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city seemed like a ferocious antworten

> Since entering the mist began around the aura and the outside grass compared undergone great changes in the moment they went into Reiki find here a rich moment to enhance the level of a length, has no less than when they enter the jungle where the concentration time. With their depth is surprised to find the aura surrounding the concentration even still with a surprising degree of growth, where the concentration has reached a Reiki Luo Ming is not surprised by the level. Although the body in white mist, where it simply can not look out far, even the clergy are severely limited, but people do not worry about it so disoriented, because there was too much variation aura too obvious, as long as the cis Reiki has been growing in the direction of progress on it. So even if the concentration of Reiki where they are also more than martial art, such as the largest Buddhist temple, "mountains" on that ancient aura around the temple and at this time have many poor concentration aura. This gap is not just the difference in concentration aura, which also includes the difference between purity and attributes. If you want to know Reiki is divided into many elaborate up, in which the aura bias different properties, for those who practice a different comprehension speed refining naturally absorb different. Like Magic martial art, there's a lot of self-cultivation practice evil work contains chill atmosphere, of course, there are some other practice law Magic attribute is slightly different,Cheap Oakley Holbrook, but mostly because these exercises malicious and cruel, nature often all with a chill, corrosion and other negative in nature. Like a martial art where they are established local selection generally heavier cold regions, although there is also a strong aura, but it is inevitable that a trace of the presence of cold properties. Some powerful demonic even in the nether land to establish martial, where the chill breath of pure aura generated comprehension for Magic refinery up for the most advantageous. The right way is otherwise different, such as Buddhist Temple where the surrounding environment, although the coldest continent north, but because it is situated in the warm water of the lake into which the properties of Reiki rather biased in favor of fiery few. As befits the upright Masamichi Buddhist. So there is more adapted to the spiritual pulse Buddhist sects created. In fact, the majority of the most beneficial properties of self-cultivation practice is not too partial aura, but the kind of close to no property to Reiki, Reiki as a result of any properties Gong practitioners regardless of comprehension can be absorbed quickly. But no such attribute Reiki is almost nonexistent, because people can not seem to find that Reiki is out of thin air to give birth, the vast majority of Reiki is a spiritual pulse of issue, the reason of which is naturally made by the special terrain birth, and there began contained spiritual pulse emitted. In addition of course some of those towering mountains large forest trees together in high concentrations can also send Reiki. Comprehension seniors found that those issued by the trees closest to the properties of Reiki is no attribute exists. Or that it is called "wood" attribute Reiki closer to nature, or the right way regardless of comprehension Magic Absorption refining this "wood" Aura will have a good effect. But now this land from the primeval forest trees composed of fewer and fewer, and only some of the ancient martial art to have strong reservations. This also led to "wood" Reiki more and more scarce. Fortunately, now to the mainland, began mining there are many, and now a large part of comprehension for those who rely on absorption began to practice Reiki middle ground. Of course, which began with itself or containing impurities, the lower the grade, the more impurities, and in fact most are those low-level presence began. These began with the aura itself issued purity is not high, but it itself has attributes of the points, even the highest purity Acura began, too, still has a property of the points. Of course, in addition to different attributes. Reiki and purity of the difference. According to those seniors comprehension studies, it was found that could not exist in the outside world completely pure aura. Aura thin in some places where there is almost not sense the presence of aura. But in fact, Reiki is still there, but they are too thin, even thinner to Reiki induction sensitive even for those who are not sensitive to comprehension. Similarly, even if it is the best release of Reiki began its purity is not the highest, just like here in the aura, its purity and properties even they, Luo Ming continent's top martial disciples will feel surprise, giving a kind of illusion that the space around almost all were filled with Reiki! Between heaven and earth is full of the purest aura! With their in-depth, but in fact, it was surprised to find that the original level before the rich feel the aura is not the most. And this aura around the property that no properties almost close, some like those jungle release of the "wood" aura, but comparison is more pure. Here's the purity and spiritual power its magical properties undoubtedly them into disciples who has tremendous benefits. Even be able to clearly understand. Between walking they absorb refinery closed-door practice of Reiki have much stronger than usual. If it is not here, mist filled the air, at any time there may be unknown risks appear. Here is not suitable for cultivation in relief, coupled