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But soon found itself changes antworten

> Where passers-three hundred and seventeenth chapter focus three hundred seventeen chapters focus, the entire transfer process does not continue to use long. Fam distance to the outside already reluctant. This short distance transmission Luo Ming already experienced several times. But this time, because of special circumstances he did not show very special. Also not stupid enough to just fiddle with the point. In the moment he began sending hiding in the crowd in and around those disciples standing immobile general appearance. No outstanding place. Even his soul are carefully incorporated into the in vivo. Luo Ming waiting outside clearly know are bad for those who can fool. In the moment of entering into Chuansong Zhen know immediately after leaving unexplored he immediately becomes cautious. This is also for insurance considerations. Prevent conscientious found him and others are different. Before entering the Fam Luo Ming leader of the people outside know that is not easy. Just two fit on the level of master let him not the slightest effect. However, the old man had been seen several seven Wicked. But precisely because of this Luo Ming was more careful. Who meditate too much on the elders of the valley who is also better. Just fit the initial repair. And look at his attitude is one only knows its master practitioners. Also | Bit Blood Sun Lake "ghost" protect some may not simple. He is not only a fit mid-repair. The process and its fame is not relying on non-stop to the practice. Because blood YangHu specific blood refining the law. He was able to achieve such a repair is only one possibility is that the killings from ever be able to practice out of today's achievements. This may just killing strength so simple. Can have today's achievements not only covered the bloody their minds are bound to extraordinary. Such people must be careful effort also ruthless. Luo Ming is now the biggest problem is his amendments to improve too fast! This is his only concern would be suspected places. Although the Fam trip Luo Ming feeling experienced a lot. Especially in the mysterious space. The whole process almost always accompanied by severe pain spent. In that silence under the illusion even accompanied by severe pain. Give him the feeling that struggled to live. Although experienced many. Gives the illusion as if it passed a long time in general. But in fact,Jordan 3 Sale, the whole journey has only Uncharted short days of the time. Such a short period of time can be shed from the junction to the navy directly enhance the late peak. Such lifting speed in the outside world impossible to achieve comprehension. I am afraid that even if it did say no one will believe. Precisely because of this. Luo Ming, although some people may have concerns about suspected him. But while such a Luo Ming, he did not deliberately withheld. After all, there are also fit on the outside of the master-level presence. He is very difficult to conceal. He knew factions outside experts that is up only slightly puzzled and surprised. Because Uncharted has always been a miracle place. Often even before the emergence of ancient magic. And each will also be able to to some rare Lingcao lot of strange things. These unusual items often appear. But did not explain. A long time, people have long been accustomed to a rare all. Of course, some disciples into them out of luck when it can directly improve high cultivation. This situation was also so this is not surprising. These cases Luo Ming after its existence remains no longer an accident. But it remains a large faction of the ancient legacy. Some lucky people to be able to quickly upgrade repair some of immortality is not surprising. But he is quite a special place in that elevated too high. Some of his disciples just before the break a state reach the end of Dan level. Like his blue period such that even the notoriously tricky territory when you are able to break through some of the combat too magical. Him like this though too prominent. But because no years Uncharted exhibit too mysterious. According to his estimate is up to cause some people envy it. He estimated that even some doubt. That was sent up to the high-rise called for questioning it. However, there is all the disciples amnesia this point can be utilized. Luo Ming He could answer any of them. As a large faction disciples. But also greatly enhance the repair. The other is not used against him Arcane view of his memory. These Luo Ming is not worried. Able to demonstrate today's repair comprehension for his future road development is undoubtedly good. Moreover, now he has a powerful patron. Just moments transmitted. Luo Ming felt that road master of atmosphere. Wade Venerable very likely not matter. As long as he was able to master as lucky come out from Fam. Luo clearly believed his safety would not have a problem. Because as long as the master to come out alive. It shows that he must be able to enter into the next realm. Be the comprehension top exists. This progress is just a matter of time difference Bale. It is many years out of the master from Uncharted acknowledged iron law. Never had an accident. As long as these predecessors sacrificed in battle. Will be very short time to be able to break through the bottleneck! There is such a strong backer Luo Ming as long as not to show too much doubt. Even if there are other big faction will not make life difficult for his question. Weed imminent breakthrough Venerable care. Luo Ming, do not worry about his situation. In fact, he'd look forward to in the near future Buddha repair able to break through the bottleneck to a new level. After all, he also sent from the green house on a small step. As long as the master in the martial art's status improved. The secret identity of his disciples naturally in the door's status improved a lot. When there are sects and the support he was able to master quickly crossed this step. For like a Buddhist temple is such a big school. Luo Ming further help is not a difficult thing. Luo Ming and therefore he can soon look forward to a period of