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way after all mainland leaders antworten

> After hearing the words of Brother springs, ~ = Ming could not help themselves. "This contains all the demons of senior classics, either repair Momen also, or demon, ghost repair books are all in here." Qingquan said. The entire hall looked inevitable that some classics s heart, although the collection is not the right way here of other sects Cheats, but not to say that on the ~ out useless. Magic but not specifically refer to the repair of human evil,Outlet Coach Bags, which also contains a demon repair and repair of these ghosts is not tolerated by the existence of the right way. The reason why these are classified in the Magic exists, mainly because these people are killing others to injure the people or to help comprehension practice a majority. Because the separation of different categories of Magic comprehension of human evil repair, Wicked and even some evil spirit, evil spirits are included, and therefore the wide variety of Magic books. And therein lies the required ~ out, just as the demons were, yin and yang kind of demonic evil comprehension for those who were, in fact, in addition to the spiritual power to produce the right way contrary to the nature and outside, coupled with some of its practitioners are evil, insidious means, the essentially sacred trees were, meditation Valley this martial same. Part Magic cultivation Cultivation martial in nature and is much like, but also building the base to form a baby saver until the last crossing the robbery, and even the immortal realm of comprehension for those who are completely identical, and therefore in practice the experience and Arcane cultivation and in both are extremely similar. (*, *) Although the Magic's practice exercises too bloody, but are some quick way to enhance the strength of the insidious, but many of Arcane ~ Ming is able to learn a lot more directly able to attend because he is not only there is one kind of spiritual power Buddhist spiritual power can be applied. Cultivation of spiritual power can still be used, and in part Arcane Magic is also not considered insidious, but it is used by the Magic. There the brothers beside springs commentary ~ out soon to know these gallows Yu Chien content. "This is where the prohibition jade tablets, Young want to see what is self-created books, but after reading must be placed in the same place, otherwise the brothers but to bear dry lines." He half-jokingly said, laughing, but come up with rocket full of spiritual power to ~ = jade tablets handed out. "Through this hall, the next room is the right way of other sects books and exercises, Young free to go, where the ban is still able to open this jade tablets." Chat before the time ~ out already and he illustrates this The purpose,Oakley M FRAME Online, in addition to myself what do you want to send the books, but also into the densely scripture library, access to the temple that he was going the other way when the collection of books, but the eyes revealed undisguised envy look, ~ Ming also see each other in the eyes flash that is not a trace of jealousy, although the brothers to hide very well but he still found. (**) No wonder the other side would be so, that place where the collection is not what people are able to access, in addition to the top of those venerable temple can enter, the low one generation to the elders of a Buddha repair although envious but did not have a chance enter, repair is less than a certain position in the temple did not even know this place exists. Of course you want to enter the low-end disciples which way but it is not no, that is too much on the elders held a token of people, or have too much on the elders led personally guarantee can be allowed to enter them, like springs so no background These two approaches are the elders will not work. The temple of those top books on springs so ordinary elders who are attracted to the non-fatal, he was able to practice to the point where now been easy, because there is no background to the case can only attend the temple ordinary power law, up to a certain After the contribution is able to obtain high-level exercises for practice. (*) However, senior and top exercises power law still has a big difference, whether it is to enhance the repair for the state, also, or when power than fighting Gong practitioners advanced comprehension for those who simply can not top power law and practice disciples to compete. And therefore those of ordinary temple Disciples is extremely longing for those top of the power law or Arcane ground, so the springs brothers to have such clear expression of ~ no surprise. Obviously this person is cautious people, that do not understand ~ = clear intention to send books, although they did not immediately want favor with his watch, but under the guise of envy, too curious beg token elders looked on, apparently wanted to check ~ out to true identity. After all, he has not previously seen in the big occasions - that they only one side of the edge, the brothers although very common, practice all day, but just know that it is not so good to fool ground. While pretending to know ~ Ming is unlikely, but still a bit cautious confirmation. After seeing the token, right ~ out more enthusiasm, naturally there will be no worries, after which he got jade tablets focused introduction about those precious books where, after they got the message and left. Although he intends to befriend ~ Ming, but also know that propriety, comprehension of the people some of the time taboo disturbed. (*) See ~ Ming is really interested in these books, as ~ Ming meaning he did not ask, as the temple elders will know propriety. In particular, he knows ~ = Ming is the identity of the elders of Foreign Affairs, but also know the future ~ out is to go out walking, when dealing with demonic disciples are also in contact with other major sects also a common thing, to know more about other faction The power law books is understandable thing. With ~ = Ming to the place, he left. After that ~ = Ming will play a large number of books to watch, here are some of the most crippled Magic power law can appear here are at least intermediate exercises. Most incomplete books are left before the layers of the power law is clearly low disciple who was