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04.06.2013 04:56
a fire still burning. But this time antworten

> 284th chapter three hundred years the dark night sky, dotted with stars. WWw. QUanBen. COm bamboo forest in the lake, Ye Fengzheng was wet lying on the lake to see the stars. Not far away,Oakleys Oil Rig Sunglasses, a fire still burning. But this time, barbecue fire has no. The panda, lying beside the fire. Ouyang Jing on the panda. The two of them to beat up a lot, had miraculously peace. Of course,Oakley Sunglasses Fast Jacket, there are still people who are sad. Like the leaves of maple, followed by Ouyang Jing and panda together into a lake, this can only be pathetic lie in the lake. And watched Ouyang Jing and panda in noisy, will eat barbecue. Fortunately, leaf maple is a monk, even if the physical weakness, not because of weak at night, drenched in the lake lay sick. He is some don't understand, Ouyang Jing in and the panda to hit a lot, but also like the old general. There is, as Ouyang Jing can understand the panda. But do not understand the panda whine mean? This small lake in the lake, there is a magical effect. The friar to soak after inside, can nourish the soul and body. The Ye Feng bubble in the period, Ye Feng weak yuan recovery a lot. This is why Ye Feng is willing to let the clothes wet. That once appeared the wild boar, in fact the body and not what Ye Feng sees is so great. This is a J ī ng magic monster. Ouyang Jing did not see through the illusion of wild boar, but Ouyang Jing think in this wild boar in front,Nike Air Jordan 2 UK, I am afraid not so easy to escape. It is better to beat the panda a meal again. Who would have thought that the wild boar see Ouyang Jing beat bamboo bully panda, immediately ran away. Until the restoration of Ye Feng's body a little. After can use some fix for, the first thing Ye Feng feel, is the panda's body, and five rows of circular inner space. It is the immortal gas atmosphere. When Ye Feng feel deep in the panda in the atmosphere, the panda blunt leaf maple purrs with. Ouyang Jing at this time standing on the panda's side, stroking the panda fur, said to Ye Feng that you have it familiar atmosphere. It is the birth place of it. Think of it, I hope you can help it." Ye Feng frowned, totally do not understand the panda to go back there. Even the panda, don't go back to where. It is where there is a special flavor. While this breath, it is the immortal gas. Ye Feng is also the pandas first felt Xianqi found life. It is because of this, the panda didn't hurt them. Otherwise, even if the panda's appearance again how harmless. In the bamboo forest bully protection sites of consciousness, the panda will not necessarily Ye Feng and Ouyang Jing eating grilled, but will tear them away. Ordinary monks, and not in the leaf maple body feel immortal gas atmosphere. Like Ouyang Jing, she can not feel immortal gas atmosphere on the Ye Feng body, could not feel the panda Fairy Spirit on the body. Ye Feng is also due to God in a fairy spirit of place of reorganization. Flesh also experienced the baptism of the immortal gas, can

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