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04.06.2013 04:50
Even so Taoism in seven fairy antworten

The 272nd chapter - > day again for two years. WWw. QUanBen. COm two years, leaf maple has not left the crystal ball and internal space. Ouyang Jing and Chen Lin also remain in the city on a hill. The rumors about Ye Feng, also a little bit disappeared. It seems now no one will talk about leaf maple. In the past two years, too nose again and again to increase the reward,air jordan outlet, but still not find the leaf maple. This had to let too Xuan men face, was a great blow. Even so Taoism in seven fairy door the position, because has not caught leaf maple, and influenced by the. In the crystal space pale cloud, is at this time to practice a. His practice, is no longer a Yun Ling early, but has reached the rest early. Although his body spirit, still much less than the other. But beyond the pale cloud body, is gathering a large number of aura. The aura, can be used for arbitrary pale cloud. He is also on the side of the aura, and practicing to rest early. Two years, Ye Feng has been practicing. Now his body,Kristin Coach Outlet, the slightest breath without. Even the life wave are unable to perceive. Were it not for the early leaf maple in practice, and Chen Lin must have thought the leaf maple is dead. Existing in the five row circular internal space, those who become irregular shape of the Shitai,Air Jordan 1 UK, is under the leaf maple efforts together. Whenever there is a piece of Shitai is leading to the correct position, stitching together the Shitai, on which the immortal breath will be more powerful. And from Shitai, has shed differs from aura. The smell leaf maple in stone, too. If really exists, Shitai out, it is the immortal gas. In two years, will remove the soul body under the outside Shitai, all of Shitai, all together after. In stitching together Shitai, Ye Feng feel energetic Xian qi. Now even became a center of Shitai, there is a round hole. As long as the Ye Feng body under the Shitai put up. They can accomplish stitching all Shitai. But Ye Feng was not so. Because through two years of continuous insights above Shitai fluctuations, leaf maple guess the entire platform is a method. But for a person to Xian Qi to practice law. Only in his practice, apparently unable to withstand Shitai Xian qi. If he will now be the last piece of Shitai split up, I'm afraid his soul, will immediately under the huge Xian Qi into powder. The R ì, leaf maple end self-discipline. His behavior has reached the monkey late Dzogchen realm. Originally leaf maple can direct breakthrough to melt the soul state, but Ye Feng didn't dare to do. Because after that since God within five rows of disk space to practice, his soul seemed to change. Unable to determine whether changes in leaf maple, worried that he once the breakthrough to melt the soul realm, will cause the day. And this day, Ye Feng worried about is the day. Seven five nine (the three figure for the reward points answer.) Leaf maple just wake up, have not come and move arms and legs, they heard the sound of the number.

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