up longing for green homes. Standing thinking a lot Chuan Songzhen center. But he was not a plane. And those around Dai Li's disciples expression generally goes. When the transmission ended. Suddenly in front. Never had a moment he felt a burst of cold breath around drift off. Soon hidden into the surrounding white mist. Those white mist began to rapidly disappear to show the scenery outside. Then his keen found around disciples began to change. Those cold breath Luo Ming is no stranger. In Uncharted this time he basically stayed with the girls and young children. Together with the previously has not changed and the other time before or eccentric than fighting over. Girl emit green light. Containing atmosphere is this chill feeling. Obviously after a Fam. Acting on the body of the girl around the other disciples breath began to dissipate. Each has their moment came the Fam those disciples on the lifting of controls. Without control of these remain in the chill breath of the other body also followed quickly dissipated. Lost control of these amendments is a good disciple will have a restored sign. Such signs are also increasingly obvious. Qing felt around thirty-two disciples awake. And started its activities. Luo Ming also learn about observation slow start up. They found the place at this time,Coach Outlet Sale, though still living Chuansong Zhen. But it is not that they enter Fam Chuansong Zhen. Had | a Chuansong Zhen But in Uncharted internal. They are first entered into the Uncharted Chuansong Zhen sent only after entering through a dangerous jungle that office. Now look at the surroundings only to find there is already a Fam outside. White fog has dissipated because the outside he found the crowd standing around distant. It is those who come here to witness the magic of those factions Uncharted core members. Uncharted opened factions and host master. He was fit to take into account two impressively standing near the front of the master position. In addition Luo Ming also pleasantly surprised to find in addition to dozens of disciples around him outside. Plate sitting around there could stature. These turned out to be those that stature since entering into Uncharted predecessors did not see no master. It seems at the moment of transfer of the master breath he felt was true. It is also sensitive to the master of the atmosphere. He had a premonition that the master was still alive. Luo Ming was just puzzled until they master these masters obviously no longer at that Uncharted Chuan Songzhen. They are able to appear concurrently Chuansong Zhen. See the number of these experts is not a lot. Rough looked less than thirty people. Master chef seems they encounter these situations they, lower than Luo Ming disciples also dangerous. The first time he discovered the presence of the master. Wade Venerable plate at the moment is sitting there she looks pretty good. But from his pale face tired filling point. Master now the state is not very good. But other than those low-level expert look. Master what it is today is considered good. Some experts who have been scarred. What looks like a blast being injured. The body of the clothes have been dilapidated. With their cultivation who actually have a more or less damage. Looks embarrassed than not as beggars. Luo Ming first arrived at the master's side for law enforcement. Wait master slowly recovered. Because he found that these experts are lucky though came back alive. Not just by the trauma. Most of them suffer very serious injuries mind. Has reached serious proportions must immediately treat. Otherwise,Oakley Active, the consequences could be disastrous. Fortunately, these masters are extraordinary. Basically live for a thousand years old. Instinctively began to exercise our powers to heal almost all self-help. Expert in healing time for comprehension is also the most vulnerable moment. Luo Ming naturally can not let the master and the slightest makes a mistake. Other door elders found some disciples there are also rushed past law enforcement. Although these people have lost his memory. But soon found itself changes. View stood to gain from this trip. Evident in his face lighted up with these disciples are different. Elders who did not find traces of the disciples obviously been no small blow. Some revealing flawless look. Some even show frightened look. Apparently because he knew and did not come out together into the elders. Fear that they will be very severely punished. For some disciples speaking. This punishment even people living death. Of course, most of these disciples Magic disciples. Not all are willing to follow their elders subglottic disciples entered. That demon door just as the Advanced beast. They are also looking to enter the casual repair some low human comprehension to enter. These people live or die in the eyes of those VIP is nothing of. If these senior Wicked able to smooth out all that said okay. If the disciple can enter the master alive failed to come back. One can imagine the consequences of these forced disciples will be more miserable. Several disciples look drastic change has been in the edge of out of control. See the bad from the outside, immediately sprang a few shadows to fall upon. Because the strength of the gap between these people can not even revolt was quickly taken away from the Chuansong Zhen. In addition, although some of his disciples did not come back because the elders were very sad. But it looks fairly normal. A decline soon Chuan Songzhen back to this camp team. Huge Chuansong Zhen immediately open a lot. Now only stay in one of over twenty sit cross-legged around them seniors and juniors. Luo Ming undoubtedly one of them. Now these people will undoubtedly become a presence in the limelight. Luo Ming aware of the special circumstances now. He could not leave alone stood master here. That is impossible. And therefore he did not hide the repair was soon found out those masters. Inevitably attracted the attention of these people. For a time he and Wade Venerable this position to cast the majority of the attention. (To be continued.)! ~! . . <

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