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After gratitude took this antworten

> Man's high level of dry land, in front of these young people are very good. WWw! QUAnBen! Com to Luo Ming feeling, few people are good. As seen before the first young man, is not contrived, and do things very capable. Youth surnamed Shi names of the original, this is the home carpenter, now only he and his father had each other. Under its ancestors in the opportunity to get a treasure Ganoderma lucidum, has remained to this day. This stone was originally his father's only hope, very happy to come up with fungus growing on the Millennium opportunities in exchange for comprehension. After several contacts dry land, I feel pretty good to absorb this person come. Other people's situations are also similar, are the poor people's children, a child eat a lot of pain, very resolute character. This experience also allows them to be more cherish this hard-won opportunity comprehension, a few other people who are not fortunate to have Cultivation physique,Jordan After Game Shoes, from small children will be able to comprehension of superiority, to be more careful cultivation. While poor people out of the child, the same source also let these people get along together very harmonious. That can alchemy also saw Luo Ming Zhao Xu, looks very ordinary one youth, do not look hard to find his extraordinary place, attention is particularly attractive in his eyes, Smart sparkled in from time to time . Young man of few words. See Luo obviously have some stiff. Other places few people have their own characteristics. Can accidentally got these men. Luo Ming is still very satisfactorily. A few people together slightly crowded room. But to see these young people together, but it is obviously become more vibrant. Luo Ming seems as if these young people to the same age and size. But he is as perennial ground comprehension. Mind unconsciously also changed to calm them. And he places the actual age is not so young anymore and now look at some land. Magic Yan Dundee efficacy let him face a few years of almost no change, to see these young people to vigor to be reminded him of some long forgotten to remember. When things are young to danger in time. But there is also young and frivolous to time. But now it can only be secretly sigh. Since the choice of comprehension. Is bound to lose some ground. Now if Luo Ming and friends of these people is obviously impossible to equal. Although Luo Ming did not want to have as big, especially in this situation is a complex mountain environment, but cost much to get for these good men, which is still very worthwhile. After all, he's got the spirit if long grass on dry land just a bit inadequate. A few people together is not a small one forces it. Things have no need to worry about their own safety, not to mention now Luo Ming has identified this important mountain. As Faerie Fam entrance, where there own forces is necessary. Now to the situation here is also good, the next fact is even more of these people rely on their own efforts, Luo Ming, he was able to help these people is limited. Then they can see how many achievements themselves up. After all, these people are spending, but a lot of comprehension, Luo Ming alone is impossible to support a person. Luo Ming's support in the comprehension of his own will still be, Luo Ming, although for many years to accumulate a lot of net worth is now also considered, his net worth has been far more than to general comprehension of the end of Dan. The key is needed to feed him and several Wicked, Wicked, if allowed to grow repair absorption Reiki is really slow. Repair is not enough and can not help him,Air Jordan Store, so you must have to have the support of the elixir job, but with the level ground increases, the demand will increase cure. It is also here that he would seek Lingcao causes. Beyond comprehension will become increasingly difficult, began with the demand will also increase. These immortality Lingcao here even if he began supply can be replaced without comprehension. The sudden appearance because Luo Ming meetings have, in general, very good. Although they were all amazed and Luo Ming young, but for him as the leader of the crowd no one objected. Luo Ming's status now somewhat difficult to determine, on dry land is recognized him Lord, and for others, he was regarded as the same generation of Gongsun peaceful cross,Jordan 9 Sale, with his honorable. The few remaining youth sucked him as a benefactor, be regarded as his men. These people in Luo Ming as the center. Formed a special group. This is of course different from the martial nature. To the secular world is more like gangs. Luo Ming, these rights are not valued, his request is simple. Is to let these people in the hidden premise of development, slowly gathering Lingcao. As for the other person temporarily in no hurry to absorb. After all, more than one person to inconvenient to manage, there is unpredictable people, there is no guarantee appear traitor. Luo Ming came back to dry land just like to give a few minutes of some of the lotion emergency. Although he still has a lot of bell emulsion, but know that there are evil spirits was right after the big advantage, Luo Ming naturally no longer free to waste. These people just listen to his arrangements to collect Lingcao, now the size has exceeded his expectations, if additional manpower will lose the original meaning of it. Luo Ming certainly does not limit the freedom of men develop dry land they now already have a foundation, even if the future development of good can come refining pulp washing Dan, when then recruit manpower naturally is not a problem. This organization can develop into what it all depends on the ability of others dry land, and the future development of what became, in fact, Luo Ming how not very concerned about. Dry land just the past six months has been very success to his satisfaction, and in the Ishihara find others, he has learned about the