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but also to his childhood antworten

> Chapter 2 childhood life experience two small daughters Luo smoke only six years old, born very cute, young age, often naughty naughty, but it is the most was Lee's favor. WWw! QUANBen! COM Luo grace a symbiosis with four children, in addition to the three Lee students, there is one that is Luo Ming. Luo Ming's identity is very embarrassing, was not yet born is destined to the ups and downs of his life. Story is very old-fashioned, just because Luo grace of a drunk mess, leading to the birth of the Luo Ming. Well there is only one being the wife Luo Li, the couple have never been married for many years Luo En concubinage, nor is unlike thought but never dared to concubinage, so my mother was just a servant girl Luo Ming Lian concubines are not really. And Luo grace never care about the son, born Luo Luo Ming En even none appeared. Even the name is Luo Ming mother played in Luo Luo family seems to have let his surname is a big gift. Luo Luo Ming's mother is a house maid, named moon. Is very small when they were sold to the Luo family, when she was too young, and even home do not know where the moon is the name given to the Luo family after starting. Eight years ago, when the moon has completed a vivid and moving out of a big girl. Young and lively, sensible and well-behaved, she won everyone's favorite. As the master of the house was already coveted moon Luo beauty grace,oakley sunglasses outlet, but feared the home Mrs. Lee, has dared take some action. Until the 1st to go out socializing, drinking drunk back when, by chance met the moon, so the color center, Jiujin be tarnished. After sober Luo En see a big mistake, fear of being discovered his wife Lee, so good words An Fuming month, promised to come, and his wife implicit opportunity, satisfied her concubine give her birthright. Indignant wanted a dead moon, under the Luo En besought promised only to dispel the idea of ​​suicide. This is totally unacceptable scandal report with others, Again speaking to her a maid to Luo grace the concubine is a good destination. After considering the long, had nodded Luo Well, so it conceal this down. Say everything not an unventilated wall, a few months, the matter was then bumped into a servant to unintentionally leaked out, but there is a more shocking news, confirmed that the moon has been pregnant. Lee's eyes, but do not rub the sand of the Lord, then the Luo family quarrel is deserted, Luo grace this on henpecked, coupled with his guilt. Luo moon had to be sent home old house that remote mountain village, and vowed to guarantee that we do not meet with, this Lee's anger subsided. Bitter Moon became the only victim, she can not afford to fight, had resigned to leave. Luo family the final say in this village, the moon nobody tragic experiences not only sympathy, not when someone irresponsible remarks. People see around pointing, Xiufen Cross has a dead moon of the heart, but when she was already pregnant in the body, after knowing their pregnant. To this unborn child, the moon chose to live, and sometimes painful death than alive much easier! The unborn little life, became the sole power to live the moon. She only lived in the small mountain village very tough life, under the surveillance of Lee confidant, she would not even get out of here right at all. In Qinglin Luo town house is the day, especially in the Luo family started small village Luo family's word is sacred. Suffered four weeks being sarcastic supercilious and backbite sorrow and grief, even pregnant in the body are also crafts,Oakley Lifestyle Outlet, moon so hard living. Shortly after the moon birth to a son, she had originally thought naive, Luo family since their mother can give a higher status. At least allow their children to live a prosperous life, and now has become a child all her, who wants to master the home side did not even grace Luo Lu. Just let a poor servant took some supplements, sent word to allow this child surnamed Luo, it is then not below. Luo Luo Ming in the eyes of his family is a blemish, he has never appeared anxious, even inside these people's father, Luo Ming, Luo grace. Grief stricken moon, plus freshly produced children under extreme physical weakness, since the terminal one, and soon after took on the fate and unwilling to give up on his son's suffering ended her short life. She named the child before the death of Luo Ming, Yiyu the child's thoughts and hope he has a good future. Moon after the death of small Luo Ming Luo family did not unsympathetic to the point where regardless of whether, in the neighboring country invited a maid to take care of his daily diet. Luo Ming when children are very smart, than other children in the village have more than clever. Luo Ming and other general-old child, are still full of the village ran goofed or in his mother's arms like a baby when he was in followed by a pension in the village old man reading calligraphy. Luo Ming childhood innocence and the age of the children want to play with, but everyone else away from him. Several large and even insulted his children, adults are also on his cold treatment. Even the nanny to take care of his daily life are done with rice left in a hurry, as if he was a scourge, these so he can not figure out. The old man is the only village people willing to speak to him, when he left home young elderly, drifting life, and finally returned to the place of his birth plan roots, but things like people here already, are no longer loved one, and Only people living alone weekdays letter writing living. Luo Ming alienate people do not understand the reason he had to ask the old man who, when the old man did not answer, but sighed, study hard, be accountable, he said that since he will know that there is no further progress. He also asked why he had no parents nurse, nurse has faltered refused to tell him. Later, in listening to some village people chatting, Luo Ming know his personal life, the day one day he locked himself in the house. Since then, Luo Ming becomes a lot of silence, except to listen to lectures Master doubts, occasionally exposed happy smile, the other time is a placid expression, others do not see his ideas. In his possession less childish children, were more mature and calm. The old man told him that before, just wanted to have a Luo Ming carefree childhood, where the thought he finally knew, since then the old man on the Luo Ming greater concern. Cold environment to be created a good learning environment, Luo Ming in every Master of instruction in reading and spent less than seven years old Luo Ming to see the light of all of the books the old man and the old man talk by the theory of energy and ancient, let the old man and old pregnant Dawei, very happy day successors straight sigh, this life without regret. So took another six months, six months Master has taught no religion, Luo Ming day to talk about some of his years of life experience, cherish the memory under the past, there is a number of Luo Ming teaches life skills experience. Even if they do not know that some things can never be learned through experience, and can still tell the old man Luo Ming listen, listen to Luo Ming also make less take a lot of detours. Luo Ming weekdays old man teaches low-key life, although still small then do not understand what it meant, Luo Ming can still follow the old man's words, and over time the village people feel Luo Ming, this child is very stiff, the village children is a way to make fun of him, initially Luo Ming also some grievances, can grow some more after reading the book, and gradually Luo Ming also understand the old man's intention. The old man's earnest instructions, Luo Ming has been borne in mind, this substantial learning time, Luo Ming is the only childhood memories, but also to his childhood with warmth. Happy moments can not always sustained, this day is Master Luo Ming Department, listening to him since youth an experience while studying. Luo family steward of the old one, but ran to inform Luo obviously day someone will come to pick him up to the county town Qinglin. Luo Ming, and the old man face while a change, the past still to come. Luo now not naive children tomorrow morning, and have learned a lot of common sense, coupled with the old man in the back to help him analyze. Luo Ming knew, Luo family could not have been reared him, but they did not know how to deal with him? Can not grasp the feeling that fate, Luo Ming mitotic fear. He is too young, the knowledge learned from the old man, make him sensible, likes and dislikes debate. Now he can not separate social life in this cruel, but no way to change the fate of others who imposes such a feeling of life in the hands of others, Luo Ming feel uneasy. At the same time, strengthen the fight after Luo Ming fate determination. He did not change the fate of ability,Poppy Collection Coach, not always can not be that one day he would hold their own destiny. This is a child of the oath, and he put this idea buried in the bottom of my heart, this oath continuously urged the Luo Ming ahead. "Someday I want to change their own destiny!" Luo Ming vowed in his heart. Parting is painful, the old man has a great age, the body is not good, for several years the two barely separated. Luo Ming did not know when to come back. Choked back tears left, in this lonely world, he has put the old man as his only family, the old man is his own grandfather. The old man not only bring their own knowledge, strength, experience, etc. The most important is the life care and the courage to live. Finally parting, the old man said only two words, "I'm alive!" Looking forward to the old man standing in the village that vague figure, fighting back tears as dam outburst could not stop the flow down. ! ~! . . <

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