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04.06.2013 05:49
Using only stone piled up a simple antworten

> 327th chapter even bargain temple after Hu tower group moved to here, to cover up. WwW. QUanbEN. COmWwW.CaiHongWenXue. this is a very simple temple. Using only stone piled up a simple house. In addition to the removal of a statue, there is no longer any decorative items. Even for the sacrifice, No. The statue is three or four meters high, the overall dark. Although the ch é NgR é n, but the six arms. If you don't see six arms of words, this statue, very like a very rough stone. In the statue's head, with three eyes. Which is located in the vertical eye closed position between the eyebrows. The other two eyes glaring eyes, big mouth with sharp teeth exposed, forming a very fierce face. Ye Feng entered the temple, the temple is no exception. The moment Ye Feng entered the temple, he felt an extremely weak fluctuation. This fluctuation, is from the statue. Ye Feng, because of his arrival, just let the statue has fluctuation spread out. Spread knowledge of God, to the statue. The God of Ye Feng general quickly enter the statue, to the fluctuations in the source. Ye Feng could feel, his knowledge of God is rapidly through a land of darkness, finally come to a place. Where, one be at one's last gasp, lying where. The devil, is dedicated to the ancestor of the gens Hu tower. That's in the war, seriously injured dying fiend. General God condensed into leaf maple leaf maple to look, lying on the ground of the Lord. The Lord and the statue as long as like as two peas. At a time when he is struggling to move the body, want to turn the head to the leaf maple. But he was too weak, simply can not do. Look at this almost dead fiend. Ye Fengman brain question. According to Hu tower group, is this the offspring. But the Lord, can give birth to offspring? It said that this guy can no X ì ng reproduction? Still falls upon a cell,Cheap Oakley Oil Rig, then turned into Hu tower tribe? Weak fluctuation intermittently from the devil's body out. This fluctuation, interrupted Ye Feng's thinking. Ye Feng after watching see fiend, hand in the body a little, J ī ng pure heaven and earth force into which the body. The LORD had a weak body, immediately got some recovery. See this fiend slightly back, Ye Feng immediately hand back. He has the ability in a short within its cure, but Ye Feng did not do so. He was the first and the fiend and chat, then can decide to help him is it right?. If Ye Feng didn't feel the need to help you,Oakley Polarized Outlet, let the devil, emerge of itself and perish of itself. After leaf maple into the temple, Hu tower group people, all looking at the lying on the floor of the fire wolf. Although they did not dare to close,Air Jordan Store, but also the fire wolf surrounded by. Just leaf maple said, they all heard. Hu tower tribe many, all became very excited. Especially for some of the older generation. In the past, when Hu tower group also strong. His tribe, is there are lots of demon. Although those demons strength,

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