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> Three hundred seventy three chapters succeeded release feijian the same time,Coach Outlet Sale, they see it brought close to the Custodian of the piece now has swollen to nearly ten feet long scarf behind, rely on a defense even close to the square purple Line rat attack, move rapidly channeling the past. wWW, QUANben, cOM other side Zijin centipede head came as a huge volume of his feijian also accurate with Jianguang swollen to several feet long Zhanxia toward putting the demon worms, and he is taking advantage of this short gap the two parties have not encircled from a small space before the position you want to drill to go. The reason is very little room left him down because Zijin centipede itself is too large, its body is like a wall generally occupy a direction, not only that the body wants ran past dense inevitable sharp foot was seriously injured, with a long body, head although open to attack escaped, but still stop living body in front of most of the region. This person also knows purple line is relatively weaker rat attack more, there is a barrier magic square can be said elsewhere, as long as able to successfully get rid of the demon intercept insects, from the front, surrounded on three sides to get rid of the crisis of being attacked even Purple Centipede able to catch him again. The speed demon worms he has long been known, that even the fastest it can not go out before the road block that gap, as long as it has the ability to escape he could get rid of this threat to his life out there. Moreover, as long as there is a purple centipede at his side, in order to avoid accidental injury even Ming Yin Lei to have to use more carefully, it is not generally Yin Lei magic, able to distinguish the enemy attack under control, as long as the power of Yin Lei are all within the scope of its destruction will be. The result was that everything is in accordance with the collar expected, but it is born the last moment of the accident, appeared to be passing through that road very small gap, but never imagined supposed to escape feijian but will head to avoid sudden Zijin centipede faster, especially his tail at an incredible rate to completely blocked the gap. He never got a chance to escape from there, only that the matter of his soul is also concerned about the situation around, is it not only did not escape the demon magic worm attacks, but rather that huge mouthparts sudden closure under attack That piece has a very high grade surface feijian magic instantaneously burst of light sparkle even after losing light. At the same time a shrill "crunch" sound sounded, the hard sharp feijian actually been damaged there are some small cracks, its worst places even cracked a small mouth. Fortunately, this human sacrifice refining magic to time is very short. And he is not very close contact to mind. Magic has been greatly damaged after which he has not been hurt too much. But it is deeply shocked to live. Because demon worms to body size has not changed though. Essentially they gave birth apparently changed. Suddenly appeared on the body of the third pair of wings. And immediately the momentum entirely from five to six immediately enhance Wicked level. But on this momentum changing do not leave land. The presence of three pairs of wings to purple centipede While listening comprehension today have not heard of. Does not mean that this person can not know what this could mean? ! Although five to six initially only a small late to improve. But its essence is different as day ground. The more each one reached an advanced comprehension gap between the ground are hugely. If the gap with the mainland state level is not obvious can contend in words. Just as law enforcement has brought magic to the immediate circumstances can contend with him a higher realm to five high Wicked. But you want to leapfrog to six to challenge powerful opponents Wicked strength to basically say there is no chance of winning. Two is simply not comparable. Like an OBE if you want to kill an Immortal Infant comprehension to comprehension would not cost much to do the same. Although there is no OBE demon worms that magically means of comprehension. But also has its unique place advantage. But while the battle to occupy an absolute advantage, but if the Immortal Infant comprehension really desperately want to escape, but also to retain, the reason why not let the purple centipede when it appeared to show great strength, but also out consistently caution before making a decision, often hidden strength can play wonders. Eyes suddenly saw an incredible scene, did not think the demon worms actually been in hiding strength! It was originally intended to lead law enforcement even have to escape suffering minor injuries, but also there is no escape from the demon worms after this time he's a very short distance, the face of sudden acceleration demon worms let alone escape such a short distance, and even The attack is the other leading law enforcement simply can not escape. Coupled with the magic of his body in blocking other attacks simply can not timely return to aid, but it is on hand at the moment there is no decent means of defense, fear, despair, just look in their eyes, countless claws it has to be torn into pieces scattered, wearing his clothes although has a good defense, but the face of so many claws simply can not do enough defense. This led law enforcement experts have not had time to even scream out, the body will immediately be dismembered, looks very tragic, a few pieces of magic but also because of the loss of command directly to stop the attack. But all this does not completely end, leading the top of the fairly complete skull of a sudden flying little villain, Yuan Ying is this person, this closeby but also mentally prepared tomorrow morning So clearly see the appearance of this Yuan Ying, which is a narrowing of many of the old image. Image is vivid, his face full of anger and