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in which even the strength antworten

> A few people are very understanding of the selection retreat, but did not think just turning, not take two steps on the road ahead was blocked. This person is ~ = clear, pale cold watching four. Although dominant in numbers above each other a few people it is simply dared not resist, stiff in there even dare to move half a step, for fear of a bad angered the front of the master. "Also, please predecessors indulgences, unfortunately I waited just passing through, as here are all the things I have not seen, and even the things I'll wait to see the seniors will all be tight-lipped." This person said, respectful and cautious. That's what a few words in the peak of the late Dan knot comprehension, this person is likely to be little brother who land promising. ~ = To find out since they are naturally found on the trail of a few people, are bound to know a few people saw the whole process of struggle, fear ~ out things here do not want to leak out, it was first promised. As a few people with the things he naturally will not take the initiative to admit, we can only hope that the other party that is just a few people that happen to pass it. With ~ = Ming shown the strength point of view, it can be said to kill a few people is not a very difficult thing, so this is also coupled with guilty people have such a reaction. ~ = Clear at this time is also considering such as disposing of these people. "Just over it? Appears from several lujia start to follow the old lady, right?" Thought for a moment it said. He claimed old also cause a few people to give a false impression. Is a great age of people. After all green house on the same realm and Yuan Ying is able to live a thousand years on earth exists. And when Jin terraces can also change the appearance. Therefore looks alone do not see high comprehension to real age. Demonstrated the strength of the green house. ~ Ming even said he had a few hundred years old. I am afraid that there are people who believe it. He had just finished this sentence immediately let a few people face became pale. Apparently now known ~ out even knew these people exist. These people obviously know that they simply did not ill-wishers before ~ ​​= amount Ming kill that person acts in fact similar. ~ = Bright eyes staring cold and few people. Think before that damn worm is its repair is easily killed. Think they are the same place to head. And that insects outcome is to make repairs to a few people could not help generate fear. They did not look behind him to look fear heads bowed. A trampled submissive to follow two end Dan comprehension for those who behind. Front two fairly better. But his face had looked very pale. But still pretending to cheer ready to give his life a Competing there is something wrong. If comprehension end Dan has some damn tool. Right on the Immortal Infant comprehension and ability to fight once to build the base of comprehension for those who they did not have any resistance to the ground. ~ = Ming said these words a few people's actions apparently all see each other in the eyes, a few people still benefit from that to a final party before the opinion is that they simply do not care about them anyway. At this point has also been useless to explain, and even annoy each other direct shot, may be in trouble. ~ Out now just want to let a few people a horse, or only recklessly a way, though not the same result is not very optimistic about the next words out ~ = let a few people finally relieved, survived a great feeling. "Look at your hands and other parts have not also tantamount to save his life, if you take it seriously before the shot hit the old lady, then today may not so simple!" To see a few people smile revealing surviving only then said . "Naturally,Nike Air Jordan 10, I am, and that some lujia origin, and this time you have to help other master alchemy, look at the land and your home such as Master's face this thing the old lady is not investigated." Listening ~ out to speak, several people face Fortunately, at the same time on a busy non-stop thanks. But then suddenly increases ~ out of coercion but it is so few people have been relaxed mood, but again tense. "But saying ugly things in front of her husband does not want other unrelated people know, if the future should not let the old lady heard some rumors heard so few people have to be careful, but just simply do not trust the old lady to ensure just need to find a method for the job, "he said looking pensive, apparently wanted to use what means to deal with a few people. ~ = Ming does not intend to kill as few people here still Dan Ding door sphere of influence, if hands here probably attracted unnecessary trouble, the most important thing is that a few people if an accident, even promising that Lu do not get involved are bound to be implicated, who is also good for him to do so only consider ~ = ming finally make such a decision, as to say how to deal with a few people, but the ingredients are more intimidating. But this alone can also let a few people feel some fear, a few people to land promising junior in the sector led, who is very clever and very will be a man, naturally not really intend to make a decision such as ~ out, if true ~ = let them out a few people to make a decision of a lifetime restricted, it may be finished in this life. Immortal Infant comprehension but there are many powerful means to control a low-level comprehension for those who can not be regarded as a difficult task. Thus taking advantage of the opening ~ out yet, when this person rushed to please road. "Please be assured predecessors, I waited in this swear an oath under the heavy thing to say today will never go out." Said very simply to take the lead demons swear, and several others are also very smart but also hastened to follow swear , a few people have not yet determined the heart of the magic of the constraint ~ out naturally can be assured. As to whether it will go back