absorption of these eight individuals each home has a thousand years of spiritual grass, these Lingcao of these people on the mountain and nothing, but on the outside of cultivation sector will definitely be part of treasure, the light which has far exceeded the expectations of the Luo Ming. Bell emulsion did not think was even greater than the role of the instruments used are large, these are the Luo Ming is not thought of before, wanted to come too, but comprehension for those who need musical instruments, but after all, is in the midst of comprehension minority, but it is more ordinary people. This is before he has not noticed, Luo Ming mountain in this matter is not very familiar with, and therefore did not intend to intervene over things here. Luo Ming Lu dry with a few young people, the Luo Ming Choi said. "This mountain of things I do not really know so far, does not intend to intervene casually." He was very direct, said. "The next thing on this mountain in the land dry and Gongsun brother presided over two of you so need to listen to him, commanded." Zhao Xu, etc. against humanity. Luo Ming contacting the two men for the longest time, they were also more understanding. "Yes!" Replied several voices simultaneously. Are also a few people before the two men obey orders, Luo Ming today regarded as the two men in this rectification of names. Luo Ming, right intention mastery, and therefore do not intend for these men and interfere too much in the eyes of the Ming Luo dominated Yaomu ground or in comprehension. Other is not important. Think of dry land mentioned before these young future arrangements. "As for the identity of the city comprehension you will sooner or later to know, this is not big, sub-declaration number and the city can be, they do not like the attention caused by other forces." "Comprehension aspects of nature can not fall." "Kung brother got helper short time is no problem, and so you need to put in more efforts in the future. everyone's safety, after all, relying on its own strength is more secure. "Luo Ming to age was not much, but it is has an exceptional power and influence, so that these young disciple heartfelt respect. After all, he now has a senior Wicked, a little help, "Bai Ling" coercion, including Gongsun level he can make everyone feel the pressure in the Mainland. Good to see the effect of releasing the pressure, played a deterrent role. On another, and a few people talked two. After leaving dry land him alone two. "Then the two of you to discuss how to develop their own well developed." "So far, dry land is very well done." Luo Ming, a faint smile on dry land. Luo Ming hear praise, let dry land could not help the excitement. "This is supposed to do under." "In order to son, under no regrets." Luo Ming in his most difficult time to help him, but also gave him the opportunity to comprehension, but also allowed him to Luo Ming has been loyalty. "Meritorious should reward." Luo Ming to come up with a Yuping handed to him. "While building Kidan it as a bonus gift to you." Luo Ming on their own people of course willing to spend. This dry land and different from others, others are for the Luo Ming effectiveness, but he to men, but it is different from the original land dry carefully, as he vowed to magic-based, and therefore is the only dry land Ming Luo true confidant. The dry land to do good, Luo Ming naturally do not begrudge reward it. This building Kidan still relatively rare, is not much in the hands of Luo Ming. This was before the killing ground that several end Dan comprehension obtained by chance, because it was already the end of Dan Luo Ming for the repair. Nature is to look at this building Kidan not touched upon. While practicing now because of lower repair it is also easy. Dry land is not immortality is still able to successfully build the base, but it takes a lot of effort to be extra. With this it is easy to build the base of more. After gratitude took this immortality, and then another against Gongsun Ping Luo Ming said: "This time maidenhair brother is also very hard. Naturally also reward." Consider for a moment, Luo Ming took out two feijian. Where a Lingqibiren, a look on the aura is not able to send the instruments used. "This magic is pretty good, gave you use." Today, the public Sunping Cheng of his men, Luo Ming naturally will not be too stingy. And Gongsun level is the highest repair of these people, to give him magic can protect these men. But this magic in the mountain town of absolute rarity, generally do not have forces end of Dan comprehension but also with the best instruments in it. It seems, however Luo Ming magic in ordinary magic, but Gongsun level is not the same eyes, look at his face flushed excited mood now to know how much excited. "Xie Gongzi!" Tone of voice actually produce vibrato. His comprehension for those who end Dan is so gaffe! The value of these magic shows, do not blame him would be so, if there are pieces did not have a good weapon in the arena he was almost dead body ending. "As for the instruments used in the best Morrison gave complete it, and I will leave a few of the instruments used, if those men was meritorious reward them for good." Luo Ming refers to a few people left that Zhao Xu. The hands of the other man handed the feijian dry land, he took out a few times some of the instruments used. Luo Ming left the last little thing that was dry land on a person because of this, afraid to give him a good thing actually provoke evil, and now some of them can be considered the foundation, and naturally these instruments used on the outside is nothing to fly Sword generous took out. Luo Ming's move is really a shock to both dry land. Although Luo Ming before revealing he was an expert in secret disciple, you can come up with so many treasures it once it is a bit frightening. Luo Ming's true identity has become shrouded in mystery, but they are also more and more respect for him up. ! ~! . . <

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