fear seems to have some just appeared on the surrounding environment suited to, see, a tired look, panic looked Qiaokan intend Yuan Ying, like that before Now choose a direction Dunzou. Unfortunately, the Ming have long been eyeing this person, with the last mistakes, naturally can not let each other easily escape, though, is the face of Yuan Ying times, but he was aware of common sense, and also before like a good deal of the law. The nearest Zijin mouth a centipede, a white cloud, jet between its hugely mouthparts out a wide range of Yuan Ying even that fast, but after two too close, direct by mist enveloped in them. This is not a white mist in the body of toxic purple centipede, but is entirely composed of pure chill, chill place demon worms like a long time the body naturally gather up a lot of cold, but it is used to attack ineffective able frozen things, even the air around the earth there will be some tiny ice crystals. Yuan Ying Although there is incorporeal, but let Yuan Ying cold itself is not happy, is not only able to delay the speed of its movement, even if it is too cold chill Yuan Ying sanity will hurt the moment it can be caught chaotic state, the result is still the original high-speed fly evasive Yuan Ying sudden meal, significantly reducing the speed down. Although freezing damage is not able to maintain for a long time, the other party if such a state of adaptation speed, though affected, sanity is soon to be sober, but a very short moment to be able to decide borderline result. Yuan Ying not wait to fly near the ground, Zijin mouth a centipede have arrived near to the body of its inhaled this before but it is also a master of the mighty has been swallowed into the belly of the monster insects. Immortal Infant comprehension, but this demon worms for nourishing thing that can quickly enhance its overall strength, which is the main reason for the Wicked to be cruel bloodthirsty, mutual devouring demon Dan is a normal thing. Wicked demon Dan and comprehension of the Immortal Infant and Xiufo relics, these are for the Wicked is to a certain extent to enhance its strength, but not much to enhance the strength, the spirit of most of this absorption power will be wasted. Of course, this is the strength must also be swallowed almost the same job, if the strength of the differences between a low-level evil demon wants to absorb too senior Dan without its rare large, even spiritual power because of the huge body directly Chengbao possible. Not only is Wicked so, some comprehension Magic also have some evil ways others can learn to enhance comprehension of the Immortal Infant or relic repair, and this evil teachings than the evil demon Dan absorbed more efficiently, and therefore often hunted Magic Even with the door left off the right way, the reason being called evil ways this is also a reason. The right way also means you can take advantage of some special places absorbed directly into the demon demon Dan Dan refining or upgrading a repair for immortality, but this means to enhance comprehension ground concentric bad,Oakley Hijinx clearance, unless it is some of the extreme desire to enhance the strength of the ground Use comprehension adventure, and even some people would secretly like depraved general repair refinery upgrade Yuan Ying, of course, now that things are meant to be done secretly. This behavior is generally not the right way to do so is comprehension, comprehension for those who truly master to target the comprehension Cultivation Avenue disdain so naturally, and then devouring demon Dan, Yuan Ying's behavior but also for the right way disgraced. Although able to absorb Buddha repair refining monk relic but that is a completely different situation, different Buddhist relics and Yuan Ying, Yuan Ying has a real soul and spirit of complete comprehension existence of its own, and other comprehension compared Apart from having no outside body almost no difference, refining and justice Yuan Ying is undoubtedly substandard. The relic is the purest form of Foli, after refining not only harmless, but rather be able to disciple their own pure Buddha repair spiritual power. After the monk Zuohua fact is not really dead, just out of its own reincarnation from repair, some of the esoteric Buddhist monks even strength reincarnation can be restored soon after the memory of past lives, their physical reasons but also because the soul must be suitable for repair Buddhism, as long as nothing else could start again to practice, but can once again reach pre-existence Xiufo height, and even higher achievements. Wicked devouring demon Dan and enhance the strength of the Yuan Ying is a normal thing, Ming Yuan Ying no means a good deal, Zijin centipede is his most powerful tool, and now nature is to try to enhance its strength down. Swallowed Yuan Ying, the demon worms again fell into lethargy,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, which is to absorb the inevitable Yuan Ying situation. Out of their income to the storage bag, he quickly began to take action. After all, is not safe, although he pushed hard, but also to use the hidden strength of Zijin centipede can still spend nearly two engraved only to kill. Bald eagle has reached this point, even from behind him at any time may come naturally not do more to stop. That will be his most valued collar Custodian of the storage bag and a few pieces of magic quickly away, but after waiting for the results of rat purple line. In fact, Zijin centipede make a final attack when Ming already know the result, he waited at the front to ensure safety, as the purple line is the use of mice sensitive perception of its careful search in the vicinity up, but unfortunately mine explosion that Yin power too strong, part of the goods have been destroyed. Bald eagle again until a warning knowing each other pursuers approaching, began dancing and Wicked will be merged fled toward the West. ! ~! . . <

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