with a more full-bodied as the front Reiki in attracting them. / People can not stop. Otherwise, many people believe that these people will choose to stay practicing. White mist away surprised, tension is the final witness to go out. When coming out of this piece of white mist, the crowd was not feeling lost, but was then presented in front of the scenery deeply shocked lived. Front of this huge building complex is completely like a city, which is is a huge hillside city! The extent of its magnificent presence beyond all expectations, to know that these people have had the experience before, but outside the mountain town of scale! Even the largest Buddhist temple tall "mountains" can not communicate with the mountain in front of a small portion compared to the crowd even need to look up to see the top part of the subtle, to know where they are located in front of a huge ridge distance also There are far distance, not to mention the whole mountain was actually completely covered some huge building! Uncharted came out before these people on the mountain of the construction feels incredible, and the first time it had seen too Luo Ming general feel very shocked! After all, it is the comprehension seniors through countless years to finally set up. But now eyes to the building has been far more than the size of the outside that mountain, next to a very tall building has been extended regularly turn built into the mountain. Such a success but it is unknown how much time to spend, spend much effort to complete! ? Not only is the case. Everyone felt that way in the mountain city of Reiki is still better than where they are located more to the rich! This environment is impossible to expect ordinary residence, ordinary people who live here can not only live disease-free without disaster over a hundred years, even generations birthplace Cultivation constitution which can be significantly improved. Of course, this is an ideal place to mention comprehension of ordinary people expect, even as the continent's top martial disciples, they all want to live this dream building. But the multiplier in this practice, will be stronger than usual practice on too! Can save a lot of time to achieve a higher realm of comprehension, so that you also have the opportunity to achieve a higher level. Certainly not here in front of numerous buildings to all. If the hillside in front of the buildings so that everyone was shocked to words. It floats in the air that huge platform has nothing to say to their surprise. Although not too far away to see, but still able to feel this platform immeasurable. I'm afraid there is just across the platform's largest Buddhist temple, "mountains" at the top, and that at the sect's headquarters but also bigger. This area will be turned out of thin air platforms suspended in the air! ? To know the existence of Uncharted have no idea how much spring. Can be in front of the platform has been floating in the air! This means it can be said is unheard of! The following buildings if said mortal after numerous years of effort may also be completed, then it is suspended platforms simply can not be ordinary handwriting. No doubt that the whole group of buildings, and in front of all is a real comprehension remains, perhaps here is the ancient martial art of the gate of a great location also unknown? The reason why is the remains of it is because some of the buildings in town seems to have been somewhat dilapidated, it is easy to see that there should be a long time no one lived. The terrible silence of the great city, there is no activity seems things, although at the moment or day. But there stands the great city seemed like a ferocious Wicked sent home crowd waiting to go. It looks like a fairyland soon come into contact with the truth, but it is precisely because of this can let everyone know what to do. Show in front of everyone's Wonderland is perhaps the most interior lies. But so far they have not seen those senior expert, which some fear could not help but let them. It can be said to support these disciples have been in this unknown environment forward to here, a large part of the reason is because you want to and those who will be seniors in supporting urgent and everyone's faith. In their view, if it can, and those seniors rendezvous, these disciples will naturally increase the chances of survival. Initially Luo Ming also thinking earlier and master rendezvous, but an insight into the way the case here, he was temporarily may be difficult to find those seniors met. This is the chance Fam out from both sides will be able to see that every time that the mortality rate even more than their predecessors, these low-level disciple should be much higher. See that they are going to encounter more and more dangerous, it's dangerous and even cause most seniors can not survive,Outlet Oakley Holbrook, if really in such danger,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, if they are disciples of these low-level mixed in with them. I am afraid that death is their first. Nature can not walk too many people alive. Luo and therefore try to go tomorrow morning and have abandoned the idea of ​​master rendezvous, choosing instead to stay with this team has been, and. At present twenty disciples are to get along fairly harmonious. Especially through the jungle together fighting each other and even some more understanding and familiarity. Intention is to study whether the awaiting crowd when the city immediately. Distant mist generated a burst of sudden flip. This situation immediately alerted keep everyone alert. ! ~! . . <

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