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04.06.2013 08:19
veins veins as not many guards antworten

> Ancient treasure under normal circumstances are powerful. Www! QuanBEn! COM like this largely invisible cloak effect. Not a little offensive magic and rare ancient treasure apparently. Luo Ming insight at least does not know there is now genuine comprehension for those who will have such a powerful ancient treasure. Stealth weapon can actually still there. But to escape the high comprehension of the soul is not much magic. Such magic although not directly allow comprehension to attack. But sometimes it has special effect but it is able to play an unexpected effect. This is the case now. The cloak draped over his body. Because Luo Ming has been refined over this ancient treasure. Can play a large part of which efficacy. In the eyes of outsiders did not find his trail. Even the air are completely concealed. The same level or even higher than the one realm of his particular attention not only abnormal. Although little hole in front. The depth of which was able to find that contingent is amazing. Apparently out of fear of the outside too prominent only this particular design. It is not from the outside of the cave exit would not expect a broad range extends inside the crossbar. Luo Ming into them initially discovered cave just less than ten feet high. The results will be more and more the more spacious cave down together. This is also a form different from that of elsewhere. Top layer is not strong. Soil can even be said to be relatively loose. Otherwise, there will not be here till farmers. But deep into feet deep below the lower, but after it is another big picture. Hard rock began to appear. And the more down increasingly hard stone. Along the channel | Start there excavated traces. But also more spacious up. Rock has also been very thick. You will find here is actually a walk there is a natural cave. Obviously,Nike Jordan 2 Shoes, this cave has existed for many years I do not know all the hard rock layer is the sudden appearance of a huge cave. I do not know why because even in the lower depths of the formation of such a wonderful caves. More difficult is that this can someone at the hair. Luo Ming came here obviously found someone traces of their activities to be installed on top of a cave amount of fluorite. Different from the previously dark passage. Here are exceptionally bright fluorite decorate. Pour all the magic stone. All kinds of strange shapes of the stones scattered in the cave four weeks. What is surprising is that the square, although there is no one fluorite trace. Although no one here can not mean here to prevent it is lax. Just before the hole he felt God's presence a few. Of course, not directed at him. Clearly these are the soul is constantly swept the entire cave. Three of them end Dan and two heart soul of comprehension has always existed in the peri. There's even another one is at least mid-Yuan Ying powerful soul from time to time | Guo nearby. Fortunately, he was more confident on ancient instruments after a brief concerns on stabilized after all this is his first time in front of the power of this magic wand verification. Facts have proved that the other party has not been able to find his trail. Although the mid-Yuan Ying repair | by Luo Ming quite afraid. But he was not worried as long as the distance is not his arrogance too close to each other. It should be no problem. To know comprehension reached this state after Luo Ming intuitive spiritual knowledge have reached a very sensitive step. Even if the distance Luo Ming can stealth too close, then these experts are also likely to cause the other Immortal Infant comprehension of note right on a big master Luo Ming trouble. Since no one in the Luo Ming will be no much scruples. Through the initial period of baizhang long cave. Soon came the next level here is obviously bigger space. It is located at the cave before the apparent position of the higher layers. This is obviously at the bottom of the cave much greater. Just reach several feet high on some of the common side ten Shu Zhang Gao. Surrounded by clouds with a large number of stone. And this place is the cave where the aura suddenly become very rich. Careful observation will be found to expand the aura is not Wangwaimian on all gathered in this layer is obviously a kind of spiritual matrix poly exist. No wonder Luo Lu line no special feeling before they feel living in an ordinary cave. Here it is different spirits have been very strong. However, and this is the inseparable relationship began with veins Luo Ming came to this already become extra cautious. He did not think of this in the form to be so special. And the other side of this very different vein. Luo Ming Guang seen some veins. Those outside of the square has a large number of mined comprehension protection. The exchanges are basically mined within the mining disciples. Although it is closely arranged at a glance. If the means by Luo Ming and now you want to dive into which naturally is very easy. But here it is not. Luo Ming, currently do not know the layout of this cave defensive situation. This is very prone to sudden and unexpected meet high inside. Ahead of the opponent's attention is not caused by Luo Ming want to see. Fortunately, Luo Ming before this have not encountered each other's comprehension. In front of the cave is not completely closed obviously other exports. His location is near the top in the cave. From enough to see most of the space under the cave. Below the walls of caves were dug out a lot of the sarcophagus. This huge cave and apparently does not like that before the transformation has not been a lot. Clearly | cave by the amount of layout before. In addition to the other wall around the Fang Zheng Guo. Shimen Cave except for that whole middle was a very open. Luo Ming note that due to the middle position of the cave was covered began. These began with the lowest level are the Intermediate began. Many of which are senior began with an important position. Carefully look this is a huge array of poly-Ling! A luxury 'is constituted by a large number of stone poly spiritual matrix. No wonder Luo Ming entered here discovered Reiki concentration and outside such a big difference. There should be a number of high cultivation of the square. Sarcophagus in the wall outside the presence of different prohibitions. He found in this cave soul swept more intensive. Mid-Yuan Ying comprehension of those who know God has been present in the caves around | never been away. Cave a clear focus on preventing these soul of the square. There has carved out a huge artificial cave. Both sides in the hole at the base of the building stood two level of comprehension for those who guard. Luo Ming some doubt is that he is not in this direction that cave prevention rather tight. Fortunately, this time of many hands in the following sarcophagus. Let cave were exceptionally quiet. In addition to two of the comprehension comprehension for those who have not found any other traces. Obviously this place is the gateway point veins pass. These experts would not otherwise sits up here. Luo Ming, after careful observation of the cave discovered in addition to knowledge of God that is everywhere around outside and found no other trap | So be careful Piaoshen fell next. Quietly go whither cave in touch. Even his magic cloak build the base of comprehension for those who stood in front of party does not detect. Compared to the four guards around him more nervous is that several of the master sits sarcophagus from which the outgoing master soul really look at this a lot. And repair are at least the end of Dan's repair. General sects do not care stone veins and good job. Although great promise began guarding the mine. After all,Cheap Oakley Fast Jacket, all those sects can. Embezzlement can not casually. Unless it is above reward usually no one dared began with just possession. If the sentence is found but sin faction. Began looking at a lot of the to is not in vain. But after all, but a great temptation began. Even knowing that severe punishment, but rather take the risk so people are still there. Regulatory constraints alone against the door that is impossible workable so many years the various sects have a strict management system. Mining and basic comprehension for those who can not be managed by the same group of people is clear that these people should also do so. Many experts belong manager. Of course, it can be said to monitor the people they should not participate in the mining. Moreover, according to the degree of importance began sending personnel mines the number is different. Some small mineral mining as not many people. Not many people naturally guards guarding of comprehension but in general which is not a lot of powerful. But some of comprehension than mining high repair is certain. And mining is a non-hazardous environment is complex under errands sometimes sudden fire magma. Or spray the poison even in a moment of self-cultivation is not the case investigation may also killed. Mining and therefore are basically built the base period and the following comprehension. And mostly not high qualification. These people are not high because of the repair of the original qualification requires a lot of flowers plus costs in the comprehension above. Forced mining is quite upset. While guarding the environment compared to - all. However, the benefits of the heart there is not much difficult to master all these mines were factions monopolies. Suddenly people who dare to seize the veins veins as not many guards guarding fact | If the defense of mining. Second,Jordan 5 Shoes, contrary to fend off enemies. If someone really bold | grab another strong even difficult to guard against. Because the most important are the deep veins which began with. Under normal circumstances veins guards are often rotation. Even the guards at the stores are also short term from Lingshi Lingshi ore mined. Under normal circumstances sects will send occasional removal began. Even if someone wants to take advantage of the veins in fact not many. And pay even want to compare how much better than the basic fishing:. Baoshan is sitting powerless mined. Apparently began mining are long-term task. Even the control of the pulse. The true control of the mining helped mining impossible a short time began to much. Veins on the continent does have to grab the scenarios. However, those situations are often behind their veins involve the various sects of this powerful forces behind the overall competition. If the martial art was to exterminate its hands veins began to strengthen self-also by other forces to win big. Under normal circumstances and therefore began with mostly minerals guards would be the end of Dan level of comprehension. Even the larger veins. Caused by excessive mining personnel unmanageable situation. Just send more end Dan level of comprehension. Veins would like immediate comprehension level Immortal Infant sits apparently because of the special circumstances of this Luo Ming know this very well. However, here is set to become the only way out. In addition to controlling prevention so tight inside of mining. One aspect is to prevent the outside of the unknown danger. Naturally want to send some powerful master only foolproof. ! ~! . . <

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