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04.06.2013 05:53
After the emperor to sweep antworten

> at that moment the 333rd chapter demons come cover at the head of the hat off, many fairy have a surprise. WWw. QUAnBEn. COMWwW.CaIHonGWeNXue.CoM them s è moving up, one face is not at the station in the leaf maple where. "You" "you're alive" many fairy said. At this time the Ouyang Jing tower, there are those who are tied to the fairy, also a s è moved. But they are genuinely excited, and the fairy, but is not willing to everything in front of me. Some never seen leaf maple real appearance of the immortal, not veiled in black robes of the, is the leaf maple. There are many don't leaf maple this person existed immortal, is not clear for those fairy is such a performance. With these fairy dared not words fall. The scene suddenly quiet down. Small J ī ng: sweet, completely ignoring the catwalk in immortal, with Ouyang Jing fell to the ground, those who be tied to the immortal. And unlock their bondage, but also help them heal. Those who watch these people immortal, want to come forward to stop, but it was a powerful force to shock went flying. All the wounded. "Lucky, not dead. Now need to talk, you had a debt owed." Ye Feng said with a sneer. Ouyang Jing see leaf maple, eyes have tears. She stood looking at the leaves of maple, eyes never left. "Ye Feng, you're still alive, we are very happy. But now the world is very complex. There are a lot of things, you are not around." Five spirit fairy said. Ye Feng no, he looked at Ouyang Jing,oakley eyeglasses sale, and those of R. Once these, almost all of them here. In fact, there are people who are forced to, will help Ouyang Jing. Like a golden hill, Yi Anping et al.,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap, they, even if not help Ouyang Jing. After Ouyang Jing, will be their turn. Rather,oakley sunglasses cheap, and all the people together, against the emperor. The emperor was to get rid of Ouyang Jing, of course not because Ouyang Jing killed into her territory. In fact, the dead, is sent to the emperor. He did so, is to completely erase all the Ye Feng people. Let Ye Feng once admitted by many immortal Lord's disappearance. So he has the opportunity to put forward new proposals celestial master. Let those who have been using leaf Fengzhi thing to thwart his immortal. At the same time, also can use at this time, to fight the five Ling Xian Chun et al. "You are the leaf maple? Well, sure enough. We thought you were dead, didn't expect that you are still alive. If so, the emperor to have a look, you have the ability to save. The emperor to let you die again." Sitting high on the emperor said. The beginning did not know the identity of the Ye Feng, also do not know Ye Feng fix. Emperor have scruples. Now see Ye Feng's face, more feel Ye Feng body that very weak breath. The emperor, at this time is relaxed. In his eyes, moving hands, will be able to leaf maple. Ye Feng is still not, his hands a rod pike. After the emperor to sweep, pike

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