the presence of this man's cultivation is the second powerful, natural from a distance that feels great in what coercion. He has this question. Apparently also not sure if you suddenly out to dragon land status. It is in that direction Million Mountain inside. Wicked level from there to just die than to at least some powerful dragon. Dragon family time, although it will in habitat and adult dragon live together. But have a care of themselves after the dragon will be able to live apart from their parents **. Clearly before this repair has mastered several ghost dragon to the situation here. But did not think this neighborhood is actually there will be a dragon exists. In just exterminate a dragon to the case but it is also necessary to face a much more powerful dragon. Hear out of this ghost ghost repair restless leader in shock but it is still able to repair tolerant. He did not hear the tone has the slightest confusion. "Now say they have no meaning. Now want to leave here as soon as it has been impossible. Quickly folded closure Long nails if the other strength is not strong, then slaughter a dragon this way we will go really big harvest." Weigh pros and cons of this man for a moment and said decisively. "Even the strength of the opposition, getting ready to leave can also be more secure grasp." "NINE You will seal Long Long Long nails folded to be covered up corpses etc. End the situation here to do additionally treatment. "Then he quickly told Road. "Mysterious three, four mysterious haunting life as soon as you two front patch is good,Totes Coach Cheap, although earlier this array is not compromised, but the damage and repair it should also be able to play at least 50% of the strength." This person a few neat distribution command, a few ghost repair some confusion finally restored calm. This leader then has achieved some results, especially because of the success Dragonslayer before and built up a strong self-confidence again inspired by its out prior to repair several ghost kill a dragon though, but just after encountered a crisis people did not have time happy. Today is mentioned, there is absolutely powerful dragon not imagined even aware of the strength of the next occurrence of even more powerful dragon, but it also has put away those unnecessary panic, and soon began to get busy again. As for being a leader, and did not do this ghost repair actions, but direct command from the giant ghost would come. Also considering the other things, especially the two men has been launched for a long time. "Mysterious seven, mysterious thirteen down for so long it has not come up?" "Just looking for an inner alchemy, it should have come back." Speech clearly reveal a disgruntled tone, apparently acting on the two men adverse feel some dissatisfaction Heart angry. The two people that water is among the six lowest repair, I can see these people are distinguished from each other by Arranging, and seems to be more powerful front Arranging more powerful. This approach is clearly distinguished companions and ghosts door has a big difference though ghost repair of comprehension practice a lot accomplished this martial art as long as the ghost gate a natural in front of me were able to send a team of six people strength. The martial art is generally not have this capability, call from these people are also able to see some clues to the level of strength in the Yuan Ying ghost repair should be based on the "mysterious" character named followed using digital to distinguish, as OBE but also on the level of the ghost to repair a few numbers to distinguish among the princes should be number three, the other a ghost OBE level repair is known to be NINE. As they say, who before the 7th message should be to bring out this man, this man's strength should also be OBE level master, just listen to the 3rd and the 9th conversation this person seems to have died. But no such general martial great strength, from Arranging also known, the other on the level of comprehension OBE there are at least nine, as Yuan Ying is the number should be more levels, the strength of such a powerful ghost repair organizations on the mainland is also rare. Leader who has just exposed impatient look, just floating underwater one person. "Intrinsic leaders, such as the bottom of the pool has been completely under the search again, even that is located in the deepest Dong Fu also viewed the dragon, but simply: There are traces of inner alchemy." This person replied cautiously speech, tone even with with a little apprehension. "Thirteenth still underwater search, come under the first report it." This person failed tone became more and more because of the weak. His words really so unhappy princes, though you do not see his face, but the atmosphere around the obvious chills with a trace of a dignified and difficult to understand that this person bad mood. "Waste!" "One dead, two large living so long still did not find!" Heard this he could not help cursed. Estimate if it is so when special circumstances, he has been shot even punish each other. Before because all the attention focused to the dragon's body, as long as the elimination of other natural Shoudaoqinlai alchemy, but if an inattentive gave dragon chance, you are bound to the inner alchemy does not exist. Therefore simply too much to care about someone's whereabouts inner alchemy, the result until destroyed the toughest dragon, go looking for alchemy immediately when there is not even found traces of comprehension of natural knowledge of God is so powerful and apparently nedan Even from the Wicked body, short-term but also impossible autonomy disappeared suddenly disappear is impossible. A ghost repair natural first thought was to do before dying dragon's hands and feet, in any case if not impossible alchemy did not blew naturally disappear out of thin air, and therefore sent two men underwater search, but the result is that for a long time or even nothing. If all the water in the usual big can find a careful search can always find, unfortunately at the moment the situation is simply not allow them to do so. After being scolded, called mysterious seven ghosts afraid of silk repair complaints, but rather obvious relief. "Please chief pacified, under which go looking." He said cautiously. Results did not think that it is approved by the princes did not wait, but rather a bit surprised to hear the chief command. "Can not find the words to put aside these things, anyway, do not hurry, first go up quickly thirteen such notification mysterious enemies repulsed after carefully looking for later." Boss said after careful consideration. Dragon that apparently came to this person a lot of pressure, which, though showing very calm, but had to proceed with caution. This man is very some means, a short while on the layout of finished all tasks. See that this person is very set layout looks, actions are also a few people who listen to this arrangement before the deal can be said that the dragon is very successful, the parties will basically not much loss of one monomer powerful dragon kill. Dragon's body has a moment to do a simple process, all of the letters Long nails have been removed the body too late to deal directly close up. As for the giant ghost has returned to its original size of twenty feet, as the matrix was forced open and was then quickly pushed it up, this is just some legal column matrix severely damaged more, temporarily unable to play its full vent strength. Relatively speaking, the defense of this matrix is ​​not really the role of the largest, most powerful part of it contains numerous fierce battle formation in the soul. Before being killed apart from that part of fierce dragon soul, then the whole elaborate matrix depletion is not very heavy, even repair again in a few ghosts added some fierce power of the soul after the matrix has been elevated to over half of the . Also did not wait for a few ghost repair precaution necessary, an monstrous coercion has come near. Fortunately, this time from the return of the mysterious underwater seven mysterious thirteen just come back strong to let the ghost repair side of the lineup is fairly complete, but after seeing the dragon came when a repair is not because of the lowest repair rush ghost back some lucky, their true feelings but it is hoped has been hidden in the water is not to be found. Appeared in front of a mountain like a monster, is still a dragon's body, and before the dragon looks like, but it is worse on the volume too much, the same self-released earlier coercion and also quite different . Great body like hills in general, entrenched in the air because of anger filled the beholder to repair for a minimum of two people can not even stand firm, constantly shuddered. Suddenly a huge shadow in the sky suddenly disappeared, a huge dragon stature as instantly disappeared in general. But apparently few people not only did not feel lucky, momentum is more than the just unbearable. Because at this time the opposite was originally occupied by a huge dragon body CKS sky standing a look of frost volley man. Only adult dragon before it could change for the human form, but the real terror is the case, because the lowest adult dragon cultivation are seven Wicked strength. And seven of the dragon is the ratio of the overall strength even fit on the same level of comprehension even stronger one, which was comparable to the presence of crossing the robbery, has apparently been the most powerful presence on the continent, but this time in the presence of Faced with this crowd did not match the strength of the master. See this person nuji expression, this time because of its natural repair kill the ghost dragon and been out of anger, imagine this person to face the monstrous anger, not only is the repair is low,Nike Jordan Flight The Power Sale, such as mysterious seven, mysterious thirteen The fear, even the highest repair it on the 3rd and the 9th time also all feel despair. ! ~! . . <

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