and look for other land promising trouble ~ Ming has been said before and terrestrial sources, and look at the Lu family's sake only let a few people. Even if these people really want to go back to the merciless anger Lu also promising good think about it, with ~ = out of intimidation in front of a few people naturally will not be easy to provoke, and he related figure. After this, the end of things here, many thanks ~ out to a few people sent away again after fighting back just the place. Mysterious repair dead insects, but ~ = Ming still is some interest in this person, after all, he is the first encounter insects repair, but fortunately this person level is not high and was shaken by the strength of ~ out, this easily win. Results, etc. Remove the cloak to see the true face of this person is shocked after ~ out, he found that the person who actually covered with scars, look at these tiny scars apparently was caused by a number of small biting insects, that even his face is full of scars, it seems not so good when insects repair, and it is no wonder this people do not want their true selves. As for the person's body ~ = Ming naturally not very concerned about, kill all afraid to kill him for revenge may have been behind the fire burned the bodies, they took the body of this person soon left the storage bag , the direction is naturally all the way south. On the way he finds time viewed an insect that repair storage bags, one for installing the Wicked storage bag should be placed dissimilar to those previously released peak insects, but insects are ~ out those peaks burned, because these insects class is not so much the loss of ~ out is not very concerned about. Actually installed in the other remaining items of the storage bag he found some very special things, other bulk goods and general repair almost, but this is indeed a lot of personal home, although almost always began with several thousand dollars lower Lingshi stacked together is not a small number, no wonder ~ out previously able to compete in the bidding at just do not know whether it is the same as the previous heist come against him. Estimated that a large number of these are attacks on some of the same repair is not high comprehension come. If ~ Ming hidden strength, if the real end of Dan comprehension for those who this person really is on the danger. Although now that he's net worth quite good, but he began to send home is still very happy, in addition to some of these began just outside the bottle Holds a variety of insects and even less food like the blood of a variety of animals, as well as some valuable detoxifying agents. Mostly deal with the demon worms or insects although very low level, but it is for ~ out some use, in addition to ~ Ming is still intact in a closed box found some other insects larvae eggs, but these Larvae eggs he was not familiar with the appearance of some of the features alone can not know the name of these insects. In addition to these interested him most was a jade Jane, we can say that the dead insects repair can have today's achievements are all thanks to this jade Jane has done. If the material is not sent ~ out should be just a casual repair before birth, got While jade Jane before starting repair the road this insect should have just started, but it is tragically killed in a ~ = Ming's hands. While jade Jane is a summary of the life of insects repair expert Yu-Jane recorded his findings known to all the demon worms, insects, and some powerful recording just adults or even eggs are recorded. That worm eggs collected ~ out repair has also identified the source, is a strength equivalent to a Wicked armored ant larvae eggs, this armored ants does not fly, defense is very strong, able to secrete a corrosive solution, corrosion holes some of the hard rock layer is actually very powerful. Some actions can only be on the road to deal with the beast, and lower Wicked useful, but for ~ out such a high comprehension is useful. In addition to the demon insect species are described, in which even the strength of these insects to make a detailed description of how to tame the demon is not only insects, and even their habits and preferences are also clearly recorded down, with this jade Jane thought To be successful in the insect repair or not difficult. In fact, the strength evaluation and repair insect fed by its own strength are inseparable demon worms, insects repair itself,Coach Bags Outlet, of course, also determines the strength of his ability to recover higher level demon worms. Yu-Jane recorded the insects repair guru called white magic worm but a ringing demonic figure, and even ~ out all heard this person's reputation, one thousand years ago, is a fierce name momentary, albeit OBE it is because the repair is fed by a strength comparable to five dissimilar Wicked demon worms, white chilling and powerful strength. This person also so this demon worms and achievements I, Wal-Mart,Outlet Coach Bags, the siege of many demon worms can even direct confrontation fit of the strong presence of people are afraid of this, but later because of this person offended a large faction comprehension, the other martial art that sacrificed Some manpower, this white magic worm was eventually fit several of the master siege death. Just do not know why this record magic worm's life experience of jade Jane will eventually fall into a repair is not high comprehension hands, While Jade Jane if insects are those who truly know is bound to find ways to get the repair, ~ = Ming get after it also very interested in understanding the details of some of the demon worms. He also has a demon worms, but Zijin centipede demon worms and most different, you want to flocks of breeding is impossible. But more about some of the information demon worms, for his trip was good. Since then all the way actually very calm, all the way to study the contents of Yu Chien until ~ Million informed to the peripheral edge of the mountain. ! ~! . . <

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