a disciple of Buddha Temple after removing collection out of these exercises ~ Ming not interested. He is the top power law practice exercises, and although these demonic power law practice at an alarming rate, but hidden in them, and his own work method compared these demonic power law is strong in many of these naturally will not look the. However, these books are not completely undesirable Magic, ~ out that these fancy with these exercises some magic tricks in the play, and which documented the many strange secret law. (*, *) Fortunately, most are not all secret law to divide according to rank, and many of them are practicing to high depths will automatically upgrade Arcane power, but there are also graded as was his practice of that mine Yangzong "True Yang Lei India" is the most top secret law, but also is divided into four parts differently, the power of gradually increasing, but this secret method after all not much. ~ = Here to find out the number of a lot of secret law, although most of the power is not large, but wins in the strange and surprisingly, these worthy Magic in Tantra, most of them reveals Xieyi. Arcane even some students but also with the mortal soul to be able to play some of them might want to practice tantric huge success must also aid comprehension of the soul job can be described as extremely vicious, but also precisely because Magic will is the right way will not be tolerated. ~ = Ming found here, there are many superb books really exist,Oakley Hijinx Sale, which relates to the demons were in such a manner as Momen large faction of the top power law is the most, apart from handing out these demonic Buddhist Temple is the main rival, the main or because only these large faction have years of continuous heritage. For those middle ground, or even smaller sects within sects want to find the top places immune power law, even if some of the town's secrets are mostly incomplete faction, which is mainly every few hundred to a thousand years will be the outbreak of comprehension war, so that the entire continent comprehension are involved in, these small sects Daughter of the disaster would have been accidentally, you want to have a complete pass down nature is extremely difficult. (*) ~ = Ming classics here though is serious but did not intend to read all the books here, it is clearly unrealistic. He only expressed an interest here just to learn some friends to come here the way books, stay up on thirty-two days also similar, if ten days to stay here, do not go half months, I am afraid there even brothers who springs is also justified. Therefore ~ ​​= that he is just some of the more selective choice of special memories Arcane forced down, these are the top most Arcane secret law, focusing on those who wrote down a relatively comprehensive Tantra, mostly those such as demons were such a big collection of some martial art books. A look at these books is the temple senior expert from the hands of those demonic master was, after all, whether it is those elders, and even His Holiness walking out are likely to encounter battle, kill each other to win magic and power law is a common thing to do . Not only that, since the size of the Temple Buddhist Temple since experienced a lot of comprehension for war, by its exterminate the martial art, there are many, access to loot natural minority. Natural those valuable items are carved up by the temple master, as the books have to do to send useless all together again this is it, and because it is a martial art heritage books, these collections is the most perfect part. Do not send the entire floor exercises consisting of collections of jade Jane say some exaggeration, but for the heritage of the Buddhist temple for many years but it is entirely achievable. Not only are these secret law, but also for a few Wicked ~ Ming picked some of them useful classics. ~ = Clear springs brothers just stay here for three days, two days where the Magic books, the last day before choosing the right way Arcane lies. Compared to Magic's books, far fewer books the right way, but here are the top Arcane is not a lot. Buddhist Temple is the right way after all mainland leaders martial comprehension, it is impossible to collect another faction openly Town School secret code, this kind of thing is a hassle if spread out. On the same original ~ = Ming and Qing Yang Master participate with their fellow comprehension of that meeting, Qing Yang lucky to get mine in the town faction Yangzong Secret Code "Yang Lei true India", although this level of secret code to get temple up, but it is not on here. But will be placed in a separate extremely secretive place during storage are to prevent leaks, at least mine can not be learned Yangzong. Although ~ Ming Kee in a lot of secret law, but this is only a preliminary selection of fact, he did not intend to practice law too dense, even reached the green house of the time, but in his opinion is still very tight, and therefore fundamentally without too much effort learning a lot of secret law. Attend too many secret law will only lead to what they have learned too complicated, there is no benefit. Such touches as their specialized study a few doors big powerful secret law, in great power can be generated miraculous. Farewell to the springs after the line ~ out he went downstairs, he rushed to the scripture library in a secret location, that place where when you access scripture library, belonging to the forbidden door, there is no certain fundamental status can enter. The daily scripture library will have a lot in and out of the disciples, which naturally can not let these Sim dense low-disciple known, so Chuan Songzhen located in a remote location where, only that road also Jidao tight or bright points or the presence of dark, low-level blocking disciples know the truth. ~ = Identity all the way out with the elders went smoothly, came outside Chuansong Zhen is being stopped, turned out to be a guardian of the Venerable Chuan Songzhen. There is no way out can only produce ~ = Master token, the other took the token looks for a long time, and finally returned to ~ out to see him be able to fully pushed While this token, this allows access to the transmission ~ out array, the extent of its tight so he secretly surprised. ! ~! . . <

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