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> And the mountain remains slightly different yes. Www! QuanBEn! COM here not the slightest rundown look. Grand palace occupies a huge platform for most of the central area. The following broad huge cornerstone. Successively built up a high-rise like palaces. Its height is not an exaggeration to say that the high peaked. Above it is the mist-shrouded body in front of an immense palace. Gives the impression that some actually suspected living in Wonderland. This architectural style of the Ming Luo is never seen. And even below the ruins of the great difference there. The palace is the overall one color completely. White as jade-like emitting a soft glow. If the white-clad take its lavish palaces made evident. But this is clearly not the material built palaces white. But it is clear that this is more precious than the white building material. Very far away on the induction into which bursts coming huge spiritual power fluctuations. The concentration of the hill Reiki higher than, the ruins. Coupled with this enormous palace building itself exudes a powerful aura. Whole body everywhere aura. Kind of illusion. Reiki does not require deliberate absorption into the body naturally on the inside. In which the body is really fake sites suspected of being in cents. In Luo Ming seems there is just missing some exotic animals here wandering. Full of exotic plants around if replanted,Nike Air Jordan 1 UK Sale, Lingcao fruit cents. In that case, and those really describe Xianjia different ambitions in a comparable style. Even so. Everything here such as Buddhist Temple martial art that can be compared. Really deserves to have a unified comprehension ancient times the big pie. Its architectural style naturally different. Although Luo Ming was in front of the wonders of the shock and awe. But he is not without a little insight. At least here, the building materials. The more precious than the white and the material he was some understanding. He understood that the material is a treasure to materials like jade. A presence in the books on the precious ore. The reason why is there only on the books. That is because for many years without comprehension ore discovered this treasure it. Luo Ming Yu exist is very fortuitous opportunity. In ancient times, a record of the classics that comprehension Confidential have to see. This is a very rare original ore. In exceptional terrain where. Are integrally formed to the end ore type. And the material is rugged. Ordinary sword split in the above can not damage its nothing. The most important is that this in itself is a kind of ore began. One kind of content is comparable to the product began aura of magic ore! Typically an ore containing veins began. Which are scattered presence began in a holistic manner veins. Want mining will be extremely difficult. And this jade are different. Its characteristics are collectively there are ground into pieces. Some of the ore mined bigger than the house are huge Lingshi. Although this exploitation is extremely convenient. In fact, it is the scope of this mineral distribution and there is also scarce. Before long nobody rediscovery of this ore exist. Luo Ming discovered that books only mention this mineral to be unbundled. As is began to use. And before those mined jade also be treated as a Reiki began to disappear consuming finish which is never not thought of in this normalized element. Even the luxury to take this precious ore used as building materials! So hugely palace built entirely of jade. I'm afraid the whole veins finished digging out of the building to be able to reach. It is obvious that this powerful martial art degree. Walked into the hall along with Frankenstein. First, through a spacious plaza. And after this as the hill into the front of the palace-like building. Just in front door, some ten feet high. Into which is found inside the bright hall. Both sides of the hall is filled with tall white Yuzhu spiritual power. Some ancient spells with streamer Yuzhu show as alive in general looming. Jade's own soft glow so bright, tall, solemn halls, luxurious. Hall is on the door in the direction. Some luxury decorate a tall seat. Like the Emperor's throne as the secular world. Was sitting on a kindly old man looks. Hair and beard were white. But ruddy skin, such as newborn babies like. Pathetic dressed in casual sitting there. Has shown signs of feeling under the old man like him like a regular. Did not have the slightest fluctuations. But equally extraordinary style seat. But these seats are all empty now. Into the hall after Frankenstein becomes cautious. The old man quietly drifted behind. Behaved with a "wooden grandfather" will no longer be silent. Luo Ming came to see. Old man indifferent smile. "Little Friends is the first to come here for so many years outsiders. Naturally, I am deeply gratified." "There are several other fellow old lady had informed them over. Believe soon to." Sounds heroic and powerful. Did not look like such a kindly old man was issued. Reads like a strong man's voice. Luo Ming comprehension for those who do know do not see from the appearance of its most fundamental difference. Only those who are generally between comprehension repair order. If only the appearance of discrimination by virtue of the strength of others, then it is very easy to suffer. Old man he finished speaking. Side of the hall arches out within a matter of four people. Basilica of vision is very broad. Found far away from a few people. Three men and a woman. The two men before the first one is an old man eyebrows. This old man looks and previously seen at the foot of the six sites where changes into Wicked man has a sort of similar eyebrows. Are ugly and looks quite different from ordinary people. Another man is a Han dynasty. Burly physique like Tower general. Shaved mouth is extremely naked eyes shining with God. Walking is also very impressive. Floor sound. This ground may just have jade in them. Looks even add proscribed. Han went up but this is a loud thunder sound. Able to produce such effects Luo Ming estimate its fall to the ground every step of fear is more than kilograms. Close it actually be able to feel the ground shaking weak. Followed the two middle-aged. Obviously they are a couple. And both are looks very ordinary. Although have some traces of the years. But it is not a good temperament. Especially since the woman is with a mature charm. They go together can not help themselves. Luo Ming saw nor by the sighs which is so fit them together. Come together is so harmonious! Although the four have their own characteristics. But it is generally the whole body as Theravada That old man does not have any spiritual power fluctuations. Said the four men are mortal Luo Ming naturally would not believe. Obviously these people are revised to achieve a master of Babel. Think before induction to the ground five monstrous power and influence. Although there is no question,Coach Poppy Collection, but it seems very likely in Luo Ming is in front of this a few "old wood. Acoustic months we are for this little guy?" The speaker was bald Han. The sound he growled. Huge sound is so loudly that one ear stinging. Results of his outburst was dissatisfied. "You will not die stupid cow quietly point." Mei Fu follows behind him a white. Then look to the Luo Ming carefully looked at from him. "This little guy is a very common thing!?" "A Buddhist monk repair. How women looked up and down the side of the Luo Ming Q sat toward the middle to the old man." Rong sister. When is he out of the old wooden fault? Since at this time will I wait for a few people got together. Nature is intent. "But it is her side of the middle-aged. Gently took the hand holding his arm said. Listened to the words of the middle-aged Mei Fu really not ask. But it is more and more curious glance from the Luo Ming came. As Luo Ming can only smile at this time is a time when he became an object to give lessons to others but can not refute one! Perhaps this is the absolute power to the difference,Oakley Store, because Luo Ming in front of these masters in strength is too high absolute. These expert even bothered in front of him and hiding their camouflage. directly to him to ignore this person. old man did not give him a few other people like it is estimated that before the "Little Friends" is also for him a kind title this conversation from a few people will be able to listen to them. apparently sent a message to several people over the old man mentioned that he estimates is to use the "little guy," the title. as he is now the strength in front of a few people like ants like exist. Plus he was also anxious that be are asking people Fam. naturally not to offend those who simply can not afford to offend. matter how to call each other. Luo Ming did not have the slightest half-full of emotions revealed In the eyes of these people he is just a weak reptiles. Even his side has two Wicked exist. ash crushed the power of the other side, standing in front of these people did not speak for other opportunities, but a few words Luo Ming touches to the speech from these people. know some useful information. except this period that looks quite ugly old man, but did not say a word. Theravada just in front of the old man bowed salute. they followed a few people have been seated. Look They have to have great respect for the old man led walk through the ceremony are seated before addition to the old man standing behind Frankenstein. now only Luo Ming, a person standing in front of a number of strong, although knowing where his life will be threatened at any time. But this time Luo Ming fairly good performance. still standing there calm. several other people seated. were both slightly puzzled look old. "old wood. You just say so I'll wait to see the little guy. Others say they are also not clear. "" Now people have seen it. You always say, right now? "The speaker was Meifu of other people apparently have some doubts. Also with the same expression to see the old man. Apparently old man was recruited directly to them. Did not say clearly is one of the reasons. Luo Ming also some doubts He merely wanted to leave Fam this old man here seems to speak it seems a lot of weight. kind of thing a man should he be able to determine, the results actually got the other four experts. these five individuals are each Bi Weide much more powerful than the Venerable Ming Luo also see that this thing does not seem to him quite that simple.! ~